Baggy trousers

Hello and happy Easter to you! Have you enjoyed a lovely weekend? And did the Easter bunny deliver lots of choccies to you? This is my Easter outfit which I would have worn had we gone anywhere. Instead we've been helping my son to move house from one side of the island to the other, and some four days later we're still not done. Today is all about culling the gathering of some 6 years to fit into his brand new home. He's keen to create a minimalist pad, but that takes a bit of discipline at this stage. Dejunking is the name of the game.

On to the outfit. This is from my recent shopping trip, a super spring outfit bought from various shops in Truro. The stars of the show are these fabulous baggy trousers which I found in TK Maxx, although the brand is Zara. I love the colour and the fabric, but it took a little bit of mending to get them wearable. The heavy woven material had one of those nasty catches where a strand of thread had been dragged through to the front which is probably why they were reduced to £9. I managed to tease the thread through to the inside of the fabric and then pulled them back into shape. The other issue was that they're an XXL and I'm a medium in Zara... I loved these straight away and bought them regardless of the size and when I got them home I stitched them up along the seam on the derriere taking in a couple of inches. They're still oversized, but the bright orange belt helps to cope with that.

The rest of the outfit came from Primark - belt at £2.50, ribbed body £4 and ribbed cardigan £6. The whole look is fresh and very spring-like don't you think? I'm so pleased with it all.

This pic makes me want to sing Baggy Trousers by Madness! 

Nothing new jewellery wise: pre-loved rings and rose gold heart pendant a long time ago purchase from a now defunkt boutique in Truro.

Old sunglasses from River Island many moons ago work nicely with this look.

My Missoni style trainers are by LA Gear and again aren't new by any means. Another purchase from TK Maxx some years ago and are still going strong.

I'm looking forward to wearing this new ensemble to work one day this week. It's one of those feel good outfits, perfect easy wear trousers and the sleek body helps to give a streamlined fit that avoids that constant tucking in. Pastel shades are always flattering to the skin too, don't you think? Until next time, have a super week!

                                                                                            Anna x


The ubiquitous all-in-one

Hi there! How was your weekend? Mine was busy as ever; I cleaned like a demon, but also did a spot of gardening, batch cooking for the freezer, had a couple of lovely sea swims, did a bit of sewing, took some blog photos, sorted out the cupboard under the stairs and caught up with the laundry. I made a roast for the family on Sunday and by the time I sat down to watch a movie later it felt good to finally stop!

My outfit of the day isn't new, but still looks fresh as a daisy, probably because this is only the third time I've worn it since I bought it last March. The thick cream denim jumpsuit is an easy to wear piece apart from the fact that the button front makes it necessary to go the loo ten minutes before you actually need to go! The addition of the belt only serves to complicate matters, hahaha! 

That said, an all-in-one does away with coordinating pieces and so needs less planning. The cream colour may seem a tad bland for me, but the details of the pockets and contrasting stitching are eye catching enough to compensate for the lack of colour. 

I specifically chose the dark brown leather belt for its contrasting stitching too - a nice tie in don't you think? My rings are old - both pre-loved.

The boilersuit is from Tu at Sainsbury's and was first aired on the blog here. Looking back I have to say how much I love the orange theme and really ought to revisit that look next time. What I also envy is that lovely short hairstyle! Oh, how fed up I am of this long floppy, shapeless style. It's four weeks until my appointment and golly it can't come soon enough.

My zig-zag patterned trainers have been mistaken for Missoni (be still my beating heart!), but were much more accessible through TK Maxx - the brand is LA Gear in fact. 

Excuse the slightly fuzzy photo, but this was the best one of these Radley sunglasses. I love the shape of the frames. My gold coloured chain necklace was a bargain piece from Primark a couple of years ago.

The gallery has only been open for a week now and yet it feels so normal. Everyone is very much keeping by the rules which I suppose is quite easy to do within a small community. Will things be much different by June when the final restrictions are lifted? I presume that means restriction of movement rather than not wearing masks etc? By then I ought to have had my second vaccine which will help me mentally too. We in the UK have been so lucky to get our vaccine as quickly as we did.

Next month will be my 5th year of blogging and to celebrate I thought I might ask for your input. Has Anna's Island Style influenced you in your dressing? Did I showcase something that sparked a copy cat outfit? Have I helped you to restyle an item of clothing that lay forgotten perhaps? Please do send me an email via the contact box, telling me which post was involved and attach a photo so that I can include you in my 5 year round-up.

Have a great week!

Anna x


The north wind doth blow!

The past week on the Isles of Scilly has been a wild and windy time. Polly and I did manage to brave the winds one day to capture this spring-like outfit, but even then she battled with the force of the wind as it tugged against the camera. I took the much more practised route of leaning into the wind making one less likely to be blown over.

This is that much recognised stance aka the windswept look, another favourite of the locals.

So let's talk clothes, shall we? The pre-loved jacket is by Next, the jersey retro top is also second hand (no label), the paperbag canary yellow jeans are from Primark and are this season as I bought them less than two weeks ago. The trainers are by LA Gear and were from TK Maxx last year.

The gold chain necklace was a recent purchase from Primark too. I have a similar one already, but it's been such a workhorse that I worry it will one day fall to bits so this is my back-up piece. The perspex rings were a gift from my lovely friend Wendy - are you reading this? I hope you are.

White tops in the bay are never a good sign. The boats and planes have suffered disruption throughout the week, meaning delays to the post and food supplies - at one point milk ran out on both St Mary's and Bryher. The local dairy on St Agnes were working flat out trying to meet the demand. Most homes on the island have back up stores in either a shed or outhouse for times like this. An extra freezer is another norm for us all in our sheds so that we have sufficient food to tide us over lean time like this. I'm sure most remote communities exist like this too.

At the time this post goes live I hope to be back in Truro for the weekend, this time not for a jolly, but to attend a hospital check up - nothing serious. I say hope, as the weather may well have scuppered my plans. I've put this post together and have left it to be posted automatically so fingers crossed!

Thanks for all of the lovely kind wishes to Polly. All is well with the world when you see this backdrop and my crazy antics prompted by the fab photographer cum gallery assistant. Here's to another great season together!

Hope you have a fab weekend. Let's catch up again soon!

    Anna x


Black trouser challenge 10

And here I am in double figures with this Black Trouser Challenge. Instead of it being difficult as I half expected, this has become a really enjoyable weekly feature. Today I've acted on the suggestions of a couple of bloggers who wish to see a casual twist. Let me know what you think Mary and Jude.

These LA Gear trainers were a recent purchase from TK Maxx. I totally love the colours, texture and pattern of them - so much so, that I did my little happy dance when I tried them on. That would have been fine if I'd been in the changing rooms, but I was on the shop floor being watched/ignored by my daughter. She soon told me to stop as people were watching. I like to be embarrassing at least once each time we're out together, so that got it out of the way for the day.

I had to ham it up a bit to counter the fact that I didn't comply fully with the remit of casual. The black trousers are strictly work wear for me and as such I do have to look semi-smart behind the desk as I serve customers. A tee/sweat shirt would have been more casual, I know, but I could only see me wearing that on a hanging evening (such as this evening, I suppose). Anyway, our photo shoots are first thing in the morning when we catch the morning light before we start the day's work. This is the first time I've ventured out in these with flats of any sort and I was pleasantly surprised that they didn't feel too out of place styled this way. It's given me a couple more ideas along these lines too which is great. And let's not forget that today's outfit brings the cost-per-wear down to £4 which is pretty cool.

Outfit details - trousers: River Island (still available here), top H&M, body: TK Maxx, shoes: LA Gear, bag: Candy Bag, pearls: Almost Perfect, striped ring: gift, brown ring: old.

This is not a sponsored post.

Anna x

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