I've got that Friday feeling!

Hurrah, it's Friday!

Thank Crunchie it's Friday! Wow, what another busy week I've had. It's all downhill now to the weekend! Anyway, here's today's offering from my closet and yet another new-to-me piece to share with you. This lovely yellow blouse (another boat neck) was a charity shop find last year and yet this is the first time I've worn it. The brand is Tu at Sainsbury's and it cost me all of £3. Increasingly I'm finding how much I like yellow and how it really does give me a mental lift. I'm drawn to the yellow and orange hangers in my wardrobe, especially if it's a dull day and I'm fighting the blahs. Dull days do have that effect on me.

The fabric is a lightweight cheesecloth weave with these pretty sleeves and boat neck making it light and easy to wear. It's been very hot at work lately, and I'm finding that loose tops help me from overheating. (Wearing a mask all day is certainly raising my temperature too, that's for sure!)

The jungle print skirt was another second hand piece, this time the brand is River Island. It's a synthetic fabric, silky and light too. I love the big roomy pockets for that slouchy, casual feel - perfect for that Friday feeling!

I don't often wear earrings and that's because I don't have pierced ears. As a teenager I had my ears pierced, twice in fact, but both times they went septic despite the Dettol dousing as suggested, so I finally allowed them to close up. Every once in a while I come across some good old fashioned clip-ons. These beaded ones were bought from a friend who sells vintage jewellery. 

I've had these comfy yellow sling backs for years now. The toes are beginning to show wear and tear, but I'll be keeping them for as long as they hold together. I bought them in the Topshop sale many moons ago - too many to recall in fact. They are fake leather and buttery soft with it.

My sunglasses are old, from Tu at Sainsbury's. The striped perspex ring was a gift from my friend Wendy and the other was a charity shop piece. I just want to say that despite not shopping now since the start of March (in fact the last time I went shopping was actually February, but I had an online purchase in March), anyway, I've really surprised myself how I've not missed shopping at all. In fact, I've been amazed at the number of new-to-me items that are loitering in my cupboards and closet that have never yet seen the light of day. I'm trying hard to showcase these pieces before my seasonal change-over. Summer jackets seem to be abundant and I'll be featuring the first of these on Monday.

And that's just about it from me. Have you any plans for the weekend? Steve and I will be keeping an eye on the weather, ever hopeful that we'll get away for an outing on our boat. The house is however, showing terrible signs of neglect and also signs of the fact that my sea swimming regime is back on track. If only I could clone myself, the other version could be the stay-at-home housewife who kept everything spic and span while I worked during the week and had fun at the weekend! Who knows - in some future realm that may well be the norm...

                                                                                  Anna x



  1. Hello, dear Anna! You look radiant in yellow! That is an awesome top - love the neckline and the fun sleeve shape, and it goes so well with the skirt. I am a big fan of yellow for perking myself up, or disguising that I'm actually feeling bad (mentally or physically). Orange is a "Rar! I'm feeling brash!" kind of colour for me.

    We are going to play games at our friends' place and meet their new kitten, Mabel. I'mm more excited about the kitten! Have a good weekend, my dear!

    1. Yellow, orange and pink are all pep-me-up colours Sheila :)

      I'm more of a dog than cat person, but kittens are just sooooo cute! Hope you've had a fab weekend x

  2. Oh, I love that blouse Anna, it’s very unusual; the neckline is fab. It really suits you!
    Yellow has slowly become a favourite of mine, but I do struggle to find the ‘right pieces‘ in it.
    Orange I cannot resist and, talking about this has reminded me of an orange, sale jacket from Boden that is somewhere in my closet and hasn’t as yet seen the light of day...now, I’m going to do something about that!

    The weather here in the Hebrides has changed quite dramatically; I’d say that Autumn has arrived quite early.
    My husband is a skipper, but no wildlife tours today as the sea is pretty rough!
    Hopefully back in full sail tomorrow.

    I’m planning a long walk and then a cappuccino out in my favourite cafe.

    Enjoy whatever you get up to. Have fun!

  3. Orange, Boden and Sale all are lovely words, especially when put together - how very exciting for you! I've come across 4 jackets - all summer ones - that I'm hoping to showcase before it's truly autumn.

    Where in the Hebrides are you? I saw the forecast that some nasty weather was heading in your direction. Well done with your weekend plans - sounds lovey!


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