Print frenzy

Hello and happy Sunday to my dear readers. Here I am today on the 1st of December enjoying the dry, sunny weather. No wet-gear or winter coat required, hurrah! You may remember seeing this leopard print top from a recent shopping trip (see here). Well, this is my first bit of styling. What do you think?

The top is by Tahari and came from TK Maxx (£19.99). It's a soft and cosy man-made fabric and I chose it mostly for the colour which is neither blue nor lilac. At the time of purchase I had no idea what I'd wear it with, but a quick root around in my wardrobe resulted in this outfit.

Apart from the top, I have say that I see these boots as the star of the show today. They're DKNY and must be at least 20 years old now. I had a good look at the box when I rediscovered them the other day to see that they're called Florence and the pattern name is Wallpaper. Well I can totally understand that name as yes, they do remind me of a wallpaper pattern.

The woollen skirt (by Claire DK) boasts this adorable mini kick pleated finish which flicks as you walk. It's a very grown-up skirt. I love it and do wonder how I manage to overlook it so often when I'm searching for inspiration in my closet. It drew lots of compliments today.

This cute little coral satchel bag pushed into the scene today thanks to the blue edging. I must have picked this up in a charity shop, but it has no label. No matter, it works perfectly to add a splash of colour to the otherwise blue theme. My rings are charity shop finds.

The blue faux leather jacket is an old favourite of mine and just worked to so well with the smart casual look I wanted to create. The brand is Toxik 3. Sunglasses are by Quay Australia. 

The bargain piece of the whole ensemble is this silver chain mail belt which I picked up for £1 in a charity shop. 

Much as I've called this a pattern frenzy, I think the checks, leopard print and wallpaper pattern don't clash at all, but meld beautifully in this melody of blue. I've mostly shopped my closet too, so I always give myself a pat on the back for that. 

Thanks to Fiona, my photographer of the day. She did a great job, despite us being photo bombed by a cat at one point!

Have a great weekend!

Anna x


Sunday mash up

Hello and welcome to my Sunday mash up, a riot of colour and pattern play. You may recall me saying I've had a little splurge on the Zara sale site recently? Well, these leopard print trousers were one of the pieces I succumbed to for the princely sum of £5.99 - yes, that's right, £5.99! Most the items I bought were that price, which is the best reason ever to keep your eye of for the Zara sale next time. The other leopard print jeans I've already showcased here were also £5.99 which seems totally bonkers, but a win for me. 

Today's mash up may seem a bit too adventurous for some of you, but I just wanted to show how easy it is to mix up lots of patterns together provided they have colours in common. The shirt (pre-loved from Boohoo £2.50) was the most perfect partner for these trousers as they're both sporting the red and black leopard print. The design in itself is a great mash up of leopard print, zebra stripe and chain pattern and can be the star of the show with a simple pair of black trousers - that would look really effective too.

I'm always looking for an opportunity to bring out my tartan boots from M&S. As an idea this may not have been an obvious one, but when you look at the colours together you can see that the clash of patterns is negated by the happy partnership of colours. The outfit is basically red and black and falls into my mindset of Why Not?

I'd like to say that this shoot was taken in my own back garden and that I laze about like this often, but the truth is that my photographer and I had sneaked into one of the holiday cottage gardens to test drive this rather lovely lounger. I can report that yes, it was very comfy and please do go ahead and buy them of all of the cottages. This was in the garden of Smugglers which nestles under the trees, only a stone's throw from the Old Blockhouse.

Are you having a chill-out this Sunday? Or maybe you're making the most of the spring weather and doing some gardening? I'm heading off to work now, continuing with the preparations for the Gallery to open on Friday. The whole island wakes up from its winter slumber on the 15th of March so there is quite a flurry of activity this weekend as the last few maintenance jobs are done. There are lots of new faces appearing on the island too meaning that the staff recruitment has been successful in luring newcomers for the many seasonal roles. There's an undercurrent of simmering excitement (for some that may be panic) as the pace picks up ready for the big day. 

Tomorrow is a big day in the Gallery as I welcome Polly back into her position of Gallery Assistant. She and I will be hanging art, cleaning glass and bronzes and generally pulling the displays together over the next few days. The finishing touches of jewellery cabinets being set up is one of Polly's favourite tasks giving her a chance to show her creative flair. Oh, it will be lovely to have her back on board again!

                                                                                        Anna x


Keen As Mustard - Style Not Age challenge for November

Hello and welcome again to our monthly Style Not Age challenge!

This month Hilda came up with "Keen As Mustard" as our quest and it seems to have been a breeze if I may say so myself. The shops and adverts are brimming with ideas for this lovely warm shade of yellow. Personally, I love mustard as it works well with my skin and hair tone. I'll give you all the details of my outfit anon, but first let's see what the gang came up with shall we?

Hilda is all wrapped up in her oversized mustard scarf which looks toasty warm. Hat and gloves complete the essentials for the cold snap too. I have to mention how clever her photographer was to line up this shot with the golden foliage behind as it matches perfectly! Read Hilda's feature on her blog Over The Hilda. 

Emma from The Style Splash has chosen lots of nature's colours to compliment her mustard top and courts. I could do this, yes I really could, and by that I mean that I too have camo jeans like these and a green suede jacket almost identical to Emma's! Click here to read her style story.

Jacqui and I had similar inspiration with this challenge, pairing mustard with animal print to great effect. I'm intrigued to see what footwear she chose - race you across to Mummabstylish blog to find out!

My own style story began with this new jacket which I bought in the Topshop sale recently (all sold out, sorry). I'm a sucker for these denim/jeans jackets at any time, but when you throw checks into the mix I'm a hopeless cause. It was the last one, but again that's so often the case with me. I wonder if they see me coming and stash all of the others away to induce a sense of panic in me? No matter, I love it and can see it will be a long term fave. The black polo neck was one of three essentials that I bought last year in Primark, the others being grey and cream.

These flower strewn trousers are by Massimo Fabbro Italy, bought in TK Maxx last year. The masculine cut sits really nicely, skimming over the thighs rather than clinging in the wrong places. The fabric is man-made, a heavy drape and seems to be pretty crease resistant too.

I've had these pony skin, animal print ankle boots for years. The brand is Bertie, the quality is top notch and I'm sure they'll go on for a long time yet.

I bought this cute little bag in Rome when we were there a few years ago. It's just big enough to fit in a lipstick, hairbrush and purse - what more does a girl need?

The rings are pre-loved which is a relief as I hate to appear totally extravagant, hahaha!

It made a nice change for me to go full out with my pattern play - it seems to be ages since I've mixed things up like this. On paper, checks, florals and animal print may not seem to be happy bedfellows, but hey I think I've proved that they are! And finally, I'm going to blame the mid-day sun for highlighting my recent decrepitude aka the jowls that I've not noticed before. I think I've always tried to hide this gradual decline by sporting a huge grin which acts as scaffolding for the face. Note to self - more smiling equals less jowls.

Well, that's it for another month. I do hope you'll take a moment to visit my co-conspirators for the full write-ups from them. I'll be back soon with another dose of colour to chase the winter blues away.

Until then, I wish you all a super week ahead!

Anna x

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