The ubiquitous all-in-one

Hi there! How was your weekend? Mine was busy as ever; I cleaned like a demon, but also did a spot of gardening, batch cooking for the freezer, had a couple of lovely sea swims, did a bit of sewing, took some blog photos, sorted out the cupboard under the stairs and caught up with the laundry. I made a roast for the family on Sunday and by the time I sat down to watch a movie later it felt good to finally stop!

My outfit of the day isn't new, but still looks fresh as a daisy, probably because this is only the third time I've worn it since I bought it last March. The thick cream denim jumpsuit is an easy to wear piece apart from the fact that the button front makes it necessary to go the loo ten minutes before you actually need to go! The addition of the belt only serves to complicate matters, hahaha! 

That said, an all-in-one does away with coordinating pieces and so needs less planning. The cream colour may seem a tad bland for me, but the details of the pockets and contrasting stitching are eye catching enough to compensate for the lack of colour. 

I specifically chose the dark brown leather belt for its contrasting stitching too - a nice tie in don't you think? My rings are old - both pre-loved.

The boilersuit is from Tu at Sainsbury's and was first aired on the blog here. Looking back I have to say how much I love the orange theme and really ought to revisit that look next time. What I also envy is that lovely short hairstyle! Oh, how fed up I am of this long floppy, shapeless style. It's four weeks until my appointment and golly it can't come soon enough.

My zig-zag patterned trainers have been mistaken for Missoni (be still my beating heart!), but were much more accessible through TK Maxx - the brand is LA Gear in fact. 

Excuse the slightly fuzzy photo, but this was the best one of these Radley sunglasses. I love the shape of the frames. My gold coloured chain necklace was a bargain piece from Primark a couple of years ago.

The gallery has only been open for a week now and yet it feels so normal. Everyone is very much keeping by the rules which I suppose is quite easy to do within a small community. Will things be much different by June when the final restrictions are lifted? I presume that means restriction of movement rather than not wearing masks etc? By then I ought to have had my second vaccine which will help me mentally too. We in the UK have been so lucky to get our vaccine as quickly as we did.

Next month will be my 5th year of blogging and to celebrate I thought I might ask for your input. Has Anna's Island Style influenced you in your dressing? Did I showcase something that sparked a copy cat outfit? Have I helped you to restyle an item of clothing that lay forgotten perhaps? Please do send me an email via the contact box, telling me which post was involved and attach a photo so that I can include you in my 5 year round-up.

Have a great week!

Anna x



  1. I love me a jumpsuit any time. Always glad when they kinda sorta come back into fashion. However, they rarely actually fit me because I'm short and the top part ends up blousing unattractively.....but you go.

    1. Thanks Kate.

      I too have some jumpsuits that all far too long in the body. Luckily they're a soft cotton and can stand a belt to blouse them over and make them more wearable x

  2. Those DO look like Missoni sneakers! I love your jumpsuit, Anna, but it buttons?? Who designs these things, anyway?

    I'm happy to hear that things have been basically normal for you at work. I want that here!

    1. I suppose the button holes in that contrast stitching were meant to be a style feature, but yes, so blooming impractical!

      Life is feeling increasingly normal, which is a relief x

  3. This is an amazingly versatile piece, and I'm admiring the way you've styled it. The massive belt is a rocking piece and love your trainers and accessories.
    Actually, I don't do jumpsuits, particularly because all of the fuss when going to the bathroom, considering my usual clumsiness.
    I'm glad that you're having your vaccines and ready for some real life without masks and stuff. It makes me feel hopeful!
    Your blog and your attitude are inspiring!, love the way you encourage us to try different clothes, dress up and enjoy it!

    1. I really do love this jumpsuit, but the buttons are probably make me think twice about wearing it. I do give myself a ten minute warning so that I don't have any toilet emergencies!

      You're always a source of encouragement Monica, saying such lovely things - thank you! xx

  4. I really like your jumpsuit Anna and how you have styled it with the wide belt to give definition.
    I am a fan of them myself...but find the whole trip to the toilet thing a pain in the neck when wearing them :)

    Great colourful trainers too. X

  5. Thanks for that Phyl. I totally agree about those trips to the loo xx

  6. Love this boiler suit Anna, I've seen some similar jeans in M & S that I want to get - looks super with tan hun. Jacqui x

    1. I could see you rocking this colourway too Jacqui! Go girl xx


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