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The title of today's post is inspired by Gaby Roslin who has recently released a book by the same name; see it on Amazon here. I heard Gaby on Radio 2 yesterday and she really struck a chord with me, especially when she commented on pink and orange being her favourite colour combination and I was wearing my outfit of the day already! Anyway see how my day unfolded...

The first photo shows the view from my garden, but also features our boat Leah Dancer in the foreground. This boat has been a huge renovation project over the past two years, culminating in it finally being launched in September. Apart from the day job, Steve and I have worked every weekend and most evenings over this summer to finish this labour of love, but it has meant us giving up many other things to acheive our goal. For me, the joy of my life, my sea swimming became a luxury I simply couldn't afford. We both made compromises and they were worth it. But now, thank goodness, I'm back in the groove and swimming on the high tides which this week have been in the morning. I met three other ladies crossing the bay yesterday morning and we stopped to say hello and, lovely morning!

Another joy I've recently managed to reinstate is my lunchtime walking with my friend Fiona. We both seem to have had equally busy summers and now at last are taking some time back for ourselves. Walking and talking is great fun, good therapy too and a great way to build up a bit of fitness. We walk a circuit of the island, but not across the North End, which takes us approximately an hour, giving us our 10,000 steps along the way.

And so, on to the outfit of the day. Like Gaby, I love pink and orange together which makes this another favourite of mine. The pink trench is really old now, but is still a source of joy, especially as it was a wonderful charity shop find at only £5!  Pairing it with my new orange handbag (see full details in my previous post here), makes the whole look pop.

One simple move that Gaby advocates is to jump, yes just jump, then jump and smile at the same time and see how effective that is in bringing an immediate sense of joy. I did a bit of that whilst up on the ramparts of the Old Blockhouse after work. My camera had a job trying to capture these shots of course, being a moving image, but at least you get the idea from this shot.

My pink and blue floral dress was another thrift shop find, from last year but this is only the second time I've worn it. It was a toss up between these silver brouges (very, very old from Office) and pink tight and boots. The shoes won for the simple reason that they're much more all-day-long comfortable. 

I'm wearing a long sleeved thin thermal layer (old, from M&S) underneath to keep the autumn breeze at bay. My rings are second hand and sunglasses are by Radley London.

Counting your blessings is another source of joy and taking time to stop and stare is an easy way to do this. The beauty of this place never ceases to amaze me. I can't imagine living anywhere else.

Milky autumn sun dancing behind the trees.

Home again in time for tea! So that was my day, and I do hope you enjoyed sharing it. I was at work too, but never seem to document that much as it's pretty much the same backdrop most days. Winter works are on the horizon though meaning I'll be getting out and about more, so hopefully will get some snaps of that in due course. I hope you're well, I hope you're finding the joy in your life and sharing it with the ones you love.

Have a great weekend!

Anna x



  1. Vibrant pinks and oranges really zing and energise don't they. I love the pink trench coat. Tessa xx

    1. Thanks Tessa. At this time of year especially, I really need that pop of colour!

  2. You do live in the most beautiful place! I would love to walk there every day!
    pink and orange together is definitely your signature look- the one I associate with you most so I love that Gaby also mentioned it! I do love your beautiful silver brogues and the dress is really pretty- love that necklace!x

    1. Cheers for that Kezzie. Pink and orange really do mean joy for me x

  3. Love this post and your joyful attitude, Anna! Your pink and orange are very happy-making, and jumping for glee? Yes, please! Congrats on getting your boat up and running again, and back to the sea swims!

    1. Life is finally feeling more normal now that I'm swimming regularly Sheila. And the happy-making dressing is what we both enjoy x

  4. Dear Anna, I love it, reading your post and listen out your cheerful attitude. You live in a paradise garden. Of course, summertime is lighter and easier on every place, but experience teached us, that the shorter days have also have their pleasures. And much to fast are the months gone and another spring is in sight.
    You look today already as a spring messenger with your pink coat! Fabulous!!!
    In Cologne is the first call of cold in the air… time for thighs!
    Hugs from Susa

    1. Dearest Susa, so lovely to hear from you! I'm sure you meant to write tights, but writing thighs did make me laugh x


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