Summer equals white linen

I say that Summer equals white linen, but the fact of the matter is that despite owning many pairs of white linen trousers and three white linen skirts I don't often wear any of them. The only reason you see me in this outfit today is that the British heatwave gave me the confidence to wear these wide legged crops as I felt safe in the knowledge that the weather wouldn't change. It's my worst nightmare to be caught wearing weather inappropriate clothes - think rain mac in the sun, sandals in the snow and worst of all white linen trousers in the rain. 

Yes, that there big shiny yellow thing in the sky has liberated these preloved trousers giving rise to much fun and laughter while Polly barked orders at me. "Stop talking", being the most frequent request. Seemingly no-one looks attractive mid-chat, especially me I think.

Because I rarely wear white linen this ensemble was thrown together at the last minute once I'd come back from my morning swim. It was literally a case of looking for a top that had white in it too and this floaty little number caught my eye. I picked this up not in a charity shop, but here on the island a couple of months ago when I was in charge of the "Cheap chic " stall at Tresco Fun Day. I don't normally like wearing things from the island as I feel awkward at the idea of someone I know seeing me in their cast-offs. But then it occurred to me that I had donated boxes and boxes of my clothes to this event and what if everyone thought as I did? Instead I decided that someone might be pleased to see that their recycled item was going to be cherished by me and maybe even featured on the blog.

Here's the Cheap Chic finery on display on the day.

And this is Anna, one of the local ladies having a browse.

Accessorising my outfits is always the fun part and today's was particularly joyful to find this bangle which is heaven sent and rings that are tonally perfect too, all preloved of course!

Everything including shoes is preloved today, apart from the sunnies which I bought in Accessorize recently. Did I really need another pair? Does day follow night?

I'll leave you with a little jig, a tiny boogie, a wee dance to start my day.

Do feel free to stop me and say Hi if you're ever on the island and see Polly and I in this morning ritual.

Anyway folks, I'll wish you a Happy Wednesday and do hope you have a fab day! 
Anna x

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