Monochrome Monday

It's great to have you join me today, especially as we're all a bit preoccupied with other things. So let's just talk (briefly) about the elephant in the room. We're currently in the middle of a terrible piece of history and it's rather scary. The arrival of the Coronavirus has shaken us and we've only just begun. Depending on which country you're living in, we are either ahead of you or behind in the development of the disease, but we're all finding the reality quite worrying. My thoughts go out to the NHS workers who are going to see the worst of it. These everyday hero's will be stretched to the limit in the forthcoming weeks, if not months. I've suffered some anxiety attacks over the past few days, feeling vulnerable at times and then being annoyed when others don't feel the same. But today something that someone said made me stop and see things in quite a different light. A friend told me "I just want to get on with catching the virus so that I can recover and then volunteer at my local hospital, pushing beds around and helping to support the staff." What an amazingly selfless attitude! Her comment has helped me to see the current situation as less of a personal threat and more as something that we're all in together. 

This was Monday's outfit, and all the better for having a bit of sunshine when Lora and I popped out to take these shots. A new week, but nothing new in the outfit at all. I'm happy to be shopping my closet, mixing up high street and pre-loved items to create this homage to the 60's.

The two sizes hound's tooth skirt is pre-loved, as is the black roll neck sweater. I was pleased to unearth these matching tights to pair up with the skirt as it's the first time I've worn these together. 

My New Look ankle boots are a year old now, but still holding out well, considering they only cost me £5 in the sale.

My Michael Kors jacket was at the other end of the financial spectrum, but has been well worth the investment. It's a real showcase piece, weighty, thanks to all of these metal studs and a bit of genuine rock chic (or chick depending on your thoughts).

All of my accessories are old too, as are my favourite sunglasses from Quay Australia.

More than ever, I'd like to think that today's offering has acted as a cheery escape, even if it's only momentary. Please look after yourself and try not to worry too much.

                                                                                   Anna x


And breathe ...

Hello and welcome!

Yes, it's been a hectic few weeks which you may have noticed by the lack of posting on the blog of late, but I'm happy to say that I'm back. The Gallery re-opened for business yesterday and this was my OOTD. My workload prior to opening was particularly challenging this year as we've had an upgrade to our till system. Uploading every item of stock for this was all consuming, waking me early in the mornings as I would remember yet another oddity that didn't fall into a listed category. For the past few weeks I've been bumbling into work by torchlight at 5am, keen to get ahead of the day's chores aside from this. But, at last, it's done and we're open!

There's nothing new to share today, but that's not to say the outfit isn't worth showing. The python print dress was a Topshop purchase last year and draws compliments with every wear. At this time of year I'm sporting a long sleeved thermal top underneath as well as these cream tights to keep me cosy. The boots were gifted to me by JD Williams way back in 2016 before I'd become a JD Williams "I AM" twinkle in their eye. See them styled four years ago here

The dress drapes beautifully, making me feel very elegant and well put together. I've swapped out the self-fabric belt, replacing it with a white and gold stretch one I found in a charity shop for £1 - a personal touch that makes the outfit mine. 

Lots of spinning and swooshing!

Jewellery comprises of large ring from TK Maxx many moons ago and the other ring is from an airport concession. My handbag of the moment is still this heart-throb leather and animal print cowhide combination from Paul Costelloe bags. As we all know, animal print is to be treated as a neutral and therefore I can't see that any outfit would battle with this fabulous accessory.

Today's sunglasses are another pair by Radley - check them out now for a bargain!

I  hope you're enjoying some downtime this weekend, just as I am. I had a lovely swim on Pentle Bay on the high tide this morning and when the sun made a welcome appearance this afternoon, I took myself off for a long walk, finishing off on the beach where I collected some sea glass. Next up I'll be putting the roast on for tea. I'm currently listening to Johnnie Walker on radio 2 with his "Sounds of the 70'" programme and today his delightful wife, Tiggy is co-hosting the show. I for one, think this ought to become a regular feature!

                                                                                     Anna x


International Women's Day 2020

Yay, I'm back and so are you!

Thanks for joining me today on this, International Women's Day. I thought it quite fitting to include this feature from the April issue of Coast magazine where I've been chosen as the Coast Character of the month. As part of #IWD2020 we are prompted to celebrate women's achievements and challenge stereotypes, therefore here I am blowing my own trumpet. 

International Women's Day 2020 campaign theme is #EachforEqual

An equal world is an enabled world.
Individually, we're all responsible for our own thoughts and actions - all day, every day.
We can actively choose to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations and celebrate women's achievements.
Collectively, each one of us can help create a gender equal world.
Let's all be #EachforEqual. 

                                                                                 Anna x


A bit of pattern play

Hurrah, it's March!

I nearly shouted Hurrah, it's spring, but I've been reading up on when spring officially starts and the dates are varied. According to the meteorological calendar it's the 1st of March; tradition states it's the 21st of March; astronomers state the 20th, but this year we welcome the first day of spring on Thursday the 19th of March. Anyway, I'm feeling rather perky thanks to the lull in the storms and this very welcome dose of sunshine.

My happy state is not only down to the weather, but this jolly outfit that is a playful mix of checks and spots with a brilliant burst of pink which always cheers me up. A woolly winter coat is still an essential at the moment and this vintage favourite is snug with its buttons all the way up to the neck and longer length - perfect for keeping the drafts out! I bought it in Palermo four years ago when we were on a cruise (see here). This is where the blog acts as a great reminder of these happy times; I'm so pleased to have this visual diary of my life to look back on.

The rest of the outfit is this - pink fluffy sweater and cosmic creepers are both from Enjoy Clothing in Truro; the spotty denim jeans are pre-loved; the brand is Cosmic jeans and my scarf was a charity shop find many moons ago.

Brothel creepers may not be the height of fashion, but these cosmic dazzlers stole my heart when I first clapped eyes on them and I love them still. I don't wear them if it's threatening to rain as they're only fabric, but they're holding up well.

My rings are quite contrasting in style today, but both chosen for their colours. The perspex one was a gift and the other from an airport concession.

I'm so excited to share my new sunglasses with you. A friend of my is a designer of eyewear and gave me a bundle of sunglasses when we met up recently. They're by Radley and you can see the brand new range here.  I'm delighted that I've got a whole new sunglasses collection to wear this year, so do keep your eyes peeled for the next pair...

Thanks for dropping by again today . 
Hope you have a lovely week ahead of you!

Anna x

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