What can you do?

The question refers to when you think you've got a great outfit to show and yet it photographs so badly. That's not down to a rubbish camera or a bad photographer, as you know that's certainly not the case. No, I think it's to do with the proportions of the separates that defy good imagery. Anyway, I'm going to pick the best shots of the bunch and hope they come across as good as it makes me feel.

Looks quite promising doesn't it? A bit of orange, a bit of pattern clashing, my favourite perspex rings, what's not to love? Well, the problem arises from the fact that the trousers are culottes, very wide ones at that, which when you take into account my height of just under 5ft5in, then it becomes a challenge to see this ensemble as quite the cool that I'm feeling.

So far so good? Ready for some more?

Still OK?

Oh, I don't know if I can face you.

Just a moment while I prepare myself.

Damn, Ian just zipped past for his moment of fame!

I'm not sure I can look you in the eye. I so love this outfit, but it breaks the rule. You know, the - If you're short you can't wear wide cropped trousers - rule. Oh dear, what can I do? What can I say to make you understand? It makes me feel so good, yet looks...?

If I were in the mood to completely mock this outfit I could even go so far as to say that the shoes may look like boats with these trousers being the sails flapping in the wind. Heck, I'm on my way to self destruct at this rate!

This was Polly's final shot of the day. Maybe I don't look quite as squat as in the others? OK, enough of this negativity! Here's my favourite outfit. I totally love it. Love the perfect fit of these high waisted culottes. Love how wide they are in the leg. Love that they're made of the most lightweight silk that flows around me like a caress when I walk. Love these funky, sharp sandals that echo the same colours as the trousers. Love the neon brightness of the shirt, in the most orangey way it could be. Love the collar clips. Love that it only cost me £3.29 in a charity shop. It really doesn't matter that I'm neither tall nor willowy. What matters is that I want to share this with you and say, Hey, you don't have to be perfect or wear perfect clothes, just love what you wear!

Culottes are by Jean Muir, London (charity shop), shirt from Motel Rocks, shoes are by Sixtyseven, tee shirt from Topshop and rings are charity shopped. My new nail polish is by Rimmel, called "Darling you are fabulous!" which is surely reason enough to buy it! 
Anna x


My right royal post

I'll get straight to the point - we've had a very royal visit this week on the Isles of Scilly and I was lucky enough to be one of the small number who gathered on Old Grimsby quay to catch a glimpse of the lovely couple. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made a brief visit on Friday, slightly hampered by the fog in the early morning which resulted in a quick reshuffle to their plans, and an impromptu tour the Eden Project before flying in  to the island by private helicopter. They enjoyed a walk through our local and equally famous Abbey Garden before departing from Old Grimsby to motor across to St Martin's for a guided tour of the island, to then leave a couple of hours later. I managed to extend my lunchtime so that I could place myself strategically to snatch a few photos of the memorable visit. An event like this in our tiny island community is a rare and welcome highlight for visitors and locals alike. Despite our remote location we are still part of the UK after all.

This was the "crowd" awaiting the arrival of William and Kate.

Great excitement as the vehicles arrive.

We were all very British. No shouting nor pushing, we just waited and hoped to share a word. As William walked towards me I said Hello and he said Hello back. Very ordinary in our daily lives, but still a tad special when coming from a future king. Kate was chatting as she proceeded along the line of visitors and locals. The crowd was hushed, hoping to hear a snatch of her conversation. As she neared I clicked away trying to capture the perfect shot.

Close up, Kate is as beautiful as she looks in the press. Like Diana, who stood on this very same jetty 34 years ago while heavily pregnant with William, she too had the crowd hanging on her every word. They both wore the same engagement ring. I was lucky enough to be there then and here I am again now, was what went through my mind at that moment. As she turned and walked towards me I stepped forward and said "It's so lovely to meet you" to which she replied "You too". 

At this stage the royal couple were heading towards the jet boat. Some children started to call out "Bye Catherine" and she turned to acknowledge them.

And off they went to St Martin's. We locals all returned to our jobs, homes and chores like any other day. The visitors had a wonderful story to add to their holiday adventures. The young royal couple hopefully had a day they might want to repeat. Perhaps with their children next time? Who knows.

Apologies to my readers who may not be fans of our Royal family. Normal service will be resumed on Wednesday.
Anna x


September's shift

And suddenly it's September! Not only September, but according to the weather guys, we're now in autumn. Well, just hang on there! I'm so not ready to pack up my summer clothes yet. In my world, summer continues until the weather breaks and that's usually October here on the islands. Expect prolonged periods of sleeveless tops, drifting into summer frocks with outbreaks of bare legs and the occasional silky jumpsuit in this corner of the UK. Any isolated areas of raincoats or heavier wet weather gear will not be making it onto the blog this month, oh no.

I wore this shift dress to work yesterday in an attempt to style a shift without looking like I'm off to a wedding. Maybe it's ended up looking more like a clubbing outfit this time? As you can tell I'm pretty extreme in my judgements of myself - my protective instinct I'm afraid, to say the worst thing before anyone else gets the chance to. A terrible insight into my psyche at this time of the morning, but let's not open that particular can of worms today eh? I do in fact like this combo of matchy-matchy bag and shoes with my default setting of pattern clashing to give it my own stamp of approval.

I wish you all a happy Friday and hope that you have a great weekend. I'll leave you with a couple of images from my Instagram this week showing the view from my backgarden one evening as the sun set and the other from the deck at the Ruin Beach Cafe where I joined Sasha and Polly for cocktails. These islands are idyllic during the summer, hence my inablility to give up on my favourite season despite what the the forecasters say.

Dress from F&F at Tesco (old), shoes and bag by Roland Cartier (thrifted), sunglasses by Quay Australia and all jewellery thrifted.

Anna x

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