Brooch pile revised

One of the downsides of being a perfectionist is that I'm always in competition with myself. I know I can always do/be better and this reaches into every corner of my life. Take my brooch pile jacket from earlier on this summer see here. I was delighted with how this came together, but after a couple of wears I felt it could maybe benefit from a tweak or two. So here we have the new, improved version...

I wore the jacket on the mainland recently and it really drew quite a few compliments. The jacket dazzled and shone and I basked in its reflected glory. The need to improve it has passed now - it's as perfect as it needs to be. My shrink will be impressed with my progress.

Jacket from Gap, dress from TK Maxx as are sandals (these are nice). Watch is by Michael Kors and sailors knot bangle is by Kate Spade New York, rings are all gifts. Sunglasses are from Quay Australia.

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Brooch pile

I've shown this jacket on Instagram, but not with the same configuration of brooches so here's the new and improved version. A blogging friend, Suzanne Carillo (see her blog here), had featured her brooch pile jacket around the same time and we had laughed about our creative efforts being so similar at times.

I couldn't say which particular one of these is my favourite, but I do love the crammed full effect the brooches all create. I saw a fashion feature recently that showed a denim jacket with brooches which were sprinkled all over the entire thing. It was pretty in its own way and I might try it if I tire of this.

I really like this bag and shoes combo. Ostrich and leopard print are great partners in my eyes.

I can see that this brooch collecting could be addictive. Another blogging friend of my Kezzie (see her blog here) features her brooches often and each one has a story. I'm not sure if brooches might ever replace my passion for clothes, but it's another little offshoot which will be a joy I'm sure. 

The denim jacket was a £5 bargain in a charity shop and the brand is GAP. My orange top is by Coast (charity shop) and skirt is from Boden. Shoes are by Salord Jover and handbag brand is L Credi from TK Maxx. Watch is by Michael Kors, rose gold bangle is by Kate Spade, rings are old, as are the pearl necklaces.

Wishing you all a great weekend and hope you can drop by again soon!

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My thanks go to the photographers

Today's post relies on a host of photographs taken by a handful of friends and family who have stepped in when asked. I'd like to say a thank you to them all here, as without them this blogging malarkey wouldn't be as easy or as much fun.
Thanks to Jamie for this shot of Sasha and I after our lunch at the Ruin Cafe the other day.

And to Sasha for capturing this idyllic view afterwards.

To Chris and Val for joining Kate and I on a breezy afternoon to take a lovely series of shots of two friends enjoying a companionable dip together.

Kate is a regular visitor to the island and this year we've pledged to fit in as many swims as we can every time she's here.

Thanks go to Jane, a friend I made on the yoga retreat here last year. She and her family stumbled across us after our morning swim and we imposed on her son to take some snaps before they headed off along the shell-strewn beach to continue with their walk.

Green beach was decorated with ribbons of shells which whooshed and clattered as the tide rose and fell over the top of them. Nature's gentle musical accompaniment for us while we dressed.

Thanks are due also to Kevin's wife Lorraine for taking these photos of one very serious looking training session for someone and a sunny afternoon dip for the other.

"I'm not racing" I said as we stood on the shoreline. But as Kevin set off his stopwatch the competitive streak in me took hold. My front crawl is fine in a short burst, but not at his speed however. We maybe set off together, but it didn't stay at that level pegging for long. Kevin was an absolute gent though and periodically stopped to wait for me as I resorted to my steady breast stroke.

Kevin was buzzing. I waded back to the shore as he headed off for another couple of laps of the bay. We both swam in the Scilly Swim Challenge in 2015 (Kevin in the fast group and me in with the plodders). Now Kevin is in training for this year's event. Well done that man! Read my full account of the most memorable of days here.

And so onto the main event. My biggest thanks must go to Polly my wonderful blog photographer and Gallery Assistant. Polly is a whizz with all the tricks my camera has to offer. She bubbles with enthusiasm for her daily chore and helps in making my blog the sleek, polished showcase that it is. Thank you Polly for all that you do x

Oh, and let's not forget my thanks to all of the locals who cheerily add that special something as they photo-bomb us during our early morning shoots - thanks to another Kevin...

...and to Charlie who insists we capture his best side too.

This relaxed pose comes from knowing that dearest Polly will be doing her utmost to getting the best shot every time. Thank you Polly. Thank you too, to all who drift in and out of my life bringing such pleasure and rich memories. Until next time x

Jacket: Gap. Faux leather jeans: H&M. Polo neck: M&S (charity shop). Pink brogues: H&M. Handbag: charity shop. Silver rings: charity shop. Rose gold bangle: Kate Spade New York. Watch: Michael Kors. Sunglasses: Quay Australia.

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