The Best of the Rest

Welcome to our round-up of the last show of the year, The Best of the Rest, which showcases five of our established and new artists. Above on the left is Morag Hensleigh and right, Patricia Wilson who enjoyed their first ever exhibition with Gallery Tresco. To say the evening was a success is an understatement, as we were inundated with lovely guests staying on the island, all keen to see this diverse mixed collection. At one point we had clients queueing up outside the door as our helpers broke open box after box of glasses to pass wine around to those waiting in the evening sunshine. See the full spread of work here. Both Morag and Patricia sold two paintings each which was a wonderful start to their evening. International artist Hugo Grenville also kicked off his sales with one as did Sara Bor. Our end of the evening photo reflects the post-opening relaxed atmosphere as we raised a glass to a very successful party.

All set up and ready for the fray!

I make no apologies for this repeat outfit, well almost repeat, apart from swapping trousers for a skirt - see the first version here. I simply love this mermaid coat and couldn't let the opportunity pass me by to swoosh about to the shushing sound of this wonderful jacket once again. Steve bought me this from Topshop for my Christmas present. The beaded vest top was also from Topshop, but was a second hand find some time ago (£2.50). The metallic skirt adds to the completely over-the-top sparkliness of the ensemble. It was from Tu at Sainsburys ages ago and cost me all of £5. "I see you've gone for the understated look" quipped hubby as I dashed past him, sweeping by like some minor celeb.

Rose gold mirror sunglasses are by my fave brand, Quay Australia. Rings are pre-loved.

My pale gold satin kitten heels are from Wallis, and may be vintage by now.

One final swoosh!

I was definitely giddy with excitement as we drew a line under the show schedule for another year. The relief of finishing on such a high was a bonus for all involved. My back up team of girls have done me proud again, as did Jack the chef who supplied us with delicious canapes throughout the year. A final thank you goes to Fiona who stepped up as my blog photographer in the final stretch. Thanks to you all!

                                                                                             Anna x


The North End

Hello dear friends! How are you? Here I am, having a bit of a gadabout at the North End of Tresco, the wilder side of the island. After my recent big sea swim, I decided to revisit this corner of my journey to view it from the land. Fiona and I had the day off work and walked there replaying the events of the day from each of our perspectives. It was pretty memorable for both of us and good for us to share our stories.

As you can see, it was a wild and windy day, making my trousers flap gloriously in the breeze. 

We're standing at the ramparts of King Charles Castle which affords a spectacular view around the headland as well as the vista south towards St Mary's and St Agnes.

I'm entering this outfit in the campaign that's being run by Oxfam this month - Second Hand September. The charity is trying to encourage us all to fulfil our clothes shopping needs this month by choosing second hand via our charity shops. We can all make a difference with this simple change in habits so why not give it a go? My top, vest and trousers are all charity shop finds, as is the pretty bangle.

My rock climbing escapades were made all the safer by some rather sensible footwear from Topshop. I picked these up in the summer sale for £20. I love the trend for functional trainers that's now part of our everyday dressing.

What kind of crazy person would choose to swim in this channel?

Thanks for joining me today. I'll be back at the weekend to showcase my outfit for the final exhibition of the year, although as per usual, that particular ensemble has yet to reveal itself!

                                                                                            Anna x


Time for a bit of Hush

Hello again my lovelies! It's business as usual as I share with you today this rather wonderful summer dress from Hush. I'd not come across this brand until a couple of months ago when a gorgeous lady swished into the gallery wearing this very same dress. My first comment to her after welcoming her in, was to tell her how fabulous she looked in this vibrant print. Since then I've had so many conversations about the brand, sparked by this glorious frock. If you love it, you might find one online - I've found the same style, the Alvers dress, in the sale on the Hush website but in a blue leopard print which is rather pretty too - see here

I'm making the most of this super September sunshine to get a final wear of my summer finery before I have to pack it away for the winter. I do hope that you're having a blast of Indian Summer wherever you live too. I spent the afternoon on the beach yesterday and managed to fit in an early morning and late evening swim too. It took me a few days to recover from last Sunday's watery adventure and it wasn't until Thursday that I finally ventured back into the sea with my lovely friend Fiona's encouragement.

I added some simple accessories to this trapeze dress by way of a nude perspex ring, a pre-loved gold coloured ring, a brass cuff and gold link chain necklace which was from Primark in the spring. I love to mix up my metals - gone are the days when you had to choose one colour and stick to it. My uber glam sunglasses are by Quay Australia

I've thrown another shade of gold into the mix with these cork wedge sandals by London Rebel.

I'm just coming to the end of a week off work and goodness how I needed a break! I work hard and play hard, but sometimes I just need to stop. My marathon swim depleted my energy reserves to an all-time low, meaning I slept for almost two days after the event. I somehow expected to spend the next few days catching up on household chores, but that wasn't to be. I've chilled out mainly, reading magazines, napping and also catching up with friends. Thanks to all of you who left me messages of congratulations this week. I'm aware that sea swimming isn't a sport with massive appeal and therefore your comments mean all the more because of that. 

                                                                                        Anna x


Midweek monchrome

Hi! How's your week going? Mine is busy as ever, with a few interesting challenges, but hey what do think about my midweek offering? Monochrome isn't usually my thing, but sometimes I like to step out in something unexpected.

There's something so terribly chic about black and white, don't you think? Classy, understated, elegant, that's what monochrome brings to mind for me. The accessories have to be in harmony with that style too. It's good to have a strong theme to follow.

The shoes were the starting point for today's outfit. Purchased in TK Maxx, these Nine West flatties are stylish as well as comfortable. The black band is made of elastic which means they are stretchy but not grippingly tight. I wore them for the first time here and they were all day comfortable. Hurrah!

The white trousers were a bargain (£5) from Tesco last year in the spring sale and don't get out much. I have a real problem with white trousers as I find them so difficult to wear in anything but scorching weather. They just look wrong on a dull, grey day. But hey, that's just my opinion. Perhaps it's because I spent my formative years in Scotland where women rarely wore white trousers - but maybe that was because the sun rarely shone! The only white jeans I remember seeing were adorned with tartan edging in homage to the Bay City Rollers. Groans from some of you, and quizzical looks from others.

The black and white top, no label, cost me £7 from the Cancer Research shop in Truro last month. Top and trews coming in at £12. The look belies the price eh? Not too shabby I'd say.

Pre-loved rings and a silver Tree of Life pendant finish the look off, plus of course my favourite Quay Australia sunglasses. 

That's all for now folks. Sorry to be brief, but tomorrow I hang the final summer show and bed beckons for me now. Do join me again soon to see how the grand finale looks. (The outfit must be somewhere in my wardrobe, but I've yet to find it!)

                                                                                           Anna x


Is summer on the wane?

I don't know about you, but I suddenly feel summer is already showing signs of leaving us here in the Northern hemisphere. Every time we have a day or two of prolonged showers I fancy that the sun, when it returns, isn't shining quite as brightly. Do you know what I mean? With this in mind, I'm searching through my clothes to bring out anything summery that you may not have seen yet this year.

The outfit of the day is all new, bought either in London or Truro over the past month. Makes me sound like a real gadabout doesn't it? Anyhooooo, here we have this delightful lace top and pleated skirt both from Zara. I'm having a love/hate relationship with this brand currently. Loving it because of the pieces which feel fresh and exciting and hating it because of my mental battle with fast fashion. Please note however, that as I sit here writing, listening to Radio 2, I've heard that Pablo Isla, the Head of Zara UK has just announced his intention to make the brand more committed to helping their customers to recycle their old purchases and that by 2025 the brand will be using more environmentally green fabrics such as cotton and linen as well as recycled polyester. The more cynical amongst you may say that it's merely a ploy to lure clients into the store as they drop off their unwanted goods. I think that any attempts to slow down fast fashion has to be good.

Yes, I totally love this uber feminine ensemble and wafted about all day long feeling rather pleased with myself. Seeking out joy surely has to be my mission statement, especially when I'm dressed like this. It seems so much easier to spread the love when you feel lovely.

The lemon spotty skirt led me choose these two citrine rings that I was gifted back in 2017. See the post here. I often browse the Gemporia website when I fancy a gemstone shopping spree - well a girl can dream, can't she? I'm sporting my old favourite sunglasses by Quay Australia

I decided to take a break from the white sneakers look this time, plumping for these wedge sandals by Europen which I recently found in TK Maxx in Truro. 


A final note about the outfit of the day. My dear friend Rachel, on seeing me today, declared that I looked like I'd stepped straight out of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and started to recite the words of the song Truly Scrumptious. Thanks Rach, that made my day!

                                                                                                  Anna x

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