The north wind doth blow!

The past week on the Isles of Scilly has been a wild and windy time. Polly and I did manage to brave the winds one day to capture this spring-like outfit, but even then she battled with the force of the wind as it tugged against the camera. I took the much more practised route of leaning into the wind making one less likely to be blown over.

This is that much recognised stance aka the windswept look, another favourite of the locals.

So let's talk clothes, shall we? The pre-loved jacket is by Next, the jersey retro top is also second hand (no label), the paperbag canary yellow jeans are from Primark and are this season as I bought them less than two weeks ago. The trainers are by LA Gear and were from TK Maxx last year.

The gold chain necklace was a recent purchase from Primark too. I have a similar one already, but it's been such a workhorse that I worry it will one day fall to bits so this is my back-up piece. The perspex rings were a gift from my lovely friend Wendy - are you reading this? I hope you are.

White tops in the bay are never a good sign. The boats and planes have suffered disruption throughout the week, meaning delays to the post and food supplies - at one point milk ran out on both St Mary's and Bryher. The local dairy on St Agnes were working flat out trying to meet the demand. Most homes on the island have back up stores in either a shed or outhouse for times like this. An extra freezer is another norm for us all in our sheds so that we have sufficient food to tide us over lean time like this. I'm sure most remote communities exist like this too.

At the time this post goes live I hope to be back in Truro for the weekend, this time not for a jolly, but to attend a hospital check up - nothing serious. I say hope, as the weather may well have scuppered my plans. I've put this post together and have left it to be posted automatically so fingers crossed!

Thanks for all of the lovely kind wishes to Polly. All is well with the world when you see this backdrop and my crazy antics prompted by the fab photographer cum gallery assistant. Here's to another great season together!

Hope you have a fab weekend. Let's catch up again soon!

    Anna x


Midweek muddle

Today's outfit was shot a while back when we were experiencing a brisk north wind, hence the snug fitting scarf. As long as I've got my neck covered I can cope with the chillest of winds. What about you - is it neck, wrists or ankles that need to be cosy?

The muddle I refer to is the state of mind rather than the outfit, so apologies if I'm brief. I ought to be splashing about in the sea currently, but thought I'd post this first before I go. A head cold has kept me out of the water for the past week which would normally have driven me to despair, however I've been taking part in a yoga retreat on the island so don't feel such a failure. I've been doing Iyengar yoga for about four years now in weekly classes led by Lucy Aldridge who is everyone's idea of the perfect yoga teacher - lean, lithe, supple, aka very bendy and most important of all, has a great sense of humour, often interjecting these cheesy jokes between the toughest of poses. 

Exercise is what gives me my drive; the energy expended somehow being regenerated for me to use over the day ahead. I'm sure that's one of the reasons we all push ourselves to sweat and gasp and get fit. Yoga is less gasp, more stretch and is a wonderful blend of body, mind and spirit that is the best kind of escape I know of. The retreats always give my own practise a boost which compensates for the times when work takes precedence over class throughout the summer months. The holidays tend to get booked up very quickly as they offer a lovely blend of work and play. Classes last for 90minutes and take place at 7.30am and 5.30pm meaning you have the entire day free to go boating, walking, sightseeing or relaxing in the spa where you can swim or enjoy a massage amongst the many treatments on offer. The island works its magic no matter how you choose to spend your time. 

Sorry but there's not any photos of me in class, but if you follow the link you'll see Lucy striking a few poses. 

Outfit details - jacket: Next, jeans: M&S, scarf: gift, handbag: L Credi, boots: ASOS, sunglasses: River Island, rings: charity shopped.

Anna x

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