All Buttoned Up, our SNA challenge for Feb

Hello again my lovelies! Can you believe it's the end of the month already? Well, the last Monday of the month at least, which means it's time for our Monthly Style Not Age Challenge and this month our theme is All Buttoned Up as chosen by Gail. I found this a very inspiring challenge, one that ties in with my latest news hobby-wise, but I'll share that in a moment. First, let's see how my fashionista friends approached the task in hand, shall we?

Emma is looking pretty in pink in this button featured trouser suit. The fact is that it's not even a suit, but a thrifted jacket and perfectly matching trousers. Catch up with her on her blog The Style Splash here for all the fashion details. 

Jacqui from Mummabstylish has opted for pinstripe sailor trousers as her buttoned up feature, a classic style that never goes out of fashion. A chunky roll neck and matching grey across the body bag completes this weekend look.

Hilda's lean and leggy look features her much loved jeans from Next with a buttoned up cardi/jacket from Zara which she confesses to hardly wearing, but goodness knows why not - it's very pretty! Read more from Hilda on her blog Over The Hilda

Gail does indeed have this month's challenge All Buttoned Up. Oh how I love all of this look! Black and white with a pop of orange makes for a stunning combination and her shoulder buttoned sweater is fab. See her back story here for all the style details. 

My buttoned up item is a thrifted linen pin tuck blouse by Jaeger which cost me £5. It was only when I got it home that I discovered a scorch mark on the sleeve. My bargain maybe wasn't so much after all and I relegated it, in rather bad humour, to my mending pile. Fast forward to last year when I had a bit of a creative moment and decided to try to cut and create some applique to cover up the offending area. 

The addition of another mulitcoloured sunflower bloom at the back of the blouse helped it look more of a feature than a cover up job.

The final alteration took place when Gail announced this month's challenge and I decided to remove all the rather boring white buttons and replace them with whatever I could find in my button box. My white linen blouse has become a quirky and unique addition to my wardrobe, another slow fashion item. I do feel rather pleased with the end result.

The rest of my outfit is made up from these lilac wide legged jeans from Primark and my old floral Converse boots. The day was a real bonus allowing me to find a spot out of the wind which looked like a perfect summer's day in February!

The day was quite a breezy one, a definite jacket day! Mine is by Pull and Bear purchased for £30 at TK Maxx last year. It's super cosy and I just love the colour. It makes me think of the famous poem by Jenny Joseph entitled Warning which starts with 'When I'm old I will wear purple'... Read it in full, here

I sat on the outcrop of rocks at the end of Saffron Bay and enjoyed the view on this blustery day, pleased to have my padded jacket on to beat the chill wind.

Oh, and finally, the news that I mentioned earlier, is that I've joined The Very Scilly Sewing Bee, a new course being run on St Mary's for the next five weeks. I'm excited to say that I'll be trying to make a dress for the very first time. As you may know, I've done bits of sewing in the past, but never made anything from a pattern. Hopefully I may have a dress to share with you sometime soon! Thanks for joining my friends and I for this month's challenge and please do pop across to see more from them on their own blogs if you have a moment.

Have a super week!

Anna x


Last week

Hello again! Yes, this was me last week at work, outside Norrard Cottage which is having an art upgrade to complete the recent refurb that's taken place. Apart from managing Gallery Tresco, I also curate all of the artworks in the 100 cottages on the island which can be quite a juggling act. This winter I've been tasked with the refresh of over 30 houses to make them ready for a photo shoot for the Tresco Island website. It's a joy to do, to find the perfect pieces to suit colour schemes and layouts of rooms. My new gallery assistant Mel drives us around on a little golf buggy loaded up with armfuls of art wrapped up in bubble wrap and off we hurtle in every direction most days. 

Workwear has to be practical on these days and for me that often means lycra to offer stretch and ease of movement. This camo two piece was from ASOS a couple of years ago and has been a great buy. I've paired it with these comfy boots from TK Maxx.

The orange puffa gilet was a purchase from Primark last summer (yes, shame on me for succumbing to fast fashion, especially after last week's post!). I'm a sucker for anything orange... Sunglasses are by Radley London.

You can check out some of the views from the holiday cottages on the Gallery Tresco Instagram account here. This back door view may not look terribly inviting, but just see the wonderful view from the loo here! Mel and I will be dodging about from cottage to cottage over the next couple of week as we add the icing to the cake in each of these holiday homes ready for the summer ahead. I'll post a link once the images are live on the website.

Have a great week!

                                                                                       Anna x


Slowing down fast fashion

Hello again! Today's outfit is all about slowing down fast fashion. Every so often I get an attack of the guilts about fast fashion and so this is my attempt to prolong the life of one such item. The piece in question is this pair of black and green joggers by Shein which I bought in a charity shop, a move that I can of course applaud myself for as this is step one in affecting a change. 

Step two, for me, is to customise an item, hence making it not only more unique and so the very opposite of fast fashion, but also to prolong my love affair with it as it becomes much more individual and therefore more likely for me to retain and love it for years to come. When I bought these joggers (for only £3!) the one thing I found lacking was pockets. After wearing them once I decided to rectify this by adding my own. It was easier than I expected as I first scavenged two pockets of similar material, but beautifully contrasting pattern, from an old silky dressing gown that I keep as best, therefore never wear. I carefully opened the side seams of the joggers and simply stitched the satin pockets in place. I tested the materials on the sewing machine, but they puckered as they are different fabrics so I sewed them by hand in a tiny stitch first one direction and then back the other to give it strength. Et viola! 

The marriage of joggers and boots is indeed a perfect and very happy one. I'm thrilled to find yet another reason to wear these fab, comfy and trendy boots (TK Maxx, but see similar ones here from ASOS). This was a work outfit from last week. I'm currently updating art in many of the holiday cottages and these photos are from a trip out to the Sea Garden Cottages. Check out the view from Nautilus below - 

Stunning eh?

The rest of my outfit is all old, some preloved, such as the roll neck sweater. The studded jacket is by Michael Kors, a purchase from TK Maxx many years ago, but still much worn. We all love a classic jeans jacket and this one simply has a bit more bling than usual!

None of my accessories are new; the sunglasses are by Radley, rings are thrifted and my Vivienne Westwood pendant is quite a few years old now, but more precious than ever since her recent death. 

For my birthday last month I was given this beautifully comprehensive tome of Vivienne's legacy to the fashion world, one that will be a source of inspiration to me especially when I look to customise clothing in the future. There is nothing that she didn't make and no fashion rule that she didn't break. Bold and brilliant, her designs were cutting edge, her lack of respect and perversity were legendary. The most memorable photo I saw of her was outside Buckingham Palace after receiving her OBE from the Queen when she flashed her knickerless parts for the press. The book catalogues her wit, her passion and all of the models who flocked to be part of her world.

Thank you for joining me for this week's round up. I hope you have a great week and look forward to seeing and hearing from you again soon!

                                                                                Anna x


Fun fur in Feb

Hello lovelies! How are you doing? I hope that you're well and maybe feeling that promise of spring in the air. Here's my favourite outfit from last week. Sunday morning saw sunshine and clear blue sky on Tresco, but the wind was coming from the East, an icy blast if you were on the wrong side of the island. This gave me the perfect opportunity to don my beloved cow print fun fur (from River Island last year) and to have a Sunday saunter along the quayside to enjoy the peace and quiet of the day. You'll notice I was facing the direct sunshine in many of these shots which in turn featured the shadow of my camera mounted on my gorilla tripod; this small tripod has flexible legs, ideal for wrapping around fences, rocks or trees when you don't have an eager assistant to hand.

My outfit was all about animal prints, although I balked at adding my snakeskin boots to the mix, opting instead for my chunky cream boots (ASOS). The leopard print kick flare trousers are from Primark, purchased last year. I love the stretch fit which makes them easy to wear for work or even if I've had a large lunch... The leopard print shirt was a second hand find a few years ago, but is also the Primark brand. The button front and hip length makes it easy to wear with skirts and trousers, but looks best left untucked.

I finished the look off with this orange cashmere sweater, a fabulous charity shop find from a couple of years ago. I paid £10 for it and couldn't get out of the shop quick enough!

None of my accessories are new. The tribal print neckace pops up frequently on the blog, and also at work earning me many a compliment. The sunglasses are by Radley and my rings are various gold rings, including my wedding band, all bought by my husband.

I loitered about on the quay for some time, enjoying the sunshine and the view. If I'd had a soundtrack for these shots it would have been "Easy like Sunday morning" by Lionel Richie - cheesy, but still a great track!

Thanks for dropping by and I'll see you again next week!

Anna x

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