Summer Sizzlers, our Style Not Age challenge for July

Hello and welcome again to our monthly style challenge! It's my turn this time to choose the theme and what could be more appropriate than Summer Sizzlers? Our recent heatwave had many of us cooling off in sea or heading for shade at home. My offering is an oldie but goodie, a lace jumpsuit from TK Maxx many moons ago. So let's take a look at my style sisters to see how they tackled this one...

Jacqui's jaw-dropper outfit looks like she's stepped straight off a film set! Hat from Dune, swimsuit from Debenhams and lace trousers (old) certainly live up to the remit. See more on her blog here

Gail from Is This Mutton has paired up lime green and fizzy pink for her Summer Sizzler look. Cute, fresh and very summery Gail snapped this on her Greek holiday which was indeed a sizzler with temperatures pushing 40 degrees! Catch her back story here.

Emma from the Style Splash is another to send us one of her holiday snaps, this time from Funchal. Orange is her Summer Sizzler colour and oh, how stylish she looks! Find all the details on her blog as above. 

Hilda has opted for orange too, wearing a shirt and jeans bought locally along with orange shoes by Clark's. She's making a fab style statement as she takes herself off for her 40th Wedding anniversary - huge congratulations to you!

I've shopped my closet for this whole outfit which always feels good. The orange strappy sandals were from H&M, gilt belt was from Primark and sunglasses are from Zara - all old.

Rings are both old as well as being pre-loved. 

My orange, turquoise and gold disk necklace was a purchase from Charlie Dodge jewellery. 

My photo-shoot was located at my second home, my husband's shed in the centre of Tresco, well off the beaten track. This is where he is working on our boat in the evenings and weekends and where I seem to be spending most of my free time too. His tiny office served as a changing room and his wing mirror worked fine for hair and make-up. His truck was a great contrast for my glam jumpsuit don't you think?

Thanks for swinging by to join our Style challenge - I do hope you've enjoyed it!

                                                                             Anna x



  1. That truck is the perfect backdrop, Anna, for that amazeballs jumpsuit! What? No one says "amazeballs" anymore? Jeez, no one tells me these things!

    I love seeing everyone's interpretation of the theme - so fun!

    1. Thanks for the amazeballs Sheila and yes, I do still say that!

  2. A perfect outfit Anna, yet again you get it spot on! Thanks for what you wrote about me, that was just the look I was after! Another fun challenge completed. xx Jacqui

    1. Isn't it great when we all enjoy a challenge and don't find it too... challenging!

  3. Gorgeous jumpsuit Anna.
    The colour suits you perfectly. x

  4. Oh I love the truck as backdrop. Makes it even more edgy. Fabulous prompt Anna. I think we all nailed it.

  5. Awesome jumpsuit. The color compliments your complexion and the accessories that you paired with your jumpsuit makes you stunning gorgeous.<3

  6. Fabulous jumpsuit! I love those matching sunglasses too!

    Emma xxx

    1. Thanks for that Emma. I was so happy to find the sunglasses for this one x


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