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Hello again! I'll be upfront about today's feature - I'm promoting our island boutique, Lucy-Tania and the online shop where you can buy this fabulous range of clothes. I've not been paid to advertise, I just want to support them in the same way that we're all being encouraged to shop local. 

You can find the clothes range on the Tresco Island site. For those of you who holiday here you may recognise some of the models, including yours truly. My personal favourites being the four adorable children fronting the site. (They just so happen to be my great nieces and nephews so I'm obviously biased.)

You can't go wrong with a simple sweatshirt can you? This protea design relates to the plants which flourish in the sub-tropical climate within the Tresco Abbey Garden. You may remember I recently spent the day there doing a photo shoot for my 6th blogging anniversary see here. The Garden features over 4000 species of plants collected from far flung countries such as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa as well as South America and the Mediterranean and yet they all survive in our mild temperatures which rarely drop below freezing. Another crowd-drawing aspect are the red squirrels that can be seen from the blue bridge nearby the entrance. 

I can't decide if I prefer the grey sweatshirt or the cream one to be honest. They're both comfy and stylish which is a clever combination and are great holiday or weekend wear. As you can tell I was in my element posing and laughing my way through the shoot. It was a lovely interlude earlier on this year, spent with my daughter Sasha who was creative director of the shoot and Ellie Tabron of Island Images, our local professional photographer.

Again, I'd like to give a shout-out to another local business as Ellie is still at the fledgling stage of her career, but making great strides doing Wedding Photography as well as producing calandars, notecards and wooden postcards which are proving to be hugely popular. Ellie is a local girl, who like Sasha grew up on Tresco then went off to the mainland to finish her education. As they both found, island life beckoned them from afar, drawing them back to Tresco in search of happiness and hopefully a career. Both are now gainfully employed; Sash in Marketing for Tresco Island and Ellie working freelance while raising her young family. It's testament to the progressive nature of Tresco that our young local talent has been embraced and included in the island's development. 

There's a lot to be said in favour of knowing your creative team - a relaxed model in our local environment made for a lovely afternoon spent wandering this corner of the island, looking for the right backdrop. I do hope they ask me to help out again. These childhood friends have come so far in carving a niche for themselves in their island home. I'm so proud of what they have become. Good luck for the future girls!

                                                                                         Anna x


Hurrah for 6 years of blogging!

Hello and welcome to my 6th anniversary blogging post!

I can hardly believe that I've been sharing my life with you all for the past 6 years. Has it been fun? Yes, enormous! Has it been challenging at times? Yes, and sometimes I've considered packing it all up and slinking off over the horizon. But here I am, still dressing up and gadding about for your entertainment.

Fiona and I spent a couple of hours at the Tresco Abbey Garden on Sunday taking the shots for today's feature and we did laugh a lot along the way. There couldn't be a better backdrop for my anniversary post when you consider how many plants were in bloom that day. It was a true colour-fest of almost every shade possible - perfect when you consider that my style motto is "Let's bin the beige and have fun with colour!"

Before we go any further let's talk about this beautiful vintage maxi dress shall we? A recent purchase from my mainland trip, I bought it in a retro shop in Penzance, called Black Jacket Vintage. This was its first outing and oh my goodness what a lot of lovely compliments it got! The orange and lilac colours work so well together and the fit is fabulous. The satin edged fluted sleeves are such an elegant touch too; I did feel that I was wafting about in a happy, hippy haze. I'm so pleased to have this in time for summer. I'll be wearing this a lot over the next few months, that's for sure!

 In true hippy chick style I've added a huge bangle and big rings in orange. 

I've continued the retro vibe with these oversized orange sunglasses from Zara along with the shiny orange perspex necklace which was a boutique find at least five years ago.

The gold and orange sandals were a happy find when Steve and I were on holiday in New Zealand a few years ago. 

I'm going to rest up for a moment and allow my followers to take centre stage next. As you'll know I do love to have conversations with my readers, allowing me to build up blogging friendships over time. 

This is Susa from Cologne who has been chatting to me for some time now. She was kind enough to respond to my prompt to take part in this colourful feature. Susa says that Anna's Island Style has inspired her to shop her closet in an expressive way, using colours to brighten her mood and day. She's echoed my love for charity shop rings, wearing a pre-loved glass one and another gifted from a friend - sooooooo very Anna, she says. Susa looks wonderful in her orange and yellow outfit, a combination that I'd happily wear myself.  The lime green foliage of the Beech trees compliments her ensemble perfectly too. Thank you Susa for joining me with your burst of joy!

My blogging friend Hilda of Over the Hilda has submitted this fabulous red trouser suit to the feature. In her words: I love your colourful aesthetic and though I am not as adventurous as you I too find colour mood enhancing and uplifting. She has recently been inspired to dejunk her wardrobe and pass on the hardly worn pieces that were clogging the works. Anna's Island Style has helped her to venture into the world of vintage and charity shopping too. Great news Hilda, I'm delighted to have helped!

Jacqui (of Mummabstylish) and I met up in London in 2017 (see here) and have been good friends ever since. It was inevitable during our time together that day we would talk about clothes and I remember she told me about her three colour rule being her guideline to dressing. She said that she felt out of her depth when it came to pattern play. Well, four years on and look at her now - pattern play is no longer a mystery to Jacqui!

Not only has she dipped a toe into the world of clashing patterns, but she's inventing outfits and inspiring her readers to play along too. These aren't baby steps Jacqui - more like huge strides from a confident pattern mixer - hurrah and very well done my dear!

Kezzie runs a blog too (see here) which was the foundation of our friendship, but then she turned up on Tresco one day and boy did we talk! See my blog feature here. We have similar quirky tastes in fashion and she recently confessed that she'd bought some joggers like mine, although hers were charity shopped. She says this outfit is her homage to Anna - Brights like Anna was her post about these colourful trews and bright orange top. Again, another outfit I'd wear in a heartbeat. 

Let's continue with the tour of the Abbey Garden, shall we? I'm draped in front of the Shell House, created by Lucy Dorrien-Smith. Her mosaics are to be seen throughout the whole island of Tresco; the combination of shells and pottery add a vivid splash of colour to our school building, to Smith Square and most recently in the garden of the Lighthouse Cottage.

The path through the veg garden is lined with lavender, heavy with the buzz of bees as they gather their nectar. The enormous variety of flowers are pollen heaven for the local bee population which in turn create the much sought after Tresco honey, sold exclusively through the Garden Visitor Centre. 

I think Mother Nature wins the prize for being the most colourful!

Thank you for dropping by for my special feature today. I'm quite proud of my 6 year milestone, especially as my readership has continued to grow over the years which is very heartening. Your input is so welcome - it helps me to know that I'm hitting the right spot. Your feedback also fuels and inspires me to be creative, to constantly reinvent myself and keep finding new ways to engage you in Anna's Island Style. Thank you so much xxx

                                                                                    Anna x


A day off means a day out

A couple of weeks ago Sasha and I spent the afternoon at the Tresco Abbey Garden which is only about half a mile from home. The weather couldn't have been better making the surroundings look as if it were a summer's day rather than just a week after the snow.

I seem to have chosen my outfit to outshine the flora, but really it was more a matter of something comfortable for a day off work. The jeans are a recent purchase from TK Maxx - they were in the wash when I did my Show and tell post (for the beady eyed amongst you). The jacket was a gift from my blogging friend Sheila of Ephemera and this is the first time I've worn it on the blog. Thank you my dear for this pop of colour and pattern that is so very me!

I bought these shoes last summer and yet this is the first time they've been out of the house. I knew that the navy would be great with jeans and maybe I was just needing to find the right pair to showcase them. 

I've been trying to find a great pair of embroidered jeans with beading for ages and was really pleased to find these at the bargain price of £15.99. Sparkles too are an added bonus.

Just as there will be someone out there asking what kind of flowers these are, I know that there will also be someone very keen to tell me the name too. Please can you share the name before someone asks me? Cheers!

Every time Sasha and I do this day out we always say we must do it more often. Maybe this year we will now that she's home for a while. There are lots of lovely little corners that act as sun traps within the garden and we felt very chilled by the time we sauntered home.

I'm gonna make a stab at these ones and say they're Camellias - right? 

The gardening gene seems to have passed me by, but I still enjoy seeing this lush and varied garden teaming with flowers and sculptures. The plants and trees have been collected from all over the world and thrive in the mild climate we have here thanks to the gulf stream which washes past the islands. Cruise ships stop here throughout the summer months, bringing visitors who come especially to see these world famous gardens. When you consider that the island itself is only one mile by two, it really is teaming with things to do. Will I be seeing you soon?

Anna x

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