Summer in September?

Hello and how are you this fine weekend?

So the question is, can it still be summer in September? Well, when the sky is as blue as this, then I say yes! I was keen to share this outfit with you before I cave to the pressure of autumn fashion. The white linen skirt with embroidered silver and gold dots (by M&S, preloved) has languished in my closet for the past few summers but is rarely given an outing. The yellow top is rather ancient (picked today for those raised dots which tie in beautifully with the skirt), maybe also M&S, but definitely preloved. Today's look came about because of the introduction of the rather swish little jacket which I finally purchased last month after seeing it on three separate occasions over the summer. 

The leaf print jacket is by Heyton at TK Maxx. Each time I saw it, I asked myself if I needed it. Note I say needed, not wanted. I'm trying to reign in my hoarding tendencies, not because I really want to, but simply because I don't have room for much more in my summer wardrobe. My hangers are jammed side by side with barely an inch of movement between them all and my tops, sweaters and trousers are piled high in towers that demand the gentlest of handling lest they will topple over. Clothes are my passion, my addiction and blogging somehow helps to justify this. Please don't judge me.

I crumbled and decided to buy the jacket on the third occasion as it had been reduced to £15 which really did seem to be a bargain for this navy lined, perfectly fitting cute little number. The shape fits my frame well and I particularly like the shorter length sleeve. I seem to recall reading somewhere that the wrist can be a great focal point, particularly for older women - that seemed to be a bit ageist, but still stuck in my mind.

Some of you may think this to be a fairly sober ensemble for me, but sometimes I do like to wear a conservative piece to which I add my own twist - the gold sandals here for example. It's good to underplay things one day as more often than not I find it feeds my imagination for the following day. The blog post coming up next time is the perfect example of this. Today's jewellery goes like this: necklace - gift from Sasha, frilly ring by Emily Nixon, broad gold ring  is preloved, rose gold watch is by Michael Kors, and let's not forget my so-perfect-I-seem-to-wear-them-every-day-sunglasses by Quay.

So you can see the metallic dots on the skirt much better here which were what informed my choice of sandals. Kitten heels or courts might have been more chic, but adding a bit of quirkiness was what I was aiming for. 

And finally, further to my news about my modelling job with JD Williams I'd like to share this link with you to the website. Over the summer months I've dodged back and forth to the mainland for casting sessions, wardrobe fitting and finally filming and throughout it all I've tempered the whole thing with the idea that my contribution would end up on the cutting room floor (such is my lack of self belief). A friend stopped by the gallery yesterday to tell me I was featured on the website as "one of the stars" of the "I AM" campaign. Pinch me, I think I'm dreaming!

Anna x



  1. What a lovely summery outfit and beautifully co ordinated, I wouldn't have been able to pass up the jacket either; it is so pretty!

    Congratulations on your modelling job - I'm off to look at the website!

    Have a lovely week.

    1. Hurrah then, for one of my last summer outfits. Even my husband has commented on this cute little jacket, although it was more along the lines of "Like your jacket. Shame they didn't have enough material to finish off the sleeves though!" Such a joker.

      Have a super week,
      Anna x

  2. Bravo! That was an awesome feature!

    I saw you wrote that there is also a live commercial/video. Do you have the link for that?

    I've seen a previous one that this company did on older women and it was amazing.

    I can also sometimes be found in rather toned down outfits sometimes. Those are the days I don't want to bring any attention to myself.

    I like that you added those wild sandals.


    1. We're all waiting for the release date for the advert Suzanne, although if you blink you might miss me! I'm the short one in the yellow sweater...

      I must admit that on my days off at home I'm very casual in my dressing. We just can't be "on" all the time, can we?

      Have a great week!
      Anna x

  3. I admire how you held off buying the jacket, which paid of in the end. Don't know how you were able to resist it as it's fabulous. I do have a weakness for jackets! I must admit it felt good reading about your hangers being jammed side by side and you sky high towers of tops, Etc., as it makes me feel less guilty about mine. Congratulations on your modelling job, you must be over the moon! xxx

  4. Wonderful wonderful Anna! So impressed you look fabulous. What an achievement Hun. Thanks also for this quiet but appealing little summer number, lucky the weather has been obliging. Have a happy week my friend. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  5. You look SO pretty in this beautifully styled look Anna! This is the sort of outfit you could wear to a wedding or a fancy upscale garden party! Your inspiration was the texture and I love the subtlety of these soft colors with tactile dots!
    You look FABULOUS amoung the group of chosen models. Your vibrancy, health and fitness shine! Hooray for the very deserved recognition Anna!!

  6. Congratulations Anna on your modelling debut, you look sensational. The campaign looks so very good with such a diverse range of real women.
    I do like your Summer outfit , especially those sandals, inspiration for our Summer to come eventually. Enjoy those glorious blue skies.

  7. You know when you just need to buy right? I'm looking forward to seeing how many other ways you style this jacket Anna.
    Not looking forward to dark mornings/evening xx


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