In the run up to Christmas...

Hello and Happy Christmas to you (in case you don't call by again this week)! I'm back to work for a wee while and that means work outfits are on my mind, particularly those with a festive feel. The eagle eyed among you might remember these rather racy wet-look trousers that I bought in May during my only trip off-island this year. The brand is Pull and Bear, but I found them in TK Maxx in Truro. Well, I tried them out the other day with a gold lurex cardigan (H&M) and pre-loved blouse and am now wondering if the pants are simply too racy for a Gallery Manager? Do leave me your thoughts...

I'm very keen to wear them, but sometimes living on this tiny island leaves me feeling a bit unsure of what's happening with fashion trends out in the big wide world. And dare I ask the question as to whether a woman of my age ought to be wearing wet-look pants full stop? 

One way around this might indeed by to close my eyes to avoid the looks of shock from those I encounter... Or maybe just laugh it off?

Or perhaps just gazing into the middle distance with a cool, confident air might be the answer?

As for accessories, I'm wearing a very old chain necklace from Primark, a gold flower ring, a present from a girlfriend and a large chunky ring from TK Maxx.

One thing that's for sure, is that I do love the pairing of my tartan M&S boots with the skinny pants! 

On the home front, I can report that the Christmas tree is up as are the decorations and the final batch of fudge has been made and packed, so progress is being made. The turkey is due to arrive on Tuesday as is the gammon joint along with the final order of Christmas supplies. Like most of you, we'll have enough food to feed a small army. As for my Christmas day outfit, well I really don't have anything lined up this year. I do hope that inspiration strikes by the time the big day arrives!

Finally, let me just take a moment to say thank you for dropping by today and any other time you've called. As the year draws to an end I'm feeling all sentimental about my readership and how lovely it is to have your comments and feedback. For those of you who have actually beaten a path to my door (aka the desk at Gallery Tresco) during the past 12 months - it's been great to see you and have a chat in person!

I hope you have a great Christmas, that you manage to see family and friends as planned and that our lives aren't too disrupted over the festive period. Take care!

                                                                                    Anna x



  1. I'm a big YES on the liquid red leggings, particularly how you've styled them here to tone down their sexiness. Pretty much anything oversized or masculine will help keep them from crossing that line. I might wear them to the office (if styled like you) at this time of the year, but the leggings wouldn't be a regular thing!

    If I don't see you, a very Merry Christmas to you and Steve and your family, Anna. Thank you for all the lovely posts, amazing pictures, and fabulous outfits! *hug*

    1. Thanks for your style thumbs up Sheila! I've decided that this will be my Christmas Eve outfit.

      I'm so lucky to have your consistent support and lovely comments to buoy me up over the year. I do hope you have a wonderful Christmas too and enjoy some downtime at home.

      Hugs to you too xxx

  2. I love those trousers! Bo xx

  3. I definitely give a green light to those leggings Anna, why ever not!
    You have styled them perfectly for an outing to work, your top half toned down and tasteful allowing for them to shine on the bottom, so to speak.
    You look great.

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful, festive time. x

    1. Hurrah and thank you Phyllis! It's so good to have everyone's feedback about these. I'll be wearing this ensemble to work on Christmas Eve, so if you feel a slight earth tremor that'll be me rocking Tresco! Hahaha!

      Thanks so much for your Christmas card. I've somehow managed to lose your address but would like to wish you a very happy Christmas and peaceful New Year xxx

  4. Your pants look gorgeous, and your shoes are perfect for the season.

  5. Hi Anna,

    finally here I am... you look absolutly appropriate with your pants. You are such a charming woman, you'll never look excessively in any way. Together with the long cardigan and the tartan boots you look classic casual with a perky wink...

    Merry christmas!
    Love from Cologne,
    Susa xxx

  6. Only you can look amazing in these trousers, I love them but they would look crazy awful on me! Thanks for sharing, I needed those tartan boots in Scotland last weekend hun. Jacqui x


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