Bold in gold

Hello again my lovely readers! Yes, I'm bold in gold today as I try to feel more like my old self. To be perfectly honest, I'm still a bit washed out and not exactly bursting with energy, but I'm working on getting my fitness levels back up to speed. I've been back in the sea again a couple of times this week and golly, what a shock that was to the system! I could barely catch my breath when I got in on Sunday. Those first dozen strokes had me gasping as I submerged my face in the icy cold water. Seemingly the average sea temperature for Scilly in November is about 12 degrees which would definitely take your breath away! 

After my most recent post I set myself the challenge to perk up my dressing as I thought I'd drifted into the gloomy levels of brown, brown and more brown. Hence today is all about the gold! I'm still shopping my closet and delighted to showcase these old items which epitomise enthusiasm when paired together. 

The gold sweater is from H&M, is very old and was a hand-me-down from my daughter quite a few years ago. My Toxic3 jeans are a couple of years old and did I tell you, that I actually bought two pairs of these as I was worried that they'd go out of stock by the time I'd need to replace them? I wear them both in rotation so that they look the same. Crazy? Maybe...

The gold Chelsea boots are very old and are from River Island. They're real leather hence they are just going to keep looking better and better as they age. 

The wide band ring was a charity shop find and the other one was a concession purchase as I went through an airport. 

The oval link gold coloured chain was a Primark purchase a couple of summer's ago. It's one of those timeless pieces that work with so many outfits. The round framed sunglasses were from River Island a couple of years ago - cute aren't they?

My thanks to Sasha who stepped into the breech with today's photos. The winter is always a challenge weather-wise and she just happened to be in the right place at the right time - well, at least I thought so! 

Take care and let's catch up again soon!

Anna x


Penryn palazzo pants

Yes, let me introduce you to my Penryn palazzo pants, named as such because of the pretty little Cornish port where I bought them. 

I've had to find a private dentist to do some specialist work on my teeth and this pretty town is where he's located. Earlier on this month I caught the train from Truro to Penryn for my second visit. The first time I went it was pouring with rain so I caught a taxi, but on the second it was bright sunshine and so I decided to walk. I was rather pleased with myself as I used Google Maps to find my way. I'm very old school and usually just ask for directions so this seemed quite an adventure to follow myself along the way. In fact, the route was very straightforward taking me from station to the harbour leading through the heart of the town. 

When I say heart of the town, I wonder if this is more a village considering the size and small selection of shops. Don't get me wrong, as you can see it's chocolate box pretty and has a lovely art gallery (hello Tom Holland!) and one-off shops selling local fare. AND, much to my delight, a charity shop, bang on the high street! Well, it would have been rude to pass on by when the shop keeper had dressed the window so nicely and door was even propped open to entice me in. I was on the clock however, and my recce was swift, but I still managed to find these immaculate palazzo pants for the bargain price of £3. I also picked up a furry gilet for another £3 which was five minutes and £6 well spent. Off I went with my loot and submitted to my 2 hours in the dentist's chair. Afterwards I retraced my steps up the hill back towards the railway station. I didn't want to miss the train and had little time to spare, so can you imagine my chagrin at finding a tiny vintage shop nestled on the roadside with all sorts of tempting trinkets and garments temptingly displayed in the window and inside. Not a minute to spare, I lingered for a moment longer promising myself that my next dental appointment day will be a much longer visit to Penryn.

Outfit details - trousers: Dorothy Perkins, jacket: Precis Petite, top: pre-loved (no brand), boots: River Island, sunglasses: Quay Australia, bracelet: Jackie Brazil, rings and necklace: pre-loved.

Anna x


Not #PPP

Sometimes we Ping Pong Posters have an item that's been on its travels and that for one reason or another doesn't quite make the grade. Today's post is one of those. These fabulous paisley trousers belong to Ann of Kremb de la Kremb. They're her Thanksgiving pants she says and I drooled over them this time last year. She very kindly sent them on to me with a bundle of other goodies which have all since been aired. These lovelies, however, were too short for our long-limbed Samantha of Fake Fabulous and so were dropped from the schedule. 

Paisley is one of my favourite patterns, but translated into rich corduroy and these trousers become my ultimate winter wear. I kinda hoped that Ann would donate them to my undernourished wardrobe, but no such luck. I spent this particular Sunday gadding about with these on, mixing and matching with all sorts of separates that didn't get in front of the camera, but which were all rather lovely. A fair isle cardi and orange pussy bow blouse looked rather gorgeous, as did a sleek polo neck with these long beads and chunky belt, but this charity shop tunic gave the best look of all. I love the pattern clashing, the bold colours and the real autumnal feel of this version. It was great to come across these photos in my draft box although for some reason they do look a bit dated - or is that just me?

Trousers: Ann's, tunic: charity shop, boots: River Island, cardigan Fenn Wright Manson, beads: gift, watch: Michael Kors, flower ring and bracelet: Dorothy Perkins, perspex ring: gift, rose gold bangle: Kate Spade New York, sunglasses: Quay Australia.

Anna x


Suede, leather and sunglasses

I'm making the most of these last sunny days before grey skies become the norm. We've been lucky over the past couple of weeks with golden mornings accompanied by a cool easterly wind making our photo shoots look more balmy than they actually are. Lately I've been swanning about in this cute little ruffle top which I just happened to come across in the big clothes changeover recently. It's not actually mine, which I suppose might mean it belongs to my darling daughter who may just have left it behind when she moved out. I'm quickly having a flirt with it before she rumbles me (sorry Sash) and requests its return.

I've paired the top with these vintage suede flares that I bought in Etam many, many moons ago (last seen here). They were in the sale and cost me £25 at the time which was a huge amount of money. And as if that wasn't madness enough, they didn't even fit me! I fell in love with them and bought them as the proverbial dieters carrot. One day I'll be able to wear these, I promised myself as I handed over my hard-earned notes. Some 30 years later and here they are, fitting perfectly and thanks to the durability of the skin they've not aged a bit (wish the same could be said of me). 

The other item worth a mention has to be this nude leather jacket. I bought it in February while in London see here and am so pleased to have the opportunity to wear it again now that the temperatures have dropped. I rarely need a jacket here in the summertime as work and home are litterly a few hundred paces apart, so it's quite exciting to have a root through the jacket section of my wardrobe and choose an extra layer to finish off an outfit.

Polly leaves the island at the start of November and I wonder if I might manage to recreate some of the light hearted moments she and I have shared? I'm thinking that I might set up my tripod in this same spot and switch on the camera's timer to see if I can dash about changing poses without her prompts and intermittent barking "shu'up!" that brings on my laughter. We're busy trying to fill my draft box with lots of outfits before she goes. (Sob, sniff, sob).

Outfit details - trousers: Etam, boots: River Island, jacket: DSquared, top: unknown. necklace: charity shop, watch: Michael Kors, rose gold bangle: Kate Spade New York, rings: old, sunglasses: Tu clothing at Sainsbury's.

Anna x

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