Penryn palazzo pants

Yes, let me introduce you to my Penryn palazzo pants, named as such because of the pretty little Cornish port where I bought them. 

I've had to find a private dentist to do some specialist work on my teeth and this pretty town is where he's located. Earlier on this month I caught the train from Truro to Penryn for my second visit. The first time I went it was pouring with rain so I caught a taxi, but on the second it was bright sunshine and so I decided to walk. I was rather pleased with myself as I used Google Maps to find my way. I'm very old school and usually just ask for directions so this seemed quite an adventure to follow myself along the way. In fact, the route was very straightforward taking me from station to the harbour leading through the heart of the town. 

When I say heart of the town, I wonder if this is more a village considering the size and small selection of shops. Don't get me wrong, as you can see it's chocolate box pretty and has a lovely art gallery (hello Tom Holland!) and one-off shops selling local fare. AND, much to my delight, a charity shop, bang on the high street! Well, it would have been rude to pass on by when the shop keeper had dressed the window so nicely and door was even propped open to entice me in. I was on the clock however, and my recce was swift, but I still managed to find these immaculate palazzo pants for the bargain price of £3. I also picked up a furry gilet for another £3 which was five minutes and £6 well spent. Off I went with my loot and submitted to my 2 hours in the dentist's chair. Afterwards I retraced my steps up the hill back towards the railway station. I didn't want to miss the train and had little time to spare, so can you imagine my chagrin at finding a tiny vintage shop nestled on the roadside with all sorts of tempting trinkets and garments temptingly displayed in the window and inside. Not a minute to spare, I lingered for a moment longer promising myself that my next dental appointment day will be a much longer visit to Penryn.

Outfit details - trousers: Dorothy Perkins, jacket: Precis Petite, top: pre-loved (no brand), boots: River Island, sunglasses: Quay Australia, bracelet: Jackie Brazil, rings and necklace: pre-loved.

Anna x


Ah, autumn!

Okay, it's nearly the end of September and I've come to terms with this whole autumn thing. We're experiencing a late burst of Indian summer here on the islands which has softened the blow somewhat, allowing me to waft about in lighter clothes for a little while longer.

I bought this pre-loved maxi dress earlier on this month with a view to providing some strong colours in my A/W wardrobe. I love all shades of yellow and know that the deeper the tone, the better it seems to suit my colouring. Once I started my clothes changeover I rediscovered these good ol' boys, aka my cowboy boots, from many years ago. The fringed jacket is the final and winning piece to pull the whole outfit together. Once the main structure of the look was in place the fun part was to find just the right belt, bag and accessories. Sometimes I forget to take time with these pieces returning to the same old favourites, but with the entire contents of my wardrobe upturned and on display, I found this bag that had been hidden for months on end. It seems that I may have to spend some time rotating handbags as well as belts so that they are a bit more accessible. 

In previous years my clothes changeover took place in one swift move over the course of a weekend. This year, however, Sasha's input has informed a better system - that of trying on every single item of clothes before it's allowed into my A/W collection. Sasha truly curates her wardrobe in a way that I never have. Her clothes rail looks like a rack from a boutique where everything co-ordinates with the rest. In complete contrast, my wardrobe is bursting at the seams, overflowing into any spare nook and cranny that I can find. In due course I hope to have achieved a more manicured look. Photos to follow depending on my success!

Is this a good time of year for you? Do you enjoy the chance to wear some different looks as the seasons change? My blogging friend Julia says it's her favourite time of year - maybe it is for you too. Do let me know.

Outfit details - dress and jacket: pre-loved (no label), boots: Pikolinos, bag: Italian (no brand), jewellery: old/gifts, sunglasses: Quay Australia.

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I'll leave you with some shots from the island during the fine weather. I'm still sea swimming in the bay that is Green Beach which affords a lovely sheltered cove for my morning dip. The other shots are taken from right outside my house where I'm lucky enough to be able to watch the sun set over New Grimsby bay. Enjoy!

Anna x


...and the second one

Following on from Friday's post I said I wanted to show you another summer outfit and this is it. Somehow this splendid orange and fuchsia ensemble was overlooked in the flurry that was July, which I can only put down to the fact that our summer exhibitions had me on the run.

Nothing here is new, but that doesn't mean it's not worthy of showing. I've had the skirt for yonks, maybe more than 10 years and I think it may have come from Dorothy Perkins. I'm one of those sensitive skinned types who always snips the labels out at the first sign of an itch. Not much good if you're a blogger with a poor memory though!

The handbag was a charity shop find from last summer I fancy - a perfect match for today's outfit.

These sandals are pre-loved, but couldn't be more a more perfect match for the skirt, don't you think?

And this'll be me singing as I do my spinning around.

The clothes chaos still continues at home this weekend as I do battle with far too many boxes and suitcases that have been evacuated from Sasha's bedroom now that she's home again. I must have gradually taken over every cupboard and wardrobe of hers, but done it so slowly that I didn't really notice. Under her bed offered a wonderful space for storage too, so you can imagine the bedlam that remains as she is now tidily ensconced in her rightful place. So today I will continue with my seasonal changeover and hope to pack up what's left to stash in the loft. With my summer clothes neatly stored away I will be forced to look to tweeds and brocades, brogues and boots, fair isles and fluffy sweaters, gilets and jackets, furs and coats for my inspiration. I'm sure the transition into autumn will be much easier when I actually find some suitable pieces to wear. I've already come across a pair of cowboy boots that have sparked a rather fabulous autumn look - see that later on this week.

Outfit details - skirt: Dorothy Perkins, shoes: Laundry by Shelli Segal, top by M&S, handbag: no brand, sunglasses: Sainsbury's, all jewellery either gifts or pre-loved.

Anna x


Autumn equinox

Yes, today we mark the official start to autumn or if you're reading this in the Southern hemisphere then you'll be embracing the spring equinox. For us in the North this day heralds the start of shorter daylight hours and longer nights. In some ways I'm being dragged, kicking and screaming in rebellion as I say goodbye to summer, but I know that in a few weeks time when I'm togged up in brogues and snuggly tights I'll be, once again, in my element. I have a couple of last minute summery outfits to show you and here's the first...

Longer shadows and golden light signal the gradual change that's been taking place lately, but I've been making the most of the odd warm day to bring out something you've not yet seen this year. The maxi dress was a recent find in a charity shop when I was in Truro. Orange and turquoise are my two favourite summer colours plus the fact that this is a vintage piece makes it top of my "Best finds" list of the year. I've plucked some zingy turquoise accessories to emphasise the sea colours by way of these metallic mules, the beaded belt and two long turquoise necklaces as well as the bangle and ring.

Last weekend I announced that my clothes swap over usually brings on a change in the weather and bang, right on cue, it did! My friend Rachel was right in her prediction. Accordingly my bedroom is the scene of clothes chaos where the seasons are held in limbo, summer, autumn and winter all gloriously melded and mixed together in a jumbled rainbow of colours, textures and fabrics. I daren't move things forward as the days here are still producing the soft, warm, golden light which is so flattering to the skin. Yes, these are interspersed by windy, blustery, sometimes rainy and even foggy days too, but my attention is always focused on the single day when we are becalmed and autumn pushed back for another 24 hours. Sasha and her friends spent yesterday lounging on the beach and by the end of the day she was sporting a sun kissed look that she hadn't managed to achieve in her whole summer spent on mainland Cornwall. Hurrah for the joys of Scilly!

Outfit details - dress: Kivenil, shoes and tee shirt: Primark, belt: Sainsbury's, Dancing girl pendant: Charlie Dodge, long necklace: old, bangle: gift, ring: pre-loved, sunglasses: River Island.

Anna x

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