Next stop Malta, then across the Med to Barcelona.

Here we are coming into Valletta, Malta. It was a beautiful sunny morning, ideal for a trip out and about. We watched the docking procedure from our balcony and then went off on a sightseeing tour around the island on an open topped bus.

This lift is a great location for snaps, but only if you manage to keep the door open to stop the background blurring as you whizz off!

Skirt: Boden. Sweater: Uniqlo. Blouse: charity shop. Sandals: New Zealand. Handbag: Rome. Watch: charity shop.

The ship was huge. We didn't see all of it by any means, but what we did see was pretty impressive.

Another evening, another outfit. This skirt is much prettier than it seems - it's got a sheer, but shiny sparkly overskirt, and the underskirt finishes at mid thigh. I like this racy combination, as it's not too obvious and yet feels really girly. These shoes ended up being my go-to shoes for almost the entire cruise. They seemed to work with so many ensembles, and I just adore them.

Skirt: TK Maxx. Blouse: charity shop. Shoes: Primark. Clutch: TK Maxx. Turquoise bangle: gift. Turquoise ring: old. Watch: charity shop. Silver ring: charity shop.

Our day in Barcelona

Today was Steve's day. And being a huge football fan that meant a trip to the stadium aka Camp Nou.  We hopped on another open topped bus and headed off.

I'm not much of a football fan myself, but seeing all of the trophies, dressing rooms, commentary box and stadium was quite enlightening - I think I get it now what all the excitement is about. Apologies if I've included too many of these snaps, but I just wanted to give the flavour of the moment.

Jacket: Vero Moda. Trousers: H&M. Shoes: Office. Waistcoat: Uniqlo. Silver ring:charity shop.

The bus tour took us past some of the Gaudi buildings. The city has so many important buildings created by the artist - I think you could easily spend a week just visiting these alone.

Tonight was another gala evening. My ballgown had suffered a malfunction when I was packing but after a bit of work, I finally managed to fix it ready for this dressing up occasion.

I liked using the lift as my own private photo set. The lighting was great even without a flash.


Looking back at this photograph I think I maybe could have worn a stronger/brighter lipstick. This peachy tone seemed fine but it does look a bit washed out now.
Dress: eBay. Shoes: Primark. Necklace: Magpie Vintage. Watch: charity shop. Yellow ring: Martin James. Sparkly ring: charity shop. Clutch: Santa Cruz.

I couldn't help adding this photo of Steve in his James Bond suit. Scrubs up well, doesn't he? (I worry he may get more fan mail than me though, hahaha.)

On Sunday I'll be showing the last post of the final leg of our trip. Hope you will join me for the final round up.


Sicily and Rome

Our recent cruise around the Mediterranean was wonderful, giving us a brief introduction to new places and people which is really just a taster for more. Likewise I'm going to be as brief as I can and try not to inundate the blog with endless holiday snaps. Therefore today's post covers our first two stops in our whistle stop tour. The first photos are from Palermo, Sicily where it seemed to be a tad unusual to see a woman dressed in such vibrant colours. Maybe I looked like a circus clown to the local residents. But men and women alike, as we walked around the city, they certainly gave me more than a fleeting glance. 

Steve found himself promoted/demoted to position of blog photographer, but soon got into his stride. He spent most of his time heckling me whilst I barked instructions. We made a great double act - it was hilarious.

I bought this little bag in Rome the previous day. There were so many colours and styles to choose from, but I think this being the first choice was the right one. It's lined in pale yellow chamois leather (sorry Sally for yet again not taking a shot of the interior) and opens quite wide to hold a surprising amount of bits and bobs.

Jacket: Benetton. Maxi dress: eBay. Sandals: New Zealand. Handbag: boutique in Rome. Rings and watch: charity shop.

As we walked along this old fashioned street we found a wonderful vintage shop called "Magazzini Anita". 

It didn't take long for me to realise that this boutique was where I would spend today's pocket money. Steve loitered outside in the morning sunshine and I disappeared inside. I had a great time browsing and trying things on. The owner is a lovely lady called Elena who sources her wares from all sorts of places. The boutique was brimming with beautiful Italian shoes, bags and clothes, some of it new and some second hand. Elena was the perfect hostess helping me to find just the right pieces to suit my frame and colouring. For a fashionista this had to be the highlight of the trip so far. We swapped details, chatted about fashion and blogs and eventually I made my purchases.

Retail therapy complete, and bag in hand, Steve and I then continued with our stroll through the ancient streets of Palermo.

And here's what I bought.

Coat, trousers and blouse all from Magazinni Anita, Via Maqueda, 263 Palermo.

That evening was the first gala dinner on board the ship with the opportunity to meet the captain and his senior staff afterwards. We're on one of the diamond staircases which were the prime location for all of those wanting a glamorous setting for their photos. My outfit is the same as I wore for the island Christmas party as seen here. It was the right thing to take this ensemble along as I felt very comfortable in it. The first night on board had been a bit overwhelming. I knew we were going to be on a big ship, but little did I realise that we would be amongst over 4500 passengers. Considering our little island has a winter population of about 130 residents this vessel, MSC Preziosa, was a gigantic floating city by comparison. Some 18 decks high and 333m long we regularly got lost at the start and by the end of our cruise still hadn't discovered every bar, lounge or even all of the swimming pools.

Skirt: Susan Small, Enjoy Clothing. Blouse: Shubette Separates, charity shop. Shoes: Primate. Belt: eBay. Necklace: Debenhams. Clutch: Santa Cruz.


The trip to Rome was the highlight of the cruise for most of us, with the Colosseum obviously being the major tourist attraction. We docked in the port of Civitavecchia which was an hour and a half away from Rome by coach.

Steve brandished the camera about today with great results.

Jacket: Vero Moda. Jeans: Gap. Waistcoat: Uniqlo. T shirt: Uniqlo. Belt: H&M. Trainers: Salomon. Handbag: charity shop. Scarf: old. Watch: charity shop.

We visited the Palatine ruins first of all which were extensive.

After a couple of hours we crossed to the Colosseum where we spent another two hours steeped in the history of this huge feat of architecture.

The tiers of marble seats were where the Senators sat to watch the gory battles.

As I stood here I couldn't help but wonder about all of the poor souls who had experienced the most horrifying of deaths in this arena.

 This must-have shot of the icon that represents Rome.

The dress theme for this evening was 70's/80's/90's disco. This jumpsuit was the best I could conjure up. My next post will feature Malta and Barcelona - see you all on Wednesday for that!

Anna x

Jumpsuit: H&M. Shrug: charity shop. Green pearls: Almost Perfect. Belt: eBay.

London highlights

Hi everyone. It's great to be back from my holiday and thanks to all my faithful readers for hooking up with my blog in my absence. I had a fab time in London and just want to give you a flavour of what I got up to over the few days we spent there before we went off on our cruise. I met up with my dearest friend Bo who lives in Portugal and we visited the Burlington Arcade first of all. Much to my absolute delight I clocked this fabulous display of brogues in the boutique window of Manolo Blahnik. Read more about Carrie Bradshaw's favourite shoe designer and his new boutique here - it had only opened in the previous week.
A veritable rainbow of suede brogues
Any of this trio would have been perfect with my outfit.
I'm in shoe heaven.
For my foreign readers, the Burlington Arcade, in the heart of London, is a alleyway of boutique designer shops showcasing the most exclusive fashions, perfumes, jewellery, men's and women's couture and every must-have item imaginable. Here's two more of the eye-catching displays...

This from Lulu Guinness.
And this Chanel sculpture with its golden discs stood about three foot tall.

Bo and I have been friends for many years now and one of our common bonds is our love of fashion. She's one of the few people I can happily go shopping with. I'm usually a solitary shopper, but she and I have such similar tastes and know what suits each other; we are always honest with our opinions on what works and what doesn't. As you can see Bo's style is very eclectic - she mixes things up in her very own inimitable way and she always exudes confidence.

Bo is grinning from ear to ear as we've revelled in the window shopping of the Burlington Arcade and next we're off to see this spectacular exhibition at the RA -

The exhibition exceeded all our expectations and if any of you can make it to London in time to see it I would urge you to go. The breadth of artists and art is extraordinary, and we were introduced to so many "new" artists and styles that we hadn't previously discovered. It was moving at times, breathtaking at others, and without question is the most impressive exhibition either of us have ever had the privilege to view.

And finally, Steve and I were luckily enough to be in Leicester Square on the evening of the premiere of the film Zoolander No 2. Amidst the jostling of the crowds of fans, and the TV cameras and crews we managed to catch a glimpse of some of the stars as they sashayed down the blue carpet.

My outfit from the Burlington Arcade was a bit middle-of-the-road as far as the fashionistas of London go, but my silver brogues did attract a few compliments. Thank you to the ladies of the Cath Kidston staff from opposite the Arcade who deserve a mention, as they would like to implement a funky tights and shoes combo as part of their uniform - hurrah and good luck with that!

Trench coat: Jessica Simpson. Skirt: Boden. Polo neck: M&S. Shoes: Office. Tights: Top Shop. Bag: charity shop.
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