It's still summer on the Isles of Scilly!

Yes, I know it's the 1st of September and that many bloggers will already be sporting the latest autumn trends, but I'm not through with summer yet - the sun is still shining down on these blessed isles and I've got a few more outfits I want to share with you before I acquiesce. 

My island life means that I don't often end up near shops at sales times, but I did have a quick trip to the mainland in July and this is one head-to-toe outfit that I snatched up. Sasha (my daughter) is a big fan of New Look, meaning we finally made our way there after I'd scoured my favourites charity shops. The trousers were £5 and the sweet lace top was £7 which is pretty much on par with charity shop prices in this neck of the woods. My gold shopper was a charity shop find earlier in the year and the gold sandals were from TK Maxx, the brand is London Rebel. My gold accessories are all preloved apart from the chain necklace that Sasha gave me last Christmas.

So here's a funny thought that drifted through the tumbleweed of my brain as I stood waiting for Sasha to come out of the changing rooms. You know how these high street stores have a section for youngsters, the 11-15's? Well, I surely can't be the only mum hanging out with her daughter, cash at the ready to give her a treat. Maybe the retailers are missing a trick? Maybe they ought to design a mother's section? We're there, browsing, in the mood for shopping too - why not offer up our own fashion? Crazy idea? Tell me what you think.

I've got a busy few days ahead and will be telling all when I get back next week, but until then I'll be posting again on Monday with the 5 Over 50 group. Amazing Lace is the topic and I'm still dithering as to which lace ensemble I'll be showing. Until then, have a lovely weekend!
Anna x

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