London and another bloggers meet up

Hello again! How's your week going? Memories of our London trip are fading fast so let's get some of the snaps out to show you what else we got up to. If you missed the first instalment of our break see here for the catch up.

The Barbican, and another post-breakfast photo shoot.

The Michael Kors jacket came in very useful as the weather was quite mild at the start of our week away. I did a bit of shopping on Oxford Street after my first bloggers meet up (see here) and found these trousers and matching top in Zara. The heavy embroidery transforms what is basically black velour lounge wear into a luxe item.

Most days we went sight seeing, saw a movie or went to the theatre and ate out. On Friday we went to the Tate Modern then walked across the Millennium Bridge to St Paul's. 

Studio interior by Matisse

Coffee by Bonnard

A new addition to the Rothko collection, but I missed the title.

Weeping Woman by Pablo Picasso

Autumnal Cannibalism by Salvador Dali

From the viewing tower at the Tate Modern

The dish of the day.

Steve showed me where the First Dates restaurant is. I'm a big fan of this programme which is a new discovery for me. Just after he took this shot we were milling about trying to find the nearest tube station when I noticed a couple of young ladies in a huddle chatting excitedly. Moments later one ushered the other off with a cry of "Good luck!" and then I noticed she was holding a clipboard and wearing a headset with microphone. Yes! They were filming, and this gorgeous girl who was sashaying across the square was on her way to her First Date. As the door opened I saw Fred standing at the lectern ready to greet her. How very exciting! I snatched a brief moment of this on my phone and loaded it onto my instagram here.

Next day I gave Steve a break from being blog photographer as I was meeting up with my second lot of blogging friends. We'd arranged to meet at the London Eye to get a bird's eye view of the Thames. 

Bloggers Gail (Is this mutton?), Anne Marie (Mutton Years Style), Jacqui (Mummabstylish) and I putting our best smiles on.

We managed to cram in such a lot that day - a trip on the Eye, then morning coffee followed by lunch and a stroll back along the Thames for a final photo shoot. And all the time we talked. We agreed that blogging is wonderful for adding another dimension to your life as well as being the perfect launch pad for building new friendships. We all have things we feel less than confident about within our blogs and that's where these meet ups come into their own. We covered all aspects of blogging, finding each others input invaluable. Gail is the techie amongst us giving us tips and advice on how to make improvements. We were in unison in urging her to share these nuggets of information on her blog for her readers to learn. All in all, it was a great experience and one I'd love to do again.

On our last night Steve chose to eat here as the final hurrah of his birthday celebrations. Red grouse was on the menu, a real treat for this gamekeeper who'd never before tasted this special bird. Served with all the trimmings, it was pretty much the highlight of our London jaunt for him. He finished the meal with a warm rice pudding and figs drizzled with heather honey, and swore he could hear the bagpipes playing in the distance.

And this was my choice of outfit for a trip down the local pub. I had no idea if I'd be over or under dressed, but this was what I felt comfortable in. As it happened, I was pretty much in line with the rest of the women there.

The London skyline twinkles and shines in the night as we pack up to go home. It was a lovely holiday, full of good times and happy memories. We'll be back!
Anna x


These boots are made for walking - 5 Over 50 challenge

Welcome to another edition of our #5 Over 50 Challenge as created by Gail of Is This Mutton? It was my turn to choose and I picked the title because this record by Nancy Sinatra was the first my brother bought when we were barely teenagers (mine was Baby Love by the Diana Ross and the Supremes). Excuse me if my age is showing.

I decided to model myself on the fashion of the day with my knee high patent boots, a knitted mini dress, shaggy fur waistcoat and John Lennon sunglasses. Let's see how the rest of the gang fared shall we?

Gail has chosen a very elegant black pair of suede over the knee boots for this challenge. When we met up last week (yet to come on the blog) she told me about these fabulous boots and how she doesn't get the chance to wear them often. I love how she's married up pearls and leopard print in her accessories.

It's also suede from Laurie, but this time in the shape of ankle boots. Don't they look amazing with her skinny leggings? Ever the chameleon she looks fabulous in whatever she wears. See more on her blog Vanity and Me. Laurie was another of the bloggers I met in London recently - see here.

I met up with Jacqui of Mummabstylish too which only leaves me with Hilda to get to know. Jacqui told me about her rule of three - three colours she weaves together to create an harmonious outfit, and that's true of this perfect pink, grey and black ensemble.

I'm hugely envious of these over the knee boots of Hilda's. I tried on a pair when I was in TK Maxx recently and now wish I'd bought them as they really looked lovely. I'll be visiting her blog Over the Hilda to find out what brand they are. The classic red coat looks great too, and terribly smart with that hat. Oh to have a #hatface!

I had toyed with the idea of an all black outfit to go with the patent boots and handbag, but couldn't pull together a 60's look. Also, I'm currently battling a dreadful head cold and nasty cough too so the autumn colours have given my skin a well needed lift. I bought these Lotus boots in TK Maxx in Truro just before I came home and decided that they would be ideal for this month's challenge. I found the butterfly embossed bag in a charity shop shortly afterwards and couldn't believe how well they went together.

I did a bit of shopping when I was in London too and will give you peek in due course, but I was quite restrained by my usual standards. To be perfectly honest, I don't like shopping in London as I find it pretty overwhelming. Too many shops, too much choice, too many people all mean I try to cherry pick where I go. I visited the large Primark at Marble Arch and found some basics there. I then went to Zara, also with success and last on my list was TK Maxx on Kensington High Street where I picked up a couple of bargains. If anything, shopping in London helped me to remember why shopping in Cornwall is much more my thing. And still on the shopping theme, I don't know if you recall, but I mentioned about a vintage shop I discovered in Penryn? Well, I had another dental appointment there last Tuesday and afterwards hotfooted up the street to have a look, and would you believe it? The shop is only open from Wednesday to Saturday! One of these days I'll get in there.

Outfit details - waistcoat: Mirumi, dress: LU NYC, belt: Dorothy Perkins, tights: H&M, boots: Lotus, handbag: Tosca Blu, sunglasses: River Island, necklace: Du Barre, bangle and rings: pre-loved.

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Sightseeing in London

Hello, long time no see! I'm back from my jaunt to London, harbouring a scratchy throat which may be the price to pay for getting up close and personal with the crowds on the tube, but such is life. For our week in the city we were staying in a friend's flat in the Barbican; one of those right at the very top with a rooftop view (see it on my instagram here). Steve took these shots on our way back from breakfast one morning - eating out is a treat, but eating breakfast out every day seemed quite decadent. 

I have to say that I was really happy to have included the red boots in my last minute packing. I wore them four times in the course of the week which isn't bad going.

St James Park was looking very autumnal.

Buckingham Palace always draws the crowds - I'm surely not the only one who hopes to see the Queen peeping out to give us a little wave?

As we crossed Horse Guards Parade in the late afternoon sun I noticed that the London Eye wasn't so far away. I was heading there for one of my bloggers meet ups later in the week.

We finished our walkabout day at Trafalgar Square where we stopped to watch the street performers before taking in a movie at Leicester Square. 

Next day I'd arranged to meet up with fellow bloggers Ashley and Laurie outside Selfridges and while I was waiting I popped in for a little browse. The cafe in the basement was cake heaven!

And this is what happens when you put a clutch of bloggers together - lots of pointing cameras at each other!

In between all the photos we talked. And talked. And talked some more and most of it was about blogging. Ashley and Laurie both do a lot of work with brands so I was keen to hear how that ties in with their everyday life. It turned out I was the only one to be in full time employment and yet they are both so busy with family commitments as well as attending blogging events that we all seemed to be equally rushed off our feet. Our common mindset is very much of seize the day with everything that comes along. They met up for the first time during a project earlier on this year and their friendship has blossomed as they support each other on their blogging journey. They now host a joint link up - take a look here. Ashley's son was designated photographer for the day and did a great job.

My outfit details - jacket: Michael Kors, sweater: H&M, shirt: Sainsbury's, tights: H&M, skirt: Gap, boots: Primark, sunglasses: Quay Australia.

Coming up on the blog on Monday is the monthly 5 Over 50 challenge of which Laurie is part. Later on next week I'll cover my second bloggers meet up along with some more London sights and stories. 

Laurie couldn't pass up this photo opportunity.

Anna x

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