Vintage frock goes out to dinner

Hi there and thanks for dropping by. As promised, here's some pics of our staff outing where I was joined by Emily (centre) and Mel for our dinner at the Ruin Beach Cafe last week. 

Emily has worked in the gallery for the past two years as my admin girl. It's probably no surprise to you to learn that in a previous life she was a catwalk model after being approached as a teenager, continuing for three years before moving on. 

Mel and her boyfriend Pete have lived on Tresco for a couple of years making it their base while they've been touring Europe. They come from New Zealand, land of the travellers, and have just left Tresco for another jaunt abroad. Next year Canada beckons them.

This was the view from our table for our lovely dinner . 

The photos are a tale of two halves. This and the following were taken by my daughter before I met up with the girls and as you can see, I had the prettiest pair of shoes on (old from Primark) to match my vintage dress. I had teetered up to the top of the hill where she and I met, and afterwards decided that I ought to carry my shoes to the venue and wear something more practical, hence the first photo shows me in red cowboy boots. In the flurry of changing footwear and reapplying lipstick I somehow managed to leave my shoes behind!

I added my very old green Benetton jeans jacket to the floaty frock along with my orange stretch belt. I've had this dress for some time now, but it was only recently that I decided to customise it by adding some silk flowers to the skirt. If I ever stop working then this customising of old clothes would be my ideal past time. Upcycling unwanted items and turning them into unique pieces would be a great environmental and creative project.

The dress was much admired and I must admit it felt gloriously feminine to waft about in this gauzy frock for an evening out. I'm not much of a party girl, but it was so good to cross the island and enjoy great food in an idyllic setting.  We really had a super time.

My fab leather handbag was a vintage find many years ago when I was on holiday in Ireland. Red and green aren't the easiest of colours to weave into an outfit so this was the perfect opportunity to give it an airing. My rings are all old, not charity shopped for a change, but various gold rings plus my engagement ring bought by my husband over the years.

The gold floral necklace is also very old, a purchase from Gallery Tresco when we used to stock Magpie Vintage jewellery. The jury's out as to whether it was too much for this summer look, but hey, that's what I wore! Sunglasses are by Radley London.

I go away on holiday later this week so will be off-grid for a wee while. I'm going to spend time with family and will be back with all the news soon. Until then, look after yourself!

                                                                       Anna x



  1. Lovely outfit and lovely pics, as your coworkers look really lovely too!
    Actually, I admire your sewing skills and now your customizing skills, so totally understand that you've thought on it as an ideal past time (totally agree!).
    Love those flowers on the print of the dress, love your styling and accessorizing!
    (Sorry that I've not commented so frequently, but still reading your posts!)

    1. Hello again and thanks so much for your feedback! I must pop across and return the favour x

  2. Enjoy your time off the grid, Anna! What a way to send off summer, in this glorious floral vintage gown. I love your customizing, and I actually prefer the cowboy boots with the ensemble.

    1. In fact, I do wish I'd worn my pink and orange cowboy boots Sheila, but had completely forgotten about them!

  3. Fabulous vintage gown look beautiful.
    The colours in your dress are fabulous and the customizing so very artistic.
    Lovely co workers too.

    Enjoy your time away.

    1. Thank you Phyl. I hope to find a reason to wear this sometime this winter too... x

  4. Such a beautiful dress, it looks dreamy on you and the fabric looks so soft and flowy. Have a fun weekend. Jacqui x


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