More fun, in a gilet this week!

Hello lovelies! How has your week been? Are you working from home and if so, is it all about leisure wear again? For me it's another working outfit here this week, and yes, I'm still making the most of my fun furs. I've had this fur gilet for some years now and must admit I do find it a challenge to wear as it's so boxy. That said, I think it's simply impossible to wear a layer of fur of any sort without adding inches to the torso! So I need to get over it don't I?

The gilet (TK Maxx, old) wasn't what inspired this ensemble however, it was actually these rather fab checked trousers. They're hand-me-downs from my eldest sister - the brand is House of Bruar. Sandra is a big lover of charity shopping and found these stylish trousers some years ago, only recently passing them on to me. When they arrived in the middle of the Christmas festivities I couldn't quite squeeze into them, but after a week or two of restraint and sea swimming I've slipped into them a bit more easily. 

I do love the chance to create some different outfits when I've got a new addition to my wardrobe and this was a great bonus in the middle of Christmas. The tartan (M&S) boots called out to me immediately and I couldn't wait to get going, finding the right colours to compliment the look. The gilet was the next thing that came to mind and yes, I'm thrilled with this as an outfit. 

The tartan boots were from M&S a few years ago, but I still love them to bits. Could that be just because of my Scottish heritage? Goodness knows!

The simple ribbed roll neck sweater is old, a purchase from Primark a few years ago. I do wonder if our wardrobes/closets like so many other things will be defined as pre and post Covid19, in which case this is pre-covid. I bought a few of these in different colours and am impressed how they have retained their shape and colour despite much washing and wearing.

Nothing new jewellery-wise. The green pearls are real and are long term favourites of mine. The heart pendant is a good ploy for elongating the body, drawing the eyes downwards. Sunglasses are by Radley and rings are both quite old.

This (morning) shot shows the colours up a bit better. I spent the day at work, popping out from time to time in between passing traffic taking a few photos as the clouds dispersed then gathered, leaving me dodging in and out like one of those crazy old weather vanes. Do you know what I mean - that old lady and man who used to take turns popping out according to the weather? Anyway, this was a photo-shoot of two halves, ending with the glorious glimpses of sunset as it dropped behind the clouds. 

This is the view from my office and from the Gallery shop floor. I never tire of it. The endless light-shows from morning til night, the sunsets and shifting tides all go to make the most perfect of settings. I am a very lucky bunny indeed!

                                                                                         Anna x



  1. Wow, what a view! That totally beats mine, which is a red wall with my company name on it. Sigh.

    Love, love LOVE your gillet, Anna! I really like your mix of the two plaids, and you cannot go wrong with a roll-neck (or turtleneck as we call them). Great colours!

    1. It's an amazing view isn't it? I'm blooming lucky!

      Glad you like the outfit and mixing of plaids. Our turtlenecks are classed that when they are sewn down whereas roll necks aren't. Love how these things interest the likes of us eh? xxx

  2. This is a fabulous outfit Anna.
    The gilet is quite unusual, very different to the usual, standard colours in such a piece.
    I love the pattern mix, your green jumper, checked trousers and tartan boots go beautifully together.
    You look great! xx

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback Phyl. I really ought to wear this furry gilet more... x

  3. Your gilet is a fun layering piece. The plaid pants and shoes look so cool on you!

  4. Oh Anna how I love this ensemble....FABULOUS

  5. Dear Anna, this works so well, I must try to mix it up again. Hope you are well. Jacqui x

    1. Cheers for this Jacqui! Mixing up is such fun, especially when it works x


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