Cool dressing for another heatwave

Another week and another heatwave outfit - who'd have thought it? Friday's work outfit was all about keeping cool in the stifling heat. It was another scorching day on the Isles of Scilly and at work we had no way of escaping the intense temperature despite having the doors and sky lights open - there wasn't a breath of wind.

I chose this new airy smock dress (from TK Maxx) to keep me cool and it was pretty successful. The fabric is light and the cut very generous to allow lots of movement and air circulation - not that this was on my mind when I bought it as I simply loved the mix of paisley and floral patterns together. This was another purchase from the spring when I was on the mainland and I had scooped up some new clothes for the months ahead. 

I'd spent most of the day longing for a sea swim at the end of work. The thought of the refreshingly cool water was what kept me going as the mercury rose. At one point while I was serving a customer I bent down to get a paper bag and felt two beads of sweat trickle from bra line down over my tummy - how little exertion was needed to work up a sweat! 

The end of the day couldn't come quick enough for Fiona and I so we had a lazy walk to the south end of the island to find a spot for the photo shoot. It was a bonus to find an empty beach in the height of the summer - this is known as Bathing House Beach. Afterwards we crossed the road behind here and dropped down onto Appletree Bay for a delicious cooling swim.

The outfit was all about comfort so I opted for my sparkly flower sandals to finish off the look. These were from Amazon and are a wonderful mix of comfort and style - the insoles are nicely padded making them all-day wearable. 

My sunglasses are from Radley London and the chunky necklace (Topshop) earned me lots of compliments as it picked up most of the colours of my dress. 

Nothing new jewellery-wise at all. The rings are both old, but work fine with this look.

The islands are busy as ever at the moment which is exactly as it ought to be. We're having a bumper time in the Gallery for our artists too. Sales are strong and I'm just about to fill our art container ready for shipping to the mainland this week. We no long host exhibitions, instead we showcase one painting per artist and from there offer private viewing for the clients to see more from their chosen artists. The gallery has a wonderful mixture of paintings, a real eclectic gathering of styles offering something for everyone. We've hit upon a winning combination for artists and clients alike. I love this new format and as a business model it's a huge success. Hurrah!

Wishing you a great week ahead!

Anna x



  1. Oooh, I love that dress - it looks so nice and airy, although I'm having flashbacks to the "granny" nightgowns that I wore in the 70s! Sorry to hear about the heatwave, but glad you're able to dip in the cool ocean, Anna! Wonderful news about the gallery!

    1. Hahaha! I love your comment about the granny nightgowns Sheila - Fiona calls this my Little House on the Prairie dress. Not me at my most glamorous I think!

  2. I adore this flowy dress, and it looks amazing with the jewelry and sandals.

    1. It's a totally functional dress Lovely and quite pretty too I think x

  3. Oh my God darling
    Your dress is so pretty
    Great photos

  4. I have these sandals Anna! They look fabulous and the dress looks like a dream to wear. Jacqui x

  5. Oooh, love the floatyness of that dress! I bought a lovely floaty material dress in M&S recently but when I got it home, for some reason, it didn't feel so floaty so it went back! The sandals are so pretty too!
    Ah, I hear ya on the sweat from the tiniest exertion. On Saturday, CBC and I walked 5 miles to town in France and on the return hike up hill, I was dying of heat as I walked and whimpered as I walked, so affected by the heat, I was! My MiL was worried as we came in and I lay, bright red, down on the cool stone floor!

    1. Love that story! And totally agree about the joys of a stone floor during a hot spell xxx


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