A true friend indeed!

Sometimes we need a good friend, and yesterday with Polly away on holiday, Sasha running her circuits class and hubby out on gig coxswain duty my blog photographers seemed to be a bit thin on the ground. So thank goodness that my lovely friend Kate is here on holiday, allowing me to take over her garden as the sun dropped in the sky while she was having a lull between holiday activities.

Kate launched into moving garden furniture as I stood by giving instructions. Poor Kate is used to being bossed about by me and yet like a true friend she puts up with my ways.

Sit here, I said, so that I can check the light. And meek as a lamb, she did. A true friend indeed! Kate is staying at North End cottage for the week, celebrating her birthday in the best possible way with boat trips, bouquets, birthday cake, bottles of bubbly and her best friend. 

You'll have maybe seen these separates from a recent shopping trip in Truro see here, but I thought you might like to see the outfit after a hard day at the office. Hahaha - if you've seen the view from my office window you'll understand that it's no hardship at all!

The jumper and trousers were both in the Topshop sale and the mustard jacket is by Boohoo but from TK Maxx at the bargain price of £7.99. The statement necklace was half price in the Topshop sale too and is perfect for this mix of colours.

The patent boots have barely been off my feet since I bought them. They're soooo comfortable with that mid heel not too high and the foot width isn't narrow either making them all-day-long comfortable. Polly and I have a stash of "afternoon shoes" in the gallery for that moment when you return from lunch and realise that a pair of comfortable shoes is the order of the day. These don't need that back up which is great.

However, I'm not averse to a bit of lounging around as my dear friend has cleared the decks for me. Oh goodness, these sun loungers are very comfortable! Call Steve and tell him I might be late home... Now where's that bubbly?

The dusty track along the lane to the cottage had left its mark on my lovely boots, but a quick rub up and they're as good as new.

My charity shop handbag is a great match for these boots.

It was about a week ago that I was at home fighting off a cold virus, more flu-like I found when the backache kicked in and consequently I'm still not 100%. I hadn't really acknowledged that slight bit of depression that lingers on after these bugs, but am currently running on low. I'm missing my sea swimming terribly but know how it could set me back if I swim while I'm still harbouring a cough and sinus pain. Patience doesn't come naturally to me, but I think I'll have to wait until the weekend until I venture into the briny once again. 

Thanks for dropping in again today. I appreciate your company and hope that you've enjoyed the feature. I'll be back at the weekend with? - goodness knows what! It all depends on whether I can find a photographer!

Take care and see you soon!

Anna x



  1. Well, I'd really LOVE to say that I'll just pop on over and be your photographer for as long as you need me, but alas that's not in the cards (right now anyway).
    I'm glad you get to enjoy your friend Kate's visit and her assistance. She did a great job for you!
    Your look is so cute! Those plaid pants are great but the mustardy yellow jacket and patent boots finish it off with such chiqueness! That's a pretty high heel for all day comfort. I'm jealous!
    PLEASE don't push yourself to much as you recuperate from that respiratory infection Anna! By the way... Is there a doctor on your island home?

    1. Last things first Judy - we don't have a doctor on our island but one does visit once a week, so if you're planning on being ill you have to make it a Tuesday! Emergencies are dealt with really well with a medical launch from St Mary's and even coastguard helicopters available from UK mainland.
      Glad you like the outfit - I have slight reservations, but no matter - I had no choice but to publish!

  2. One of my most favourite outfits on you Anna - it looks perfect together, and looks like all the pieces were made for each other. Hope you find a photographer Hun - great shots applause for your lovely friend. Jacqui Mummabstylish

    1. So pleased you like this Jacqui. It was one of those outfits that I started off really liking, but by the end of the day I felt a bit lumpy in it. Know what I mean?

  3. What a bargain that Mustard jacket was. I've really enjoyed the Mustard trend this year. I'm waiting to find out still when I will be coming to the Scilly Isles. It's supposed to be May sometime but they are looking for a place for me to stay! Very odd.
    But when I do come visit I will be showing you how you can take all these photos by yourself Anna! xx

    1. Mustard surely had a moment earlier on this year didn't it Laurie? I'm so excited to see you when you come over. Do keep me in the loop so that I can take a bit of time off to come to meet you. See you soon x

  4. How awesome of Kate to step in and help you out! She's lovely!

    Adoring the fabulous colours and pattern-mixing in this outfit, Anna! Stupendous is all I can say!

    I also get low when I'm sick - it's when you really feel that aging creeping up on you, isn't it? We don't bounce back like we used to. I'm also not a patient person! Be well - sending you good vibes from across a sea and a continent!

    1. Thanks so much Sheila. This is the first time I've been ill for a while and goodness I do seem to be taking forever to get back to full strength! I'm probably 10 years older than you and I wonder if my system is even slower to respond. Still no swimming as yet!

  5. Lovely outfit and lovely friend!, mwhaha
    I love particularly the matchy colors and the cool accessorizing!, those boots and bag, and the necklace!. Everything rocks!!


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