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Hello and apologies for the radio silence over the past few days, but life has been hectic. However, here we go with this month's challenge, chosen by Gail, creator of the 5 Over 50 group and I must admit that a challenge is indeed what it was for me! I don't have a #hatface so this is the best I could do -

I've used the ploy of a stunning background to distract from what I feel may not be the best of styling for this challenge. But let's gloss over that and see how my companions tackled the subject of Hats.

Jacqui borrowed this floppy 60's style hat and golly, doesn't it suit her! The look somehow reminds me of Mary Quant - before your time? Oh dear! Pop over to see more on Mummabstylish here. Great pattern play, by the way, Jacqui!

Laurie, like me, admitted that hats weren't her favourite topic, but see how her outfit belies that. I love the orange and gold hues together. See more on Vanity and Me Style here.

Gail did in fact name this challenge "A woman wears many hats" and she certainly carries hers off with true panache. All of these berry colours suit her skin tone so well. Read Gail's account on Is This Mutton.

Hilda is sporting the most beautiful of Fedoras in a giraffe print. Much as it's way over my budget, she happily paid... well you'll have to pop over to her blog Over The Hilda to find out exactly how much. But I have to agree with her that it was a great investment - she looks pretty sharp, don't you think?

Unlike Hilda, I knew that I wouldn't really have cause to wear a hat again, opting instead to pick this bowler up in a charity shop for a few quid. By the time I got it home, however, I realised that I had no idea what to wear with it. I didn't want to go with the tweed and brogues idea that first came to mind as I felt it would be overly masculine. 

But a bowler is none-the-less a masculine item so I took that as my lead when choosing this shirt and tie combination (both pre-loved too). The slim cut trousers are from Boden - yes androgynous and yet the colour adds a feminine touch to the look. 

By adding these metallic pumps I've injected a splash of the playful, fun look that feels so very much my style. These were a snip last month from Primark at only £3. I like the texture of the trousers against the shine of the shoes.

The jacket is a corduroy H&M number from a few years ago. I read in a magazine this month that velvet and corduroy are big this season, meaning it was time for me to drag this out of storage. Keep something for long enough and it'll come back into fashion!

Brooch and rings are all charity shop finds. 

Not #hatface, but #happyface here once the shoot is over. I must give a mention to the huge outdoor painting that's shown here. It's of the view over Old Grimsby, painted by local artist Richard Pearce who has a beachside studio and gallery on the nearby island of Bryher.

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5Over50 style challenge - orange is the new black

Welcome to our August edition of the 5Over50 style challenge.This is where one of the fashionable five over 50's choose a theme for us to style and yes, this month we're giving our interpretations of Orange is the new black, thanks to Ashley who's a huge fan of the TV series. My fellow bloggers have all entered into this one with great gusto so let's not shilly-shally any longer...

Here's a taster of what I've offered up -

Never one to be too predictable, I've chosen orange with accent colours of white, blue and lilac along with a sprinkling of metallics to round things off nicely. But more of that later...

Jacqui of Mummabstylish has given us textbook orange in all its glory. I love her long statement necklace that adds an elegant edge to this two piece. See the full story on her post here.

Orange trews, orange bag, orange hat and even orange lippy - yep, Gail has entered into the challenge big time. This casual look suits her down to the ground (no pun intended!) and you can see the whole shebang on her post here.

Laurie is sporting a summer chic style in her orange ensemble and it's pretty stunning to say the least. The pops of colour sing out against her sharp white trousers and white shopper. Visit her blog to get the lowdown here.

Ashley has donned her Orla Kiely tee shirt dress for today's challenge partnered with orange sandals and a cute raffia bag. A picnic must be waiting just off camera, don't you think? Sadly, this is her last post with the group due to work commitments, so do pop over to her blog for the final feature.

These silver glitter socks serve a dual purpose. Firstly they make a fashion statement, whatever that may be - I'll leave you to decide. But secondly, they help ease the rather tight fit of these new sandals which I've had since last summer without managing to stretch. Et viola - today I can!

If you're a regular, you'll have seen this dress before (a purchase from Tu at Sainsbury's from last summer) so I've tried to mix it up a bit with the white and metallic trim belt as well as the socks and mules. For some reason I felt I was channelling Vivienne Westwood the minute I donned this footwear - have I seen her in this combo I wonder, or is it just wacky enough to make me think of her? No matter, I broke the sandals in and they fit much better for having been stretched a bit at last.

Outfit details - dress and sandals: Tu at Sainsbury's, belt: charity shopped, heart pendant: Vanilla Boutique, rings: charity shopped, watch: Michael Kors, sunglasses: Quay Australia.

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5Over50 round 3

Hello again, and thanks for joining we five over 50's fashion bloggers with this monthly style challenge as created by Gail (see how we started here). This month it was the turn of Laurie to choose our subject and she came up with "50 shades of monochrome". It's probably no surprise to hear that just one colour didn't really rock my boat, (sorry Laurie) so I turned to the more common understanding of the word monochrome like this -

A drizzly damp morning meant the need for a brolly on my photo shoot which pretty much led me to this particular outfit. Now let's see how my blogging friends interpreted the monochrome theme.

First let's see Gail who was lucky enough to have the beautiful Greek island of Skiathos as her backdrop. 

Gail opted for various shades and textures of white to offset her golden tan beautifully, from her oversized pearls right down to her sparkling silver nailpolish. See more on her blog Is this mutton here.

Jacqui chose zingy shades of yellow to wake up this challenge, with the palest lemon clutch, paintbox yellow trousers, finishing with her burnished gold sandals. I wonder how long it took her to find this perfect setting? See the full post on her blog Mummabstylish here.

Ashley is currently in the USA but that hasn't stopped her from channeling the same cool summer vibe as Gail with this gorgeous white ensemble right down to the use of a pretty lace top to add that extra bit of interest - great minds eh? Catch up with her blog Lazy Daisy Jones here.

Last of all Laurie chose the palest of nude pinks to play her monchrome hand. In the hands of an expert this simple top and pleated skirt are pure sophistocation. Visit Laurie's blog Vanity and Me Style here.

I'd like to think that we 5 over 50 represent a broad spectrum of women our age. Would you have chosen the same palette as us? Have we inspired you? What does monchrome mean to you? Please leave a comment if this feature has you searching through your closet to mimic one of our looks.

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5Over50 challenge round 2

Ding, ding! - round 2 of our style challenge is here. The collective have the joyful task of styling up Marvelous Metallics this month and you won't be in the least surprised to hear that this was my suggestion. Metallics feature heavily in my wardrobe and shoe collection, causing me to have a difficult time in choosing which of these to showcase. 5 over 50 are raring to go so let's get on with it, shall we?

The foundation of my outfit is this silver pleated skirt which I found in the sale at Sainsbury's some time ago. My sandals are a great match coming from TK Maxx - the brand is Xti. The tiny sequin bag was a gift from my daughter and seemed like the perfect accessory for today's challenge along with silver rings and bangle as well as my relatively new silver and gold chain which ties everything together beautifully. The simple black sweater was a good backdrop for all the shimmering metallics, and my sunglasses (another find at Sainsbury's) add just a little pop of colour.

Here's Jacqueline from Mummabstylish blog. In complete contrast to me she's taken the minimal approach to her styling of Marvellous Metallics and I know that this may have a much broader appeal - it's not for everyone to pitch up head to toe in metallics. This nod to the theme is achieved by way of the silver handbag with silver chain and a silver link watch too. Her cornflower blue scarf is patterned in silvery white too. See Jacqueline's blog here and follow her on instagram here.

Gail is totally committed to this month's challenge and I'm more than slightly envious of her outfit. The black and gold skirt is really striking on its own, but by adding a gold clutch and boots Gail is indeed embracing the marvellous of her metallics. Rock and chick come to mind when you clock the single earring, black motif tee shirt and dark sunnies. Follow her on instagram here and find her blog Is This Mutton here.

The normally conservative dresser amongst the group has to be Laurie whose classic styling always has me wishing I could be more elegant too. Today however, Laurie has drawn together gold, silver and bronze for her ode to metallics and the resulting look is pretty hot stuff, don't you think? The plain white shirt shows Laurie's expertise at knowing when enough is enough. Find Laurie's blog Vanity And Me Style here and follow her intagram account here.

Last, but by no means least is Ashley from Lazy Daisy Jones blog. The third pleated skirt of the feature is a pale gold version which she has paired up with these gorgeous silver shoes. Ashley chose her favourite colour of blue for her top and incorporated another splash of colour by way of her cute little handbag. Follow Ashley's lifestyle blog here and instagram here.

We'll be back again next month with another style challenge. I do hope you'll drop by to see what we're up to.

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