The last summer exhibition

Friday heralded the final summer show at the Gallery and what a lovely collection it is (see here). And just to make the evening more special one of the artists, Theo Crutchley-Mack, managed to surprise us by turning up unannounced just when we'd resigned ourselves to hosting the party on our own. 

The party may be over, but the fat lady hasn't quite sung yet, as the show continues until the 19th October so plenty time for Maggie, Melanie and Theo to sell, sell, sell!

The eagle-eyed amongst you will recognise this most recognisable of outfits. My planned ensemble was something entirely different, but just didn't feel right on the night. With time running out (why, oh why, don't I have a dry run of these beforehand?) I threw open my wardrobe and my eyes fell on the riot of colour and texture that is this vintage skirt and decided to go with what made me feel fabulous. And I did, all night long. Outfit details - skirt: (vintage) Susan Small, blouse: (vintage) Shubette, shoes and handbag: Primark, rings and necklace: all preloved, sunglasses: Sainsbury's, belt: eBay.

The girls and I went out for a drink after the show was over to celebrate a job very well done. Thanks to Heather, Polly, Max and Ruth for making each evening run smoothly - without your help ladies the evening wouldn't be the success it is!

As the sun set on a perfect evening, our six shows in 60 days came to an end. The paintings came, were hung, many sold, and hopefully many more will sell before the year is over. We enjoyed the company of artists and clients bonding over a glass of wine, discussing the merits of the show of the moment. The exhibitions may be over, but summer remains and we will all revel in the last of these golden days before autumn creeps in.

Anna x

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