Seaweed and a comb-over

Island life can sometimes be a bit of a challenge for a fashionista (not exactly sure that I qualify as that, but hey you get what I mean). The other morning we had a fresh wind blowing and the high tide had left a fine trail of seaweed across the road. The outfit of the day shows my only concession to the wild weather. Not exactly wet-gear and wellies, but a cosy sweater at least. And just because it's a dull day, it doesn't mean my outfit needs to be dull!

Sweater : H&M. Trousers : Topshop. Shoes : New Look. Silver double heart necklace : Tiffany (charity shop).



  1. Great outfit Anna! And perfect for this ever changeable Cornish weather ! Xx

    1. Thanks Jade. Am actually featuring a trench coat in an upcoming post which you may have seen in the flesh. It's rather lovely. Great to catch up with you yesterday x


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