Hurrah for that Friday feeling!

Yes, after a week back at work, here I am at the end of the day, flushed with that Friday feeling. Much as I love my job, it's been tough to know that there was a second Triscape retreat taking place just on the other side of the island - without me! I've been green with envy at the very thought of it all. But hey ho, life goes on and I've had a busy week catching up on sales and making plans for the weekend ahead. 

I'm sporting my new work glasses here, not too expensive as they were from Specsavers, but they are great for my computer work when my eyes are getting tired. I wear reading glasses for my bedtime read, but apart from that it's only computer work that has me reaching for my glasses for a clearer vision.

And once work is over, it's time for a bit of fun! I love to have a bop around the back of the gallery when we're closed and I'm winding down. The weather wasn't good for outdoor blog photos so I settled down to capturing some shots indoors for a change...

My outfit of the day shows nothing new, simply a joyful collection of animal prints along with my cream Asos boots. The frilled blouse was a charity shop find from many years ago and is still going strong. I had planned to wear a fab fur coat over the top of this, but we had mix of wet and windy weather that scuppered my plans. I'll show you next time!

The cream leather belt was a second hand find, but actually brand new from Country Casuals. Rings are old too, but perfect tonally for today's look.

And it's that time of the year again, when I bring out my Paul Costelloe leopard skin handbag. It's sleek, stylish and great fun!

And talking of fun, the rest of the shoot was all about hamming it up for the camera - and why on earth not?

Hurrah for that Friday feeling and hurrah for having the freedom to dress as I please, even at work! 

Wishing you a fab week ahead x

Anna x



  1. Anna, I LOVE all this leopard print mixed together. The cream blouse, belt and shoes all set it off perfectly, and the pop of red from your specs is just *chef's kiss*.

    Happy week ahead, my friend!

    1. I too love this look Sheila. Even though it's all old, I've never tired of the mish-mash of prints.

  2. Oh I love all this leopard print and how you have brought it together, I adore that bag, great to see it again.
    Really nice and different pics Anna; you look very happy and relaxed too. X

    1. Thanks for all of this Phyl. It's great to have your feedback - see this week's backdrop... x

  3. You look great in this leopard print outfit.

  4. Great styling of leopard print Anna, one of my favourites .. and those boots are fab. xx Jacqui

  5. I love the multiple leopard prints! Your new glasses are fab!

    Emma xxx


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