Hurrah for Dress Up Friday!

Here I come with Dress Up Friday!

Yes, it's that time of the week again and I'm delighted to be taking part in this weekly gathering where like minded souls parade their idea of dressing up. Last week I chose a jumpsuit and this week I've opted for a very flouncy frock. Like so many of you, I'm not indulging in retail therapy at the moment meaning I'm shopping my closet for the outfit of the day. 

It's frilly, flouncy and so utterly feminine and I just love it! The delightful dress was from Zara last summer when Steve and I were in London for the weekend. See that colourful post here if you haven't already. I didn't try the dress on at the time due to the massive queues at the changing rooms, knowing that this smock style surely had to fit, and it does. I love the romance of the tiers of frills and the peach flower sprigged print is very flattering for my skin tone. Yes, this is a keeper and I do hope to be wafting about in it as an old rocker in my 70's!

The dress has an irrestistable swoosh factor.

Our photo shoot was early in the morning, but we still managed to be photo-bombed by my daughter, of all people, who was out for a 15k run!

I'm not sure how many laps of the island she had to do to achieve that impressive distance.

The gold sandals are by London Rebel, bought from TK Maxx.

I'm sporting a fab pair of Radley sunglasses today along with a green resin necklace and toning rings - all charity shopped. Radley has a buy one get one free offer on until the 27th of May so hurry to grab yourself a bargain. 

I'll leave you with one final swoosh! 

Thanks for joining me again today. I'll be back on Monday with the ladies from the Style Not Age collective, so do please swing by to see what we've been up to this week.

In the meantime, have a super weekend!

Anna x



  1. Ha, I love your daughter's photo-bomb! Perfect timing!

    Anna, this flouncy dress is so amazing! It looks incredibly swooshy and fun to wear. The colour is so pretty on you. Sometimes we just need to be uber-girly, right? You did really well, considering you didn't try it on - it's perfect in the shoulders and through the back. I would probably belt it, but I definitely see the allure of having it all loose and comfy!

    Have a wonderful weekend, my dear!

    1. So pleased you like this one Sheila. I'm all for a smock dress on hot days as I love that loose airy feeling x

  2. Haha that is so funny! That your daughter came along, as if she knew! Lovely dress, very boho! Ideal for festivals we don t have this year.... Have a beautiful weekend!

    1. We saw not a soul for the 10 minutes it took to photograph this and then just at the last moment, Sasha zoomed past!

  3. Anna, you look beautiful in that dress; it’s gorgeous and the colours are so gentle. The flowing, swishy style really suits you and, somehow you can get away with that without wearing a belt. I’d need to belt it!
    I shall be checking out Zara this summer to maybe buy something similar. I have gold sandals (never worn) bought last Summer .... you see, girl, you inspire me !
    Love your sandals too.
    Have a lovely weekend. X

    1. Zara always does seem to corner the market with these long floaty dresses - I'm deliberately avoiding looking at their website currently (but that's another story!)

      Now is indeed the time to get out those gold sandals and make the most of this lovely weather.

  4. That flouncy frock is gorgeous and looks wonderful on you, Anna! Definitely a keeper. Your daughter photobombing you made me laugh! xxx

    1. I can't see this frock ever going out of fashion, certainly not for me anyway.

      We had to laugh too!


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