JD Williams trousers with pink trench by Topshop

I'm making no apologies for showcasing my pink trench coat so soon after the last time. The pop of pink and bright blue are perfect for chasing my winter blues away. The look may seem out of step with the sparkly Christmas outfits that other bloggers may be sharing currently, but first and foremost my motivation is always about the feel-good factor, especially at this time of year.

When I introduce a new piece into my wardrobe of course it has a knock-on effect sparking new combinations using older pieces. The Meghan trousers that I bought earlier this year were begging to be paired with the coat. I just love this bright pink and cobalt blue together and what a cheery response this outfit got!

The floral blouse by Country Rose (pre-loved) brought both the pink trench coat and cobalt blue Megan trousers by JD Williams together perfectly, and these in turn all tied in beautifully with my cosmic creepers by T.U.K. - these pieces are so meant to be together! (I missed a trick however, as I have a double sided pink and blue suede belt which I planned to wear and then promptly forgot!)

Steve's comment on seeing me later in the day was that I looked like I was auditioning for the 70's band, Mud. For those of you who haven't heard of them see the link here. I'm not so sure that they wore cerise tights with their brothel creepers, but apart from that I have to concede that my styling would have warranted me a place in the line-up. My voice may have let me down though!

The pink rose resin ring was a gift, the blue ring is preloved and the Tree of Life pendant was from a boutique in Truro. 

The great thing about this look is that I'll be able to wear it again in the spring - it's got a really joyful feel to it, don't you think?

I'll leave you with a few shots of the islands from this morning. I sat out at the North End of the island overlooking Bryher and Shipman's Head to capture the effect of the 50mph winds that are whipping across the Isles of Scilly today.

Needless to say, my dear readers, I didn't succumb to the lures of sea swimming today!

Anna x


Wet and wild!

Winter is upon us, that's for sure, when the view from my office window looks like this. 

No swimming on these days either!

The following day it was much improved and only a bit showery so I ventured outside with tripod, camera and timer to try a morning shot. I only managed one snap when the first shower hit and I had to grab my camera and run for cover.

I toyed with the idea of setting the camera up inside the gallery so that I could gad about outside, but as you can see the door was centre shot and not quite what I wanted. 

There was nothing else for it, I pitched the tripod and camera up outside the gallery door (downwind of the rain to keep it off the lens) and my new tartan brolly was brought into play. Lining up to get into the shot took a couple of goes though!

Oh well, third time lucky then ...

Yay! Here I am. So shall we talk outfits? Starting from the shoes up - these silver golfing type brogues are from Office, not new, but not terribly old either. I think I've only worn them twice before this and I can't imagine why cos I really do like them. They get packed away in tissue, boxed up and slid back under the bed, so maybe that's why I seem to forget about them. 

This was my vain attempt at giving you another look at the shoes. Oh Polly, where are you now? Next up are my cotton/bamboo tights from TK Maxx which are uber soft and comfy. The tartan pencil skirt is rather ancient now and I've no label to identify the brand. I've got a thermal polo neck under the red sweater which is by Berkertex and cost me £4 in a charity shop. 

The piece de resistance of the whole outfit, well apart from the cute tartan umbrella, has to be this wonderful jacket by Moschino from TK Maxx. I love a bomber jacket at the best of times, but this one just caught my eye as I was cruising through the designer racks. A little bit quirky and yet functional too as it's nicely padded so is quite cosy - well how could I resist it? The label price was £550 reduced to £120. A few times a year I treat myself to something special that's not pre-loved and this is most certainly a very special piece.

Last of all is the silver disc necklace that I bought from M&S a few years ago. 

I've been struggling with a low mood ever since the rainy weather settled here and I'm having a job shaking it off. I'm making an effort every day to find something cheery to wear and this mix of red and tartan was great to partner with my new jacket. I know when the S.A.D. is really taking hold with me when I start to wear the same outfits on a very tight repeat pattern. My yellow and red tartan jeans are becoming my default setting, my comfort zone. The blog is great drive for me however, pushing me to think beyond the same old, same old day after day. Sasha has offered to take some shots for the blog tomorrow so I'll knuckle down to find you something worth coming back for.

And finally, I had a funny Heath Robinson moment today when the sun made a momentary appearance between the rain clouds. The sight of this brightness in the sky really lifted my heart making me feel hopeful, optimistic I suppose, that the weather was going improve and with it my mood too. I suddenly had this vision of a diy version of instant sunlight where we could access sunlight from our own personal reserve, by way of a solar hat, no less! Imagine if you could store sunlight in a natty little hat and when you need a burst of sunlight it could be projected from the panels for your own enjoyment, nay mental well being! Laugh if you will, but maybe I'm just ahead of my time. Ought I to be putting a patent out on this now?
Anna x


Tweed and satin? Yes!

Mixing up fabrics can be just as much fun as colour play in my book, so today I'm sporting a cute little tweed jacket with these skinny satin trousers. The jacket is pre-loved by Joules which I picked up for £15 in a charity shop and the disco pants are quite old and were from H&M Conscious Collection. Jeans might have been an obvious pairing for this, but I wanted to add a bit more colour, hence the tangerine pants. 

The jacket has velvet edging and a fancy lining as well as non-matching buttons making it very me. The fit is great to say it's off-the-peg with the sleeve length being perfect too. All of my jewellery is charity shopped, but the watch was a gift from Nordgreen - see more about it here. I still have an offer available on this brand if you use the code PARKES15 you will get a 15% discount on any purchase. 

At this time of year I seem to always add a polo neck sweater to the outfit of the day, probably because I'm one of those chilly types. I hate having a cold neck more than anything, so my closet has lots of them, especially black ones - I must have about six of those currently. This cream one was from Primark last year.

Sasha was my photographer, catching me laugh when I almost fell over on this tiny incline. It's really not a very steep road, but as I changed my footing I almost lost my balance, creating a drama out of nothing as is pretty much my way. Slight incline plus high heeled boots equals risk assessment!

In my previous post I was complaining about having short legs, but today I concede that the towering boots (by Office) are magnificently leg-lengthening. Those extra five inches make all the difference confidence-wise. The best part of course is the deep platform that means these are all-day comfortable too. 

I seem to have waited ages to showcase this tiny leather bag, but here it is at last. It's by Gigi and yes, it was a charity shop find. I'm particularly pleased to have matched up the orange trim with the trousers - small things please small minds eh?

I'm enjoying this lovely view looking east across the Great Pool, a perfect spot to stop and chill. The island has benches dotted all around (many made by my dear husband) encouraging the habit of pausing to take in the scenery. The big lure of holidaying on the island is indeed the slow pace allowing for time to reconnect with not just nature, but with oneself. Read more on this aspect here

And as we hurtle towards Christmas in a flurry of shopping, baking and partying it's worth keeping in mind the need to take a moment away from the commercialism of Christmas and remember the true meaning of our celebrations. This is a reminder to myself as much as anyone.

Have a fabulous week!

Anna x


Another pop of pink!

This time last week I was advocating a hefty dose of colour as my prescription against the winter blahs and this week I'm back to reinforce that message. A pop of pink can work wonders when it comes to chasing the blues away. 

The main event here has to be this rather fabulous trench coat, a charity shop find from last month's dash around town in Truro which yielded a very rich seam of treasure. The brand is Topshop and cost all of £4, but I have to add a dry cleaning bill to that as it was quite marked, although that's remedied now. It has a rubberised finish meaning it really is waterproof rather than just masquerading as a raincoat as so many do.

The other great feature of the coat is the gingham lining, of course. I'd already found this mini skirt earlier in the day (another Topshop pre-loved piece) so when I saw this coat it felt like one of those meant-to-be moments. I've been itching to put this outfit together and must admit it did live up to be all that I'd hoped for. Pink and grey do pack a mighty punch, especially when you throw gingham into the mix. The grey polo neck was from Primark last year, the elastic belt was from eBay a couple of years ago, the necklace was a boutique find earlier this year, but the rest of the ensemble is second hand. 

Oh well, I've put off mentioning these for long enough - yes, I've finally succumbed to over the knee boots! I know I've debated this dilemma in the past, trying to talk myself out of this desire to buy a pair before it's too late (for me as opposed to the trend). This year seems to be my sod-it year where I'm blasting all the rules out of the water. All the reasons which held me back previously still remain, in that my legs are still too short/chunky, I'm still not tall enough to be the willowy creature who owns this look and that I yearn to be, and surprise, surprise I'm a year older than I was last time I shared this longing with you. So what this means is that at the grand old age of sixty I've come to realise that life's too short to wait for my stars to be perfectly aligned and for me to become the woman of my dreams! This is my (and yours too) only chance at this life and I'd better get on with it!

These beauties are by Clarks, leather fronted with elastic on the back. This combination gives a great fit which is probably what convinced me to buy them. Ideally I would have preferred to have a slight high heel (not a Pretty Woman heel, just enough to help elongate my not-so-long legs). However, when I tried them on in the shop (TK Maxx where they were retailing at half price for £75) I was wearing black skinny jeans and these boots looked great, well great enough for me to jump at them. 

The clutch is another pre-loved piece, stashed away for months waiting for its timely debut, et viola! And you'll no doubt recognise my most favourite pair of Quay Australia sunglasses that look as if they were just made to wear with today's ensemble. (Big sigh, as I swoon at this blissful coming together of these elements!)

The boots also look fab with the micro mini skirt from last week (see here). I thought I'd just add that before Jude or Sheila come back at me with that suggestion - don't worry girls, I'll show you that another time! My photographer of the day was Steve and I did suggest how more suited this outfit would be for an outing in London, and bless him, he agreed. I fancy we won't get away together this winter, but maybe we can have a mini-break in the spring ...

I thought it might make a nice change for you to see a bit of different scenery today. The cottage behind me is called Pentle Cottage, one of the holiday cottages, near to Pentle Bay. My attempts at gadding about as Polly and I do, somehow didn't quite work, but I kinda like them anyway.

I hope you've enjoyed today's pop of pink and that you might consider a sweep of pink lipstick or perhaps a mohair scarf in this sweetest of colours to add a touch of fun to your day. And my finishing words might cheer you up too - take heart, I've not bought one single Christmas present yet! 

Anna x

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