The fab yellow jacket

Earlier this spring I saw a fashion spread declaring that yellow was the latest trend to follow. Great news as it's a lovely colour for me, from pale primrose to thick dark mustard, it's all good. Well, you can imagine my delight when I came across this little beauty on one of my foray's to my favourite Penzance charity shop. The fit is perfect, the cut very Chanel, the fabric even has a touch of gold yarn running through it (I'm partial to a bit of sparkle), but best of all it's so bloomin' versatile! This will play out over the months and I make no apologies - I can't wait to see how many outfits will benefit from this finishing touch.
P.S. I need to point out that these fab tights actually have a green pattern at knee height hence the odd poses trying to show it off!

Jacket : charity shop. Shirt : Austin Reed. Skirt : Pedro Del Hierro. Tights : Topshop. Shoes : Boden. Yellow barrel bag (as seen on cover page) : NW3 (charity shop). Green pearl necklace : Rose Cecil. Rings : old. Brass bangle : Rose Cecil.




  1. Great chatting to you this morning Anna. I think we share the same
    Ilife ethos. I shall look forward to following you and to returning to your beautiful island x

    1. Hi Lesley, it was so lovely to chat to you guys when you were here the other day. Glad you like the blog and thank you for the words of encouragement x

  2. Hi Anna,
    Love your Island Blog! Am rather jealous of your brogue collection. Great to see the green pearls and brass cuff looking so good, Sending you the Almost Perfect FB page and can tell you that I will be 'like' -ing the Island Blog a lot !
    Much love

    1. Hi Rose, I know I've already acknowledged this but wanted to say thanks for dropping by. The cuff and pearls are still proving to be mainstays. I think the change in weather will bring the brogues back into play soon xxx


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