Mighty monchrome

I'm a flighty type when it come to dressing, as you'll surely know by now. One minute it's all Barbie leggings and leopard print bikini top and the next, this simple monochrome look. I love being a chameleon. This skirt has been showcased recently in the post "As suggested by ...Joan" and I won't apologise for that as I love it so much. Today's offering is a variation on that theme - I thought it would be fun to pair the skirt with this satin jacket, after giving my other satin one an outing recently. I know it won't be jacket weather for much longer!

This sweet knitted top was a gift from Ann of Kremb de la Kremb recently. One of the perks of our global game of clothes ping pong is that we often include an extra piece that may work for one from the other. Ann sent me a couple of things - this very fine sweater which fits me perfectly and the other was a midi length skirt that Polly snaffled as it was a bit too big for me. I love the simplicity of the top which works perfectly when put with all of the pattens going on here. The shoes are new, from H&M sale some time ago and are downright copies of the ones my daughter bought last winter. Thank goodness she's not upset when I copy her style, and neither am I if she copies mine. 

Details - jacket: New Look, shoes: H&M, skirt: H&M, sweater: gift, tights: Walford, belt: H&M, rings: charity shop.

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Frills and flowers

Apologies for the dull light in these shots today, but Polly and I decided it was worth a try to capture this outfit. I didn't realise that I was channelling Adam Ant until I looked through these later, but I still love the ensemble. The jacket was a hand me down from my friend Maggie and has been a great addition to my wardrobe since I inherited a couple of years ago. I love the mix of fabrics and textures that give a richness to the overall look.

I fancy that these skinnies and my floral boots have married behind my back as I can't seem to bring one out without the other. The texture of jacket and boots work beautifully too. And for the final flourish, well the frilly blouse is the homage to the very beautiful Adam Ant that pulls the whole ensemble together. 

Outfit details - jacket: gift, boots: ASOS, trousers: Papaya, blouse: eBay, necklace: Noel, rings:old.

I turned the camera onto Polly at the end of our session. Doesn't she look so cute in this dress and boots combo? She leaves the island tomorrow after working at the local supermarket for the past couple of weeks. Polly's hobby of running is what keeps her fit and healthy, and boy look at those shapely, toned legs - what a great advert she is for her sport! Polly will be back again next year, and in the meantime I've got a backlog of photos to use and then my trusty tripod and timer will work out fine (as it did last winter). Thank you Polly for doing such a grand job and I look forward to regrouping in the spring!
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Satin bomber jacket

I bought this jacket way back in September on one of my big shopping splurges see here, but seem to have forgotten to get organised enough to show it. This shoot is from the reign of Polly, so the shots will still be of the highest of standards you've come to expect of her, and me (creepy laughter heard dimly in the background).

Since I made my purchase, the satin bomber has become ten-a-penny, but I forgive the masses for falling for such an adorable piece of transitional dress, and trust that no-one has come across one as delightful as my bronze, embroidered example (again - rah-ha-ha-ha-ha!)

The dress was a present from Sasha for Mother's day, last seen here, and is fabulous with the jacket don't you agree? The embroidery echos the print of the dress really well, the gold boots carry on the metallic theme. That's about it for this mid-week offering. Hope you're all recovering from the Halloween ghouls and ghosties, and that you've finally managed to scour off the last of the black eyeliner. My eerie laughter will soon die down too.

Details - dress: H&M, boots: River Island, jacket: TK Maxx, rings: old.

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Anna meets...Ian

This month I'd like to introduce artist Ian Brown who lives and works in Cornwall. Ian doesn't show in my gallery but is married to an artist friend of mine which is how we met. Last month Ian invited me to spend a day in his studio in the role of artist's muse. Well, the show-off in me couldn't resist. Ian paints the human form and is particularly interested in the visibility of women of a certain age. He has various projects running currently, one being swimsuits which I sat for, black and white dresses being another. It was an interesting experience to be involved in the creative process for a change: I've visited artists in their studios many times, but always to view work or to choose pieces for exhibitions. Let's continue with the Q & A section shall we?

How long have you been an artist?
I would say that I have been an artist since my early teens although I did not attend art school until my mid 20’s and I am now 63 so you do the math .

Francisco Goya 1746 - 1828, Portrait of the Duchess of Alba, New York Hispanic Society.   

Francisco Goya 1746 - 1828, The Duchess of Alba in White, Liria Palace, Madrid

What's the story behind the black and white dresses?

The dresses came out of the knowledge that an artist I admire Euan Uglow used to dress his models including wigs to suit his painting so I immediately warmed to the idea of dressing my sitters. I had been looking at Goya and chose the paintings he did of the duchess of Alba as the basis for a series of portraits of women I know of my generation . I then set about finding dresses that had what I felt was some Spanish influence but were also not something my sitters would be likely to have in  their wardrobe . I wanted to convey a sort of body glamour usually the domain of the young .

Have you exhibited any of these paintings yet or do you have plans to?

Ian Brown 1953 -, Valda, artist's studio, Cornwall.

I have not exhibited them yet. One was shortlisted for the National Open Art Competition and a second is shortlisted to be hung at the RWA autumn exhibition in Bristol .

What brought you to live in Cornwall?

My wife the artist Janet Lynch persuaded me away from London although I have continued to exhibit in London through Beardsmore Gallery who represented me until earlier this year until they retired .

I know you're a fellow Scot. Tell me where is your favourite place in Scotland and why?

One of my favourite places is Portencross on the Clyde . It figured initially as an exotic place where a friend of my grandfather kept a boat, and later in my adult life in the years just before art school, a friend and mentor (Alasdair Taylor) lived in a cottage there without electricity although it was the nearest inhabited building to Hunterston nuclear power station.

If you weren't an artist what would you like to be?

Probably a professional sportsman of some kind , I have played golf for Cornwall.

Finally, if you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

At the moment Florence and or Madrid to see paintings of course.

This final shot was taken at the end of the session. I had spotted a painting in the corner of the studio, a women of about my age, wearing these Barbie leggings. Ian and I chatted about how it came about, and lo and behold, the afternoon descended into a bit of dressing up for me. As a girl who spends every day pulling pieces of clothing together to create a-less-than-ordinary outfit, this didn't seem at all unusual. I love the randomness of all of these elements which somehow came together as they did to give me a photograph like no other. Ian has captured the joy of being within this 58 year old body - I'll cherish this forever.

To view more work from Ian follow the link to Newlyn Society of Artists here.
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