Summer Show 2

Hi, hello and here I am at the second summer exhibition last night with the artist of the evening, Saul Cathcart who managed to make it to Tresco for his opening night party. This is his first exhibition with us, and it's been worth the wait. Paul won't mind me telling you that he had contacted me many years ago, asking to show in the gallery. At that time I felt that he was very much work in progress and that he needed some time to develop his own voice. I'm glad that we both waited, as this collection is fresh and strong and shows a great emotional response to his residency here on the island last winter. 

Just unpacked, this was my first chance to see my personal favourite of Saul's, All That I Need - Pentle Beach, Tresco, which then went on to sell to the client who was viewing it. Thank goodness! It saved me that terrible inner battle of Can I, Can't I? See the full collection of the show here

The best time of the day - the show is open, the party was a success and Saul sold his first painting - all is well with the world. A huge thanks to Polly, Duffy and Jilly for running such a tight ship last night - we made a great team!

And so, on to the outfit. The boho maxi dress is actually called The Angel Dress and was from Zara when I was in London last month. I was at the grab-it-and-run stage, so didn't try it on in the shop. Oh my goodness, I'm gonna stop for a moment and have a moaning moment. Living on a tiny island means I'm not very savvy about the rules of department store shopping, but honestly I came across a crazy shopping rule in Zara that just astounded me. Picture this - a very hot summer's day on Oxford Street, the shops teaming with shoppers and the queues getting longer by the minute. I had a huge armful of shopping and had tried to skip the queue in Zara by taking the escalator up two flights to another changing room. After waiting my turn, I was asked how many items I had. I don't know was my reply. The assistant counted 15 pieces including belts, then told me I could only take 10 in. OK says I, I'll leave these belts and tops behind and swap them with you in a moment. You can't do that she said. Sorry? Well, we don't hold anything for you. If you don't want it, then we put it straight back into stock. But, if I can try it on I might buy it. Sorry, only 10 items and no hold-overs. At this stage, my own guardian angel decided to intervene, when the two young girls behind me both offered to take some of my things in with them and we'd swap as I worked my way through my stash. I thanked them profusely and we got on  with it, but honestly - what's that all about? 

The Angel Dress was a find on day two in London, by which time I'd given up all thoughts of changing rooms in Zara and had resorted to grabbing a size and hoping for the best. This floaty boho maxi was £49.99, but seems to be sold out already. I love it for the colour, pattern and shape - it's a great summer frock, dreamy and feminine and will now become an everyday piece for me to wear with white trainers or flat sandals. I think it's going to be a cool option for those hot summer days - I'll let you see the daytime version soon.

My turtle gemstone bag was from a small boutique in St Andrews in January, but it lacks a label I'm afraid. The colours of the stones are a super match for this outfit. It held a back-up pair of shoes (not needed, surprisingly) as well as my camera, hairbrush and make-up - it's a bit of a Tardis creature this one! The large ring on the left was a purchase at TK Maxx some time ago and the other gold coloured ring was a charity shop find.

These strappy gold sandals say Office inside. I think I bought them to take on a cruise a few years ago. They're not leather, but are soft enough not to rub even though I was on my feet for three hours.  We all need a pair of gold sandals surely? 

My shark's tooth necklace is adorned with Swarovski crystals and was made by Charlie Dodge. 

Best thing of all about my fabulous new dress has to be the Swoosh Factor!

Thanks so much for dropping by. As you can tell, my life has moved up a gear into summer mode, therefore apologies to all of my blogging buddies for not hanging out with you as I like to. With our summer shows opening every 10 days and my swimming training for my big swim becoming a reality rather than a plan, I'm juggling all of the plates frantically. I want to share as much of my daily life with you, my reader, as I can and am so pleased to have you visit. 

Until next time, have a super week!

Anna x



  1. Woo! that dress is a Swoosh Factor of 10! I love the fun flouncy style, and the gold sandals are perfect, as is that lovely bag.

    Stores have those kinds of policies to prevent shop-theft, which is a HUGE issue. They lose track of people swapping things in and out, and it's then easy for someone to slip something into a pocket or bag. I worked in stores for over a decade - so much theft goes on!

    1. Glad you like this combo Sheila.

      I suppose I'm just used to TK Maxx and Primark allowing you to swap goods over - they are my main retail stores, so this tight system was a surprise to me. Makes good sense, I know.

  2. This is a beautiful dress Anna, it works well with your sassy sandals and that stylish bag. Just as well it's long with the wind sometimes! Happy Thursday Anna. x Jacqui Mummabstylish

  3. Cheers Jacqui! I have to say the editing was funny as I did have a few flashes that had to be removed!

  4. I LOVE Sheila's comment about the swoosh factor and I agree!
    I also think the colors are spot on for you my dear!!
    I was attending my 50th high school class reunion last week and I'm frantically playing catch up!

    1. Hey Judy, your 50th class reunion - I bet that was a blast! No-one looks the same after 5 decades do they, but we're all young at heart aren't we?
      Glad you enjoyed the flounces of this pretty frock. I'm having a lovely time wearing it as a day dress now and gave a lady a swoosh at work today x

  5. That dress is gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggoooooooooooooooooooooooooorgeous!!! You look a vision!! WHat is it made out of? I love all the wafty pictures of it!
    How lovely that Saul finally got his wish! I think patience is a good thing- his time finally came!

    1. Oh thanks Kezzie! As usual I seem to have cut the label out already, so can't tell you what the material is - but it's so light and cool.
      Patience is indeed a virtue, and I'm delighted I held out for the good stuff x

  6. you look particularly adorable in this dress!, love its shape, so flowy, and the colors!, and love that you have this perfectly matchy bag, which is a stunning piece too!. Lovely outfit!

    1. So lovely to have all of this super feedback, thank you! I'm trying not to wear this too often in case everyone tires of it x


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