The JD Williams spring campaign is live!

Yes, after much nattering on from me, I can at last share some of the final shots from the spring campaign which has now gone live. Watch the TV advert here. Paulina and I weren't used in the commercial this time, but can be seen over the social media campaign.

If you recall, this was day two of filming at the Dairy Shed just a 20 minute drive outside Cape Town. This was the middle of the day and the temperature was in the early 30's.

The wedding scene was set against this fabulous floral archway with all of the cast wearing pale pink and nude outfits. 

When the filming was done the stills photographer Elisabeth Hoff stepped in to take my shots. Once again it has to be said what a privilege it is to be photographed by Elisabeth. If you check out her profile you'll see that she's very much the photographer of the moment with recent subjects being Mary Berry, Marco Pierre White, Emma Willis and Davina McCall, to name a few. Elisabeth is making her name as a modern day David Bailey.

Elisabeth gives strong direction, thank goodness, and yet also helps to relax her subject with a great playlist. I have a funny clip on my phone of me drifting off into a bit of a reverie when the music had me dancing and singing as if I was on a music video - Elisabeth soon brought me back into the moment! 

The brief video above (working or not?) is from the JD Williams Instagram feed and can also be seen here

And so, back to reality. I've returned from my short trip to the mainland. Storm Gareth tried his best to disrupt my plans, but I arrived on the mainland, diverted to Newquay instead of Land's End and was slightly shaken not stirred from the flight. I had an appointment at the hospital for a bone density scan and will get the results anon. So what on earth did I manage to do with myself for the rest of the time? Shop, I can hear you all shout out. And shop I did! Below is a veritable rainbow collection of shoes, boots and separates to bulk out my already busting-at-the-seams wardrobe. When the big seasonal clothes changeover takes place I'll be turfing out the least worn pieces to go the next charity event locally.

The jacket from Primark (£15) matches a pair of trousers I bought recently and will make a fabulous summer suit.

The brand is Boohoo, price £7.99 and was a TK Maxx find.

Topshop had a sale on... these were reduced from £42 to £20.

Another TK Maxx scoop - River Island trousers at £9.99 instead of the ticket price of £40.

The New Look sale this time, and these sandals were £8 from £22.99.

TK Maxx again and the brand is Vera Moda, price £9.99.

A culotte jumpsuit by Spense, found at TK Maxx for £24.99.

Another TK Maxx bargain, from Zara at £15.

Ethnic print trousers from TK Maxx £12.99.

Topshop jumper reduced from £25 to £10.

Topshop polo shirt reduced from £15 to £9.

Various vest tops in the Topshop sale for £2.50 each.

New Look sandals reduced from £22.99 to £11.

Paint splattered deck shoes by Sioux Grasshopper at TK Maxx £20.

Stradavarius jumper from TK Maxx £5.99.

Black patent boots from Topshop reduced from £70 to £35.

White kitten heel boots from New Look £7 from £25.99.

Frida Kahlo tee shirt from Primark at £6.

Yes, this was me in the changing rooms at Topshop seeing what the camera had to say about this outfit. It said yes, obviously!

It's great to be back home again, back to work where Polly and I are still licking the gallery into shape as the first trickle of customers come in to see us. I'll be back soon with some work outfits made from these new separates. I hope you've enjoyed this image heavy feature and look forward to seeing you again next time!

                                                                                         Anna x



  1. Great items you scored. I particularly love the River Island pants. I am originally from South Africa (Johannesburg) now living on the Black Sea in Bulgaria for the past 4 years. Loved that you loved Cape Town! I am missing the SA weather - the Jhb weather is more perfect than CT weather though - more stable - nearly always fabulous :) Lise

    1. So lovely to hear from you Lise and thanks for your comment. South Africa was the most amazing adventure for me, a real once-in-a-lifetime treat and one that I'll never forget. I'm not surprised to hear that you're missing the fabulous weather!

  2. Good to see the advert Anna. Bright and sassy! You have done so well. Loved the video xx

    1. Many thanks Laurie. It's been a wonderful year for me - I've been so blooming lucky! x

  3. The video is short and sweet and you look fab! I couldn't get the link to work on the blog but went online. Well done you! My grandson flew to Cape Town on Monday...

    You certainly did go on a shopping spree! Fabulous items bought and I look forward to see how you style them.

    Hope the bone density results are good and have a great week.

    1. I think I got that video glitch fixed Vronni, thanks. Is your grandson off to CT on holiday? The shopping was fun and never seems too bad when the sales are on...

  4. You're a real shopping queen, Anna! It does make me feel a whole lot less guilty, as I've been accumulating quite a few things myself lately ;-) My favourite buy of yours are the New Look snakeskin sandals. Swoon! xxx

    1. You feel less guilty and I'm a shopping queen, so that must be a win-win then Ann! I've got great plans for those snakeskin sandals - can't wait to show you...

  5. Replies
    1. I'm very proud of that little video - it's a wonderful reminder of that trip!

  6. Ooh, how exciting! I love all the pictures of you in those flowy pants (pants? they look like super-wide trousers to me!). So chic and elegant. That must be so fun - I bet your friends and family love seeing you in the ad campaign!

    Look at your haul! So much good stuff here, especially the printed trousers and the Frida tee, but your change room look is rocking! Those white booties remind me of my identical red booties that only lasted one wear. Womp womp...

    1. It seems like a bit of a dream when I look at that video now. I'm delighted to be part of this campaign again.
      I do wonder how long my white boots will last, but am going to get a few outfits done and snapped before they peg out.

  7. What a beautiful the python blazer with the white palazzo pants. You look fantastic!!! Great photography and location...Nice haul as well.

    1. That outfit was a truly glam bit of styling - I loved it! Thanks for dropping by x

  8. You ad campaign look was a lovely combination of sheer and floaty feminine with earthy,reptile sophistication. I also liked the red suit look. I appreciated seeing that both of these "suiting style" looks had longer jackets. This is a style I didn't have until just today when I snapped one up from Poshmark (an online consignment site). I'd also been seeing a lot of this longer jacket look on a You Tube vlogger I've sampling. In retirement I don't wear these more formal jacket styles much but I love the look so much!!
    All of your new purchases look great! I especially like the wide leg, scarf print/paisley pants!!! Your modeled stripe and checked trouser look is likely to be copied by me in some manner as well!
    Great post Anna! I'm so glad you added more info. from your life as a model too!

    1. The long jacket and floaty trousers is a look I would wear to work and can understand that it's maybe not so easy to wear during retirement. The checked trousers and striped top was the first combo that I bought and one of my favourites too. I've one or two more modelling snaps to feature on the blog sometime - I can't quite say goodbye to that part of my life yet!

  9. The paint splatter boots are my favourite buy of yours! You did very well- I am impressed!!!!
    It has been exciting to see you in the social media imagery for JD Williams. I saw the advert on Saturday on TV and I was scrutinizing it, puzzled that I had missed you! That explains it!x

  10. Oh what fun I had with my retail therapy - glad you like it all. I fancy that the lifespan of ordinary model is much shorter than a professional model, but golly I'm so very grateful to have had three campaigns with such a big brand. I've learnt loads and enjoyed it immensely x

  11. I'm really late on my commenting but anyway I have to tell you how fabulous you look!! What a lot of fun and glamour!
    And lovely purchases, all of them!, my favourite thing is the pair of Paint splattered shoes! and all those trousers!


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