Look Fabulous Forever search for LFF Face of 2019

Hello and welcome to this special post where today I'm working in association with the beauty brand Look Fabulous Forever. As you'll see from the title, the brand is looking for an over 50 fabulous, vibrant woman to be their Face of 2019. Are you an inspiration? Do you defy your age, stepping outside the ordinary to define yourself in your very own way? Are you full of the joie de vivre? If so, then follow the link here to apply or maybe even prompt someone who you thinks fits that description. 

Here's what the team at Look Fabulous Forever have to say about this competition - 
Last year we ran a search to seek out a ‘Face of LFF’ - an older woman whose attitude to life would reflect everything that Look Fabulous Forever seeks to encapsulate.She would also be a warm, enthusiastic and vivacious older woman who had taken risks which had pushed her well outside her comfort zone. From hundreds of deserving entries we selected 3 women - one who was named the Face of LFF and 2 runners up. Meet the winners here.

We’d like to hear from women over 50 who believe that age is no barrier to living a fabulous life. Women who have challenged perceptions of how older women should live their life, overcome adversity or found a new hobby or even made a big life change that has led to their happiness.

The overall winners prize includes:

·       Professional makeover and photoshoot

·       £500 cash prize

·       A range of LFF products

·       Personalised colour and style consultation 

·       Ongoing appearance as the Face of LFF 2019

Plus there are 2 runner up prizes also.

Dates: 19th Jan - 24th March 2019

Last year I was lucky enough to work with Annee, the Face of 2018. Annee is blessed with good genes she said, when I complimented her on her youthful skin. Between that and her pretty features I could understand why she was chosen to represent the brand for the year. But not only that, she has such a gentle nature and warm personality it was easy to see how she won the hearts of the judges. This year it could be you - so be brave and fill out the form!

Talking of brave, yes some of you may think I'm either brave or mad to be swimming in the winter in just a swimsuit, but honestly I seem to be part of a growing trend. Yes this habit was maybe once viewed as an extreme sport, but with the latest evidence that cold water bathing has huge health benefits, I'm pleased to say that I am positively mainstream now. If you need further persuading then click on the link here to read about cold water swimming. 

Yes, if you've read the article, you'll see the report shows not only benefits to general health, but also for mental well-being. At last this subject too has become centre stage and is (hopefully) about to shake off the stigma that once surrounded it. Ill health isn't a matter of choice and I've suffered from various health problems over my life, some of which I've discussed and some I've shied away from. My winter depression (Seasonal Affective Disorder, to give it its proper name) has been more or less completely banished by this simple act of sea immersion. There's no need to swim for miles or stay in the water for long either - a quick dip would work wonders. 

During the latest spell of winter weather I've seen photos on Instagram of fellow swimmers ploughing through icy lakes (yes, with actual chunks of ice) and trekking along snow covered boardwalks to reach their chosen patch of endorphin-inducing water. If you don't believe me see Julie P and Ella Chloe here. Forgive me for harping on, but honestly you can't knock it until you've tried it. Then, and only then, once you've experienced the mighty afterglow, will you understand what all the fuss it about!

When you see the ruddy glow to the skin as that rush of blood shows on the surface, then I ask you to consider that same rush of blood reaching the brain, energising the immune system, blasting through your fat cells and boosting your metabolism. I'm part of this growing revolution who chooses sea swimming over medication to keep myself well. 

Care to join me?

Anna x



  1. Wow!! What fun post Anna! For a moment I thought you were going to announce that you'd won the Face of 2019 award! I would NOT have been surprised if you had! This is quite an accomplished group of women who have great heart and have endured some long term (heartbreaking)challenges.
    The sea/winter water swimmers you featured were amazing! It must be very validating to find other women who relish this daily challenge just as you do Anna. I noticed that your darling mermaid friend joined the group and was in a couple of the Instagram post photos!
    You keep delighting and inspiring us with the unexpected. I'm so glad to bebe a faithful follower!!!

    1. Thanks for your wonderful comments Judy. As ever, I like to keep the blog interesting, throwing in the unexpected so that I don't become too predictable. And yes, you're so right about the validation that comes from finding a group of like minded sea swimmers who "get it". Before we go any further though, I want to counter any other readers who come back to me saying they don't live near the sea. My response to that is for them to start adding a cold finish to their daily shower to benefit from the cold water shock theory. Increasing that cold burst to longer and longer every day, they could, over a length of time, change their daily shower into a daily cold shower and be healthy bunnies too! xxx

  2. aww... you are a good swimmer.
    have a great day

  3. once more, it's so lovely to feel your enthusiasm and enjoy your fabulous attitude!, this post has put a smile on my face.
    You Totally Rock!

    1. I'm delighted to hear that you've enjoyed this post. Thanks so much Monica x

  4. I would LOVE to join you! I do love swimming and I will always attempt cold water! You are a good role model for looking fab forever!

    1. Kezzie, I do remember with such fondness the day we did in fact swim together on Pentle Bay. The summer sea was a tad warmer than it is currently, but it always has a bit of a chill to it. Thanks for your kind words, sweetheart!

  5. You look amazing Anna. That daily swimming malarkey looks like it's working well for you xx

    1. Ah, so very kind of you Jacqui. I wish all my photo shoots could be done just after I come out of the sea - I swear I'm two sizes smaller than usual and my skin colour is so healthy too!


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