Oh! Orange overalls.

Hi there! How are you? This is another new outfit from Number 36 boutique on Causeway Head in Penzance. The linen overalls called out to me when I was in there during the summer; as you may know, orange is one of my favourite colours. I love the oversized style which is a great contrast to some of my more fitted outfits. I've worn these both to work and at weekends for a more relaxed look, but which says I've still made an effort.

I dodged about in the early morning sunshine trying to showcase the outfit without it being drained in the bright light. My garden wasn't too bad.

This is my go-to jewellery for orange outfits - the perspex necklace is very old, from another Penzance boutique, but which no longer exists, the gold edged bangle was again from a charity shop as were both rings. Sunglasses are from Radley London.

The white tee shirt was also a charity shop find. The classic white tee can always be found in my favourite thrift stores and I do tend to pick up a good quality one when I see them.

My Lazy Dogz sandals complete this easy to wear ensemble. 

A dear friend of mine recently turned 50, so I decided to make this FAB 50 tee shirt for her. I had this pristine white tee from M&S in my cupboard and then cut out the letters and numbers from some leftover fabric. I had planned to hand embroider the edges with some pink stitches but the needle was too big for the fine cotton lawn and broke it apart. Plan B then, or rather Plan C. B was to do a zig zag machine stitch, but for some reason my zig zag didn't work out so I did a simple stitch, twice to reinforce it.

Even though life is hectic as ever, I still have this creative niggle to sew. Another little project I've just managed to fit in was to add some silk flowers to a lovely vintage dress of mine. We plan to have a staff meal this month so I'll probably wear it then. I must say, I'm particularly pleased with the end result and can't wait to waft about in this maxi dress!

Thank you for dropping by again this week. As you'll notice I seem to have no particular posting day now due the busyness of work and life in general, but I do love to hear from you and to read your comments.

Have a great weekend!

Anna x


Smock it to me baby!

Hello lovelies! How are you doing? Are you wilting in the summer heat or have things cooled down with you? The weather here is fine, not too hot and pretty much a mixed bag where no two days are the same. My outfit of the day is new - jeans, smock and sandals are all new. The smock has the look of an artist's smock which was probably why it appealed to me. I found it in Number 36, the little boutique on Causeway Head in Penzance which I've been frequenting of late. 

The linen smock is by Goose Island and is perfect for cool summer dressing. The wide boat neck, generous one size cut and cute single pocket all go to make a stylish wear. I added a white tee underneath and white stetch fit jeans that I found on Amazon to complete the summer look. 

I bought the blue Lazy Dogz sandals online recently - they go really well with the smock. I've got a couple of pairs of these now and love them! They're cool and comfortable footwear, perfect for summer days when you're on your feet all day long. 

Both of the blue rings are old, charity shop buys from years ago and yet work well with the colour of today's ensemble.

You'll probably recognise my old favourite Quay Australia sunglasses worn here with my gold chain necklace from Zara. I had my hair cut last week and am really pleased with it. 

A final twirl to finish off!

Anna x


What do you wear to work during a heatwave?

What to wear during in a heatwave isn't an everyday problem here in the UK, but golly we're having to consider it now! Lucky for me I've recently bought this large, loose, linen dress which fits the bill perfectly. It's another purchase from the small boutique, Number 36, on Causeway Head in Penzance. 

This lightweight linen dress is a heavenly piece of clothing, perfect for the high temperatures we're suddenly experiencing here on the Isles of Scilly. It's loose and airy, and shockingly for me, I didn't even add an underskirt! The Gallery has been like an oven despite us opening both doors and skylights so cool clothing is the name of the game. 

I love the stripe pattern, I love the side pockets and I totally love the colours - it's a fab find for the summer. Imagine how lovely this would be in turquoise too? Hmmm, I maybe need to search for one.

The free fitting, drapey dress was a dream to wear all day long. I conceded footwear-wise too on Friday, choosing to wear my new white leather Lazy Dogz sandals to complete the comfort factor of the day's outfit. 

This contemporary brushed silver chain necklace was also from Number 36. This will be a versatile piece of jewellery that I'm sure you see over and over again.

The fuchsia frock is another opportunity to bring out my pink Candy Bag. I've gone with pink and silver with my rings too, neither of them new, but both lovely none the less.

So, that was Friday's work outfit. Today, Sunday saw the mercury continue to rise and it was the hottest day so far this summer. Tresco was awash with boats and sun seekers, filling our beaches and enjoying the Jubilee Trophy gig race and live music at the pub. Steve and I however, are still hard at work on the renovations on our boat. I spent the whole day in the shade - 

Yep, here I am laid out under the boat applying the second coat of anti-fouling paint onto the hull. I was grateful of this face guard as it ended up dotted with drips and splatters which otherwise would have dotted my face. Steve is in charge of the the real renovations, all I am able to do is push a paint brush around. After two days the hull is much improved.

I haven't missed out on the lovely weather completely though - each day I've escaped during lunchtime to swim on the high tide. In due course, the boat will be finished and we'll enjoy our away day escapes to the uninhabited islands for picnics and sea swims. I'm not too upset at the delay as I know our efforts will be worth it. I must take some more snaps to share with you too. I'll leave you with a fab beach shot from the other day when Fiona and I had a lunchtime walk at the start of this fab spell of weather.

Cradle Porth is as beautiful as ever...
Anna x


Paisley pattern and lace for a summer's day

Hello lovelies! This week's post is my Friday work outfit (again). Friday seems to be a good day for a stroll after work with my friend and photographer Fiona. We ended up on Cook's Porth, just below the Old Blockhouse castle and settled there for a while. It was a lovely evening as we tucked in out of the wind to take these shots.

You may remember this lace blouse (Zara) that I wore a lot last year. It's become a summer staple - white means it's so versatile. The sandals were from Lazy Dogz and are so blooming comfy. Amazon has some of these on sale currently and I'm keeping my eye on them in case a gold pair comes up. I seem to be lacking a pair of flat gold sandals this year.

The only new item is/are these fabulous paisley culottes that I bought in Penzance from a little boutique on Causeway Head, called Number 36. (The label on them simply says Made in Italy.) It's a gem of a shop, selling lots of gorgeous clothes, as well as jewellery, cards and other lovely goods. I've bought a few things from there this year and will keep dodging in whenever I'm across on the mainland.

Not only do I love the pattern of the culottes, but also the deep shirred band that sits over the tummy and hips. It's a flattering style and easy to wear too. I resisted the temptation to pair them with a figure hugging top and went with a camisole layer under the wide loose blouse. 

Nothing new jewellery-wise, but the blue rings do go so very well with the cornflower trousers don't you think?

I feel I ought to be awarding a prize for those of you who remember the brand of these old favourites. It's Quay Austalia, just in case you've missed that!

I hope this has been a breath of fresh air for you - either because of the outfit or the glorious backdrop. I have a lovely new pink linen dress to showcase to your next week, so do swing by if you have a moment.

                                                                                      Anna x


A bit of Hush

Hello lovelies! It's great to be back, especially as I've got these fabulous new pink camo shorts to show you. I've had a bit of retail therapy recently and am happy to show you the results. As you may know, I'm a keen charity shopper, but in times of need I'll resort to a tad of online therapy instead. 

I don't often wear shorts, but saw these being worn by a client the other day and decided they were worth tracking down. They are a great length; not too short for a woman of a certain age nor too long to look as if I might be wearing hubby's shorts either. Best of all these have a touch of stretch making them uber comfy to wear. They come in five camo colourways, but the pink is such a pretty combination that it's my favourite. They are by Hush and can be found here.

My other new purchase is this super sweater from Corinne Carr Knitwear. We sell her hats, scarves and sweaters in the Gallery too. The woolen jumper called Opium is one of her best sellers and you can see why. Its neat fitting style keeps the drafts out with its high neck and of course it's super stylish. I love the marriage of lots of complimentary colours giving a very unique jumper.

I've missed a lot of sea swimming this summer due to the pressures of work, but I'm making up for lost time now with daily visits to the beach and this is going to be my uniform of the day. I love the combo of shorts and sweater for practical reasons and ease of wear. It's ideal for catching a bit of sun on my legs before summer leaves us and yet the sweater keeps me warm post-swim. These shots were from last night's swim on Appletree Bay and it was the first day that I felt that autumn may be on its way.

My sandals are by the brand Lazy Dogz. I bought these in May when I was in Penzance. Today's post seems to be all about that wonderful mixture of comfort and style and I must admit that the padded insole make these the most comfortable sandals of this style that I've ever owned. I love them and am planning on buying other colours next summer. I fancy having them in orange, but will wait until early next year before I do my search. More than ever, I'm practising mindful shopping now. Impulse buys and emotional shopping are a thing of the past for me as I continue to declutter my life, making way for investment shopping to last the later years of my life. Being in my 60's I'm increasingly aware that my working life and the income thereof is limited and so I need to make sure I'm buying exactly what I need rather than having the thrill of shopping for the hell of it.

Many thanks to my swimming buddy and photographer Fiona for these shots. We had a lively swim along the bay and back followed by a hot flask of tea and post-work catch up.

Many thanks for dropping by again and I hope you  have a lovely weekend ahead!

Anna x

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