It's Dress Up Friday - again!

Here I come for Dress Up Friday!

Hello again and cheers for dropping by. Another Friday means another opportunity to dress up and gad about for a photo shoot. The sun shone and the wind blew, giving me a very windswept look too. I was keen to showcase this pleat on pleat outfit, but maybe not under such gusty conditions!

Both the skirt and top were charity shop buys. The top (by Alfani) was most recent and this is the first time I've worn it. The drop waist style with elastic hem wouldn't normally be my choice, but I decided to overlook that for the trade off that is the sunray pleated sleeves. The dove grey colour works well with the mint skirt.

I must admit that I love the feminine effect of this ensemble. All of the lightweight fabric moves well giving a lovely floaty feel. Not only that, but it's fit is easy-to-wear as the skirt has an elastic waist too. I wonder if I'm the only one emerging from lockdown with a waistline that seems to have softened somewhat over the past 12 weeks?

And hair, shall we talk hair? Are you rushing off to the hairdresser next week? I've recently braved the fringe trimming challenge and am snipping small amounts every now and then. Consequently, I'm going to let my hair grow until it becomes unbearable and hopefully by that time waiting lists will have shrunk to a reasonable size. I'm coming to terms with the grey colour around the temples and will see what happens about my overall colour as the summer sun and sea swimming takes its toll. So, for the moment, I'm sitting tight.

I've had these silver sandals for yonks. They came from TK Maxx and the brand is Chinese Laundry. I bought them for a cruise many moons ago and have barely worn them since. I suppose it's because they live in a box under a box in my wardrobe and have been forgotten for yonks. At least I've rediscovered them now and will keep them in mind for the rest of the summer. Silver is a lovely neutral isn't it?

Both rings are pre-loved, but perfect none the less.

My statement necklace cost me all of £6 from the fabulous Crisis charity shop in London when I was having a weekend away in November. My sunglasses are by Radley.

As always I'll be joining the rest of the Dress Up Friday crew over on Instagram if you want to check everyone out. 

Thanks for joining me and do pop over again on Monday when the Style Not Age collective will be back with our latest challenge. 

Late edit -
I'm linking with Nancy's Fashion Style this week.

In the meantime, have a super weekend!

Anna x



  1. Wow those sleeves are so elegant! And handy because you cant cook dinner with those sleeves! Lol. Lovely colors together! Hope to see you on my Fancy Friday linkup party!

    1. Thanks Nancy. I've added this outfit to your style link up this week. Cheers x

  2. Beautiful colours Anna; soothing to the eye and very ‘summer evening.’ Gorgeous sandals too.
    I have to say that you are not alone with the feeling of a softening waistline. I’ve decided that enough is enough .... back to healthy eating for me and a lot less snacking going forwards. I guess I just want normality back. X

    1. I do like these softer hues together Phyl. It's the first time I've tried them out together and I'm chuffed with the effect.

      I think we're all hankering after some normality aren't we? I'm keen to get my working clothes out again x

  3. Lovely serene colours that work well with silver. I fancy wearing something to waft in but I know from past experince to avoid eating something like spag bol at the same time. I have had a haircut! Under instruction my DH trimmed the bottom layers, a bit risky but it's worked out fine. Have a good week, Tessa x

    1. This is definitely not an dining outfit! Wafting about yes, eating or cooking no.

      Well done with the haircut. I'm going to try some hairbands to help control the situation!

  4. woww, such a lovely ensemble, I love particularly those sleeves and the floatyness and pleated elegance!, and your accessorizing rocks!

    1. Thank you Monica. The floatyness feels lovely and feminine!

  5. I used to have that same blouse in mint green! - I just tucked the elasticated hem in, but yes, these days, the waist is much softer than it was!

    I love the double-pleats in this outfit, Anna!

    I got my hair cut a couple of weeks ago, and ah, it felt wonderful. Welcome to grey!

  6. The sleeves are stunning! I love this dreamy, floaty, light outfit. The colours and the matching pleats go so perfectly together! It is beautiful!


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