Happy New Year!

Hello and welcome to 2017. I hope you're not too groggy after a big night of celebrating, and if you are, may I suggest dark glasses, a mega dose of vitamin C, lots of fluids and a nap as soon as possible. A week away from the blog, and to a lesser degree from social media too, has done me the power of good. The pressures of delivering the perfect Christmas are challenging enough without dipping into the internet to see how amazingly well others are pulling it off. Much as I love the imagery of instagram, it's so easy to get dragged into the slipstream of others who are zipping along in a cloud of marvellousness. Our 2016 Christmas will be remembered for being the one where the oven element blew half-way through cooking our post Christmas gammon resulting in a comedic dash to my son's house, oven gloves clasping hot roasting tin in yards of foil along with steaming jacket spuds, all compounded by the cover of darkness while my husband masterminded proceedings wearing his brand new head torch. (No street lights here on this tiny island.) None of this was like the adverts featuring the perfect Christmas scenario from Iceland, M&S or Lidl!

And so on to the outfit of the day. Yes, it's totally rock chick with no apologies. Well I say no apologies, but I will admit to one final sneaking in of these glitter trainers which had a lot of you voicing your opinions in 2016 and not necessarily in their favour. See those previous posts herehere and here. However, I really, really think this may be their finest hour. Call me biased, but the liberal dose of leather, lurex and studding all seem to enhance these sweet little trainers in their best styling yet. I've ramped up the glitter factor with this fabulous lurex top which is by Versace, found in a charity shop for £4.99 no less! The studded Michael Kors jacket doesn't get out much and is the ideal finishing touch for this look today. So here's wishing you a very peaceful and happy New Year and do enjoy the last few days of the holiday!

Outfit details - trainers: B3D (TK Maxx), trousers: H&M, jacket: Michael Kors, top: Versace, sunglasses: Quay Australia, rings: charity shopped.

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Here I go again

Yes, it's my (dreaded for some) trainers challenge again this month. Sorry Veronica, you may be excused from this one as I know it's not your favourite of shoe. For those of you who remain, I'll be brief. I'm aware that all around me bloggers are breaking out the sequins and glittery tights, but at least today's offering does have a bit of a bronze burnished look to it that could pass for a nod towards the glitz of Christmas.

I'm kinda liking this version. What about you? I've played along with the bronze tones in the jacket and trousers which do tie in so well with the shoes don't you think? A bit of pattern play comes by way of the leopard print cardi and I think it's fine. More than fine and better than the last effort see here. The definitive offering? Well, I do have one more lurking in my draft box, but will hold back until 2017 before I force that upon you all. 

I can't however hold back the forces of nature that are propelling me in the direction of even more bling than normal, so you'll have to get ready for swathes of velvet, and yards of sparkle in all sorts of textures. Yes, the festive season is upon us and I can't deny the urge to sparkle and shine any longer. You have been warned!

Details - jacket and trainers: TK Maxx, trousers and cardigan: H&M, necklace: Love Noel, rings:old, rose gold watch: Michael Kors, rose gold bangle: Kate Spade New York.

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