Midweek metallics

Midweek, as I've said before, can be a bit blah for me style wise. One way for me to counter this is to add a dash of metallics to enliven things which is what I've done today. My rose gold brogues haven't seen the light of day for ages and this new bronze jacket hasn't been showcased since I bought it last month. If anything, I'm not convinced that this is one of my best outfits as it's coming over all a bit casual now that I review it. And between you and me, I'm feeling a tad chunky in these jeans too. But before you jump in to counter this, may I just say that it's all relative, this weight thing. I'm surely not the only one who has a 7lb comfort zone and I've reached the top of mine - I reached it just after Christmas in fact (surprise, surprise!) - and now that spring has sprung I'm going to have to cast off the layers with the final layer being my 7lb covering. Clever dressing has disguised the truth for these past months, but enough is enough! Time for a health spring clean I think.

Details - jacket: Bomboogie, waistcoat: H&M, jeans: River Island, belt: charity shopped, top:Girls Club, shoes: Viola, rings: charity shopped, watch: Michael Kors, sunglasses: River Island.

Anna x

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