My new watch from Storm

Hello and how are you? I had a mini break on the mainland last week which has taken me a bit of time to recover from, but here I am resplendant in my peapod trouser suit to wow you with my latest accessory, gifted from Storm Watches. The Elexi gold watch in Lazer Green is an absolute beauty of a watch - see more about it here - Storm Elexi Lazer Green Watch

When the watch arrived on my doorstep the first thought for me was about the outfit of course and what would showcase it the best. Some of you might say I would be spoilt for choice, but it soon became obvious that something as stylish as the Elexi watch deserved to be paired with my most stylish of outfits - my aqua trouser suit from the H&M collaboration with Iris Apfel.

It's months since I strutted my stuff in these threads and oh, how I'd forgotten how great this co-ord makes me feel! It wasn't by chance that the colour of the satin lining of the suit is the same as the watch face - that was the main reason I opted for this ensemble.

I first wore my beautiful suit back in 2022 with shots from this very same spot and styled not so differently either - see here. Today I've added a simple white vest top from Primark, my Besson white leather boots (recently purchased from Vinted), white pearl belt from Amazon, lemon Dune handbag and pre-loved rings. The mixture of old and new is so very me.

And so, on to the watch. The STORM Elexi is a statement watch with a 21 karat gold plated strap and unique cut glass dial. This sophisticated watch has a deep green jewel face and a two-tone brushed/polished stainless steel strap. The perfect fashion watch for day or evening wear.

STORM watches are made from high quality sustainable materials which are responsibly sourced and recyclable.

My friend Jodie did he honours with the photography for this shoot, helping to set the right tone for this feature. Thanks Jodie, for doing such a great job!

The Elexi comes in four other colourways, even aqau which was quite tempting, but I love the bold rich green of mine and will wear it often. 

Thank you as ever for dropping by to catch up on my news. Next time I'll give you all the latest from my trip off-island, including the big reveal of my shopping spree!

                                                                    Anna x



  1. It's a lovely watch, Anna, and you surely styled your outfit with panache to complement it! I adore this suit - swoon! Just pass it over to me, would you?? I'd die if I found that in a store here! Your hair is getting long - I love the big bouffy curls!

  2. Hi my dearest mermaid Anna, first let me say, I like your longer hair. Second, I was astonished and a little bit shocked to see your longer hair, because it shows myself my long absence here. I'm sorry. I can't give any reasons, life is moving and full of encounters in real life and I sit less time at my monitor. But, to tell the true, I often have been thinking of you and your beautiful island and up to now I come back regularly.
    now to the outfit. I really love your suit, since you bought him. The color is amazing. And your new watch is a match made in heaven. The green of the watch is perfect for every mermaid.
    Kisses and Hugs, Susa


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