5, 15 & 25

Yes, 5, 15 and 25 are the dates of the summer shows at the gallery this summer. During July and August we host 6 exhibitions in 60 days which is quite a turnaround. Polly and I work harder than ever to keep the gallery running smoothly and looking at its best. Our visitors love attending the opening night parties and we thrive on the additional challenge these nights bring. Without our back-up team of helpers we wouldn't cope and so first of all I want to say a huge thank you to them all, Polly included, for everything they do over these next two months.

At the end of the evening the girls still look as cheerful and fresh as at the start - thanks (L to R) Max, Polly and Ruth for your support!

The show we opened on Wednesday was for Ellen Watson, Ramie Leahy and Imogen Bone and can be viewed online here. Each artist sold work and received acclaim for their paintings which made a wonderful display. The sun shone and our clients spilled outdoors to enjoy the view in between making their purchases. We couldn't have had a better start to our summer exhibition period.

The following evening we had a party to say a fond farewell to a local family. Alex and Nicola along with their sons George and Harry have lived on the island forever it seems and are now making a fresh start in mainland Cornwall. They will be sorely missed and will leave a huge gap in this tiny island community. It's sad to see them go, but we all have our own path to tread. We wish them every success and much happiness in their new life. 

On evenings like this we locals always say how we wish we got together for reasons other than a family leaving or a funeral. It seems to take these sombre events to bring us out en masse and yet we'd all prefer to come along for no other reason than to say hello and how ya doing? Food for thought.

Outfit details - I found this orange lace jumpsuit by Darling in TK Maxx and must admit it was a dream to wear. Shoes are from Primark, necklace was a gift and the other jewellery and belt are all charity shopped. Sunnies are from Quay Australia.

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Black trouser challenge 6

Here we have week 6 of my black trouser challenge featuring these fabulous frilled lovelies from River Island. You don't often see me wearing red - last time was at Christmas with this red skirt- but today I've rediscovered this M&S linen top that I bought in a charity shop last summer and this is its first showing.

Red and black may well be everyday wear for most of you, but this is a giant step out of my comfort zone. Having said that, I realise that finding the right shade of red makes my skin come alive. I've previously shied away from reds thinking that they didn't suit me, but that's because I've been trying reds with a blue tone in them as opposed to this which is a tomato red that veers towards orange. The vintage handbag doesn't come out much for all the previous reasons so this is a great excuse to showcase it once again.

Outfit details - trousers: River Island, top: M&S, belt, bag,bangle and rings: all charity shopped, necklace: gift, shoes: BCBGeneration.

On Sunday I'll be featuring my outfit for our first summer show so please join me to see how I kicked things off this year.

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Art deco culottes

I bought these fabulous art deco print culottes last year and this is the first time I've worn them. Why has it taken me so long I wonder? 

I'm not sure if these really constitute culottes? Maybe they're just long shorts? Or short longs? Hahaha, I can't help myself sometimes.

Anyway, I love them and also like the knobbly texture of my clutch which I cleverly matched up with the knobbly textured top today - also new and never worn. Items like these tend to take a back seat in my wardrobe, often getting overlooked for more eye catching pieces. And yet once this is on I think it's pretty eye catching too!

Must dash now as I've an exhibition to open today with our reception party this evening. Over the next few days I'll be featuring the party outfit and also showcasing my black trouser challenge at some stage too so do swing by to check out the blog for the latest from these golden isles.

Today's outfit details - culottes: Topshop, top: Tu, sandals: Sixtyseven: clutch: no brand (charity shopped), sunglasses: Quay Australia, bangle: charity shopped, rings: c/o Gemporia.
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5Over50 round 3

Hello again, and thanks for joining we five over 50's fashion bloggers with this monthly style challenge as created by Gail (see how we started here). This month it was the turn of Laurie to choose our subject and she came up with "50 shades of monochrome". It's probably no surprise to hear that just one colour didn't really rock my boat, (sorry Laurie) so I turned to the more common understanding of the word monochrome like this -

A drizzly damp morning meant the need for a brolly on my photo shoot which pretty much led me to this particular outfit. Now let's see how my blogging friends interpreted the monochrome theme.

First let's see Gail who was lucky enough to have the beautiful Greek island of Skiathos as her backdrop. 

Gail opted for various shades and textures of white to offset her golden tan beautifully, from her oversized pearls right down to her sparkling silver nailpolish. See more on her blog Is this mutton here.

Jacqui chose zingy shades of yellow to wake up this challenge, with the palest lemon clutch, paintbox yellow trousers, finishing with her burnished gold sandals. I wonder how long it took her to find this perfect setting? See the full post on her blog Mummabstylish here.

Ashley is currently in the USA but that hasn't stopped her from channeling the same cool summer vibe as Gail with this gorgeous white ensemble right down to the use of a pretty lace top to add that extra bit of interest - great minds eh? Catch up with her blog Lazy Daisy Jones here.

Last of all Laurie chose the palest of nude pinks to play her monchrome hand. In the hands of an expert this simple top and pleated skirt are pure sophistocation. Visit Laurie's blog Vanity and Me Style here.

I'd like to think that we 5 over 50 represent a broad spectrum of women our age. Would you have chosen the same palette as us? Have we inspired you? What does monchrome mean to you? Please leave a comment if this feature has you searching through your closet to mimic one of our looks.

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