Happy Birthday Jamie!

Hello again! Tomorrow is my son Jamie's 30th birthday and like all good party animals his is a 3 day long event which started on the beach last night. Here we are, en famille, at the start of the evening. Beer and pasties were the order of the day for this surprise birthday bash, organised by his sister Sasha and ex-Gallery Assistant Polly. Jamie was hijacked by a friend, being brought into the beach by boat as we all sang him Happy Birthday from the shore. 

I feel that this shot should be one of those "Add the caption" photos. Jamie and his old school friend Joanne are straining to hear/see each other or maybe not...

Appletree Bay was a glittering backdrop for the gathering of friends and family with lots of little babies and children too.

The zero from his 30 balloon popped before it reached the venue, calling for a bit of inventiveness from Rachel; both are balloons, just not necessarily a pair!

The party was punctuated by the arrival of the Penzance Helicopter causing everyone to grab hold of loose objects and small children as the downdraft hit us full force. A party with a difference is what you might say!

In between these photos there had been a boozy treasure hunt for the birthday boy, through the Monument Walk and across to Plumb Hill with the merry revelers following in his wake, bringing them on to our house at Timothy's Corner where Steve and I hosted a Port pit-stop with some freshly baked cheese biscuits to help mop up the excess alcohol. 


Some of the younger members of the company looked bright eyed and bushy-tailed despite the late hour...

...others were looking less so.

Day one of the party trilogy was coming to an end for Steve and I, but Jamie, Sash and Dave were heading off for the final leg of the evening.

While I'm very happy to show this before picture, I fancy that the after version wouldn't look quite so good. Here's a very Happy Birthday to my dear son and heir. I hope that the 3 day long 30th party is memorable for all the right reasons!

                                                                                      Anna x



  1. How fun that you had a treasure hunt too! It looks like a wonderful, happy time was had by all, Anna! Happy 30th, Jamie!

    1. I think we all had a great time, although by day 3 Jamie was looking much the worse for wear!

  2. Happy Birthday to you son! The birthday celebration sounds fun!

  3. Lovely that friends and family could gather for this special occasion.
    Happy Birthday Jamie xx

    1. Jamie had a memorable weekend thanks to all his friends and family. Great fun!

  4. Oooh, what lovely red hair (and beard!) he has! So nice you could all attend (and yayyyy, Polly too!) Happy birthday Jamie!

  5. Oh HB to Jamie, looks like a really brilliant party. Nice to see you all together and having fun. Jacqui x


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