This summer's best supermarket find

Hello lovelies! How are you? As you can see, I'm in fine fettle. And yes, can you believe it that this most colourful summer frock is a supermarket find? I happened across it when I was in Tesco's in April. The shirtwaister is such an easy to wear style and this one is in the most lovely of fabrics. It's weighty enough to move in that satisfying flappy way and yet not too heavy for summer wear. 

I've  only worn the dress once, but already it's earned much praise along with comments that it doesn't look like a supermarket purchase in the least. The floral pattern is classic and the shades of cream, orange, pink, yellow and green are all very much suited to my skin tone. I love the sleeve length too. In fact, what's not to love about this whole thing? It cost £25 - well worth the money in my opinion.

Nothing new by way of accessories here. The belt is a charity shop bargain in leather. The rings and watch are all old too. 

My necklace is from Zara and was a present from a girlfriend at Christmas. I like the fact that it's not a heavy gilt piece but is really lightweight and therefore I hardly notice I'm wearing it. My Sunglasses are by Radley, from another girlfriend.

If I'd been organised I could have shown you the orange wedge sandals that I wore for the first half of the day. But instead here's the afternoon's flat sandals in coral which are quite old now, from Primark a few summers ago. I fear that they won't last another year sadly.

Fiona did the honours with the photography at the end of the day. I swished about here and there, talking most of the time and spoiling many shots into the bargain. We meandered off to the beach afterwards to swim and chat as is our habit at this time of year. We are both ever grateful that Tresco life is on this small scale, our wild swimming so accessible, the backdrop to our daily lives so stunningly beautiful. With a post-swim flask in hand we regularly count our blessings.

Sending you lots of love from Tresco!

Anna x



  1. That's a stunning dress, Anna! Amazing that you bought it in a grocery store! :-O

    Bummer about the shoes - they are so cute.

    1. There's a real flush of success to be had when you buy a frock like this with your fruit and veg Sheila x

  2. C'est une robe magnifique, très bien accessoirisée, que vous portez très bien.

  3. Such a gorgeous, vibrant dress Anna. I love the style and fullness of the skirt. You look great! xx

  4. Oh Anna, I love this dress, please do pass it onto me if you tire of it! Super style as always my friend. Jacqui x

  5. The dress is beautiful and is a perfect pick for the season.

  6. I do think you have a beautiful life in terms of the natural beauty and resources you have available so readily but you really do have to be organised about going anywhere else I imagine, not so impromptu!
    Your dress is amazing- I love supermarket finds like this! So, so pretty!!x

    1. I've recently returned from a two night trip to the mainland Kezzie and was so impressed with myself that I only took a small backpack and a handbag which still gave me three outfits, 3 pairs of shoes, a swimsuit and towel and all of my toiletries plus a book. Island life had indeed taught me to be resourceful!

  7. That's beautiful Anna. I didn't spot this in my local Tesco's. I would have snapped it up xx


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