Midweek metallics

Midweek, as I've said before, can be a bit blah for me style wise. One way for me to counter this is to add a dash of metallics to enliven things which is what I've done today. My rose gold brogues haven't seen the light of day for ages and this new bronze jacket hasn't been showcased since I bought it last month. If anything, I'm not convinced that this is one of my best outfits as it's coming over all a bit casual now that I review it. And between you and me, I'm feeling a tad chunky in these jeans too. But before you jump in to counter this, may I just say that it's all relative, this weight thing. I'm surely not the only one who has a 7lb comfort zone and I've reached the top of mine - I reached it just after Christmas in fact (surprise, surprise!) - and now that spring has sprung I'm going to have to cast off the layers with the final layer being my 7lb covering. Clever dressing has disguised the truth for these past months, but enough is enough! Time for a health spring clean I think.

Details - jacket: Bomboogie, waistcoat: H&M, jeans: River Island, belt: charity shopped, top:Girls Club, shoes: Viola, rings: charity shopped, watch: Michael Kors, sunglasses: River Island.

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British summer time

The start of British summer time heralds the first photo shoot where I've had to use my umbrella as an accessory. I knew it had to happen sometime which is why I spent 20 minutes in a supermarket a couple of months ago trying to choose the perfect brolly for this eventuality. Colourful? Check. Floral? Check. Mosaic even? Check. Yes that will do nicely.

There was a still a bright spot in the sky when Polly and I made a dash for the speediest set of shots we've done. What I was facing was a black weather front that threatened to engulf us at any moment. However, not to let our spirits be dampened, Polly snapped away while I entered into the spirit of things singing along to my inner soundtrack of Gene Kelly's "Singing in the rain". A dreadful cliche, I know, but it did jolly things along for the two minutes we were out there.

The final shot is for Alison (of Anna meets Alison fame as seen here) who loved the "beauty face" setting on my camera and couldn't understand why Polly doesn't use it. The best retort would be that I don't need it (hahaha), but is in fact due to the extra time required to convert each file as you take it, and we simply are always in such a rush for this kind of extravagance. Today however, the camera switched to this setting automatically and Polly very kindly deigned to allow me to have my first beauty face shot. This could go to my head! Before you know it I'll be photo shopping every frame you see.

The outfit today comprises of jacket from Zara via charity shop, H&M trousers from a charity shop too, and blouse from Next also from a charity shop. Shoes are from TK Maxx, necklace by Charlie Dodge, watch by Michael Kors, flower ring from Dorothy Perkins and gold and nude ring from Boots. 

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And finally, I've not posted any swimming features recently for various reasons, but wanted to share this link with you here and this one as well - hereWe've just had the most amazing event take place on the islands which has made me green with envy. The truth of the matter is that it's way beyond my abilities, but that doesn't stop me enjoying the spectacle that it was on the day. Otillo came to the Isles of Scilly as part of the qualifying races which lead to the Swimrun World Championship in Sweden in September.

Unfortunately I was at work on Saturday when this took place so the best I could do was peer out of my office window and capture the back views of the athletes as they ran from one side of the island to the other.  Awesome and inspiring stuff from these true adventurers!

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