The summer trench

Hi, hello and how are you?  I did wonder if summer and trench ought be in the same phrase.  Surely summer is all about not wearing a coat? Unfortunately as the UK weather is so fickle, a summer trench maybe isn't such a bad idea. Steve and I had arranged to meet up at the end of the day to do this photo shoot and it had been a glorious afternoon right up until 5 minutes before we left when we had a heavy shower. Enter stage right, this bright orange trench which hasn't yet been aired on the blog, in fact this is the very first time I've worn it. The brand is Harvey & Jones and I bought it in TK Maxx last summer.

The wind was fierce so I took cover behind the Old Blockhouse ramparts whilst watching a huge dark cloud mass scudding across the sky. A bright blue patch of sky appeared and I rushed to undo the trench to reveal the outfit of the day.

You may remember this jumpsuit from last year - it's from H&M in collaboration with GP & J Baker. I styled it badly that time, yes that has to be said. I wore it with my green sock boots and honestly it didn't do the jumpsuit any favours at all. 

Try as I might to defend it, I knew I ought to have worn these (H&M) sandals, but the chilly autumn air prompted me to change my mind. If you don't believe me see it here. However, the boots may have been wrong, but the haircut was sharp. I may have to revisit that style again ...

My photographer took a great shot of the rain falling onto the Eastern Isles behind me don't you think? Well done Steve, I'll keep you on!

I decided to add an orange vest top underneath the jumpsuit to counter the slightly wide neckline. It felt more comfortable too - not quite so drafty!

Anyway, the jumpsuit is back on my go-to list as it's exactly like a dress, in that you don't have any matching to think about. Separates are fine when you have time to try things out and find the right pieces to go together. But dresses and jumpsuits win hands down when you're in a rush. And to be perfectly honest, my mornings always seem to be a bit of a mad rush. Up at 6am I try to fit in a bit of blogging, a bit of housework, a cycle to the beach for a swim, shower, grab an outfit and dash out the door to work. I'd love to be organised and sort out an outfit the night before, but don't get me started on how my evenings look!

I chose to accessorise the outfit with a wonderful medley of colours. The necklace, purchased from a market in Cape Town, is a great for picking up the pink, orange and green. The flower trimmed sunglasses were from Sainsbury's, the bracelet and orange ring are pre-loved and the pink ring was a gift from a friend. The pink stretch belt is a regular on the blog, but that's because it seems to work with so many looks. I found it on eBay a couple of years ago and it was certainly worth the £5 I paid for it.

My summer handbag of the moment just happens to go with this outfit like a dream. I felt particularly pleased with how well these went together. I've had this Monsoon bag for ages and have reinstated it as my summer handbag this year. I love the pattern and the tassel is sweet too.

I'm a big fan of the colour orange and do wonder why it's taken me so long to wear this lovely trench coat. It could be the fact that when it rains on Scilly, it really rains! You know, that proper downpour affair when you actually need a full set of wet gear - and welly boots! Oh so very different to life on the mainland when you simply hop out of the car and put up a brolly as you nip across the road to the shops. Hey ho, island life suits me fine!

                                                                                       Anna x



  1. It is still spring! A trenchcoat is totally warranted!

    Oh, I was quite cranky with this jumpsuit last time, wasn't I? My apologies - it is lovely, and I can't see what I was going on about before! The pattern is gorgeous and I love the mix of pinks and oranges and greens you've accessorized it with.

    Look at that rain! What a great shot!

    1. I threw a curved ball with those boots last time which probably put you off Sheila. Anyway, it's good that we're able to be so honest with each other. Sometimes we're out of step with each other style-wise and that's cool x

  2. I LOVE this jumpsuit either way! The sandals look has a tiny edge and that may be just a seasonal deal! The brocade is just delicious!! The trench adds a complimentary new flavor! :-) (I might be hungry)
    I hope you and Steve had another chance very soon.

    1. I'm delighted that this ensemble had you watering at the mouth Jude! I agree it was rather scrumptious x

  3. Fabulous! Not only the look! I love the photos of your gorgeous island! Engeland is so very beautiful! Why don t I live there!

    1. Thanks for that Nancy. Steve and I are trying to feature more of this, our very pretty island in our shoots - I seem to have lacked doing this over the years and am trying to make up for it now.

  4. I do love your home! Such beauty! You look alright too! ;-)
    What a gorgeous outfit. I really like the jumpsuit and the trench picks out the orange so beautifully. The sandals really suit it!!x

    1. Oh Kezzie, I'm so blooming lucky to have found this oasis of calm all those years ago! I bless the day I arrived on this tiny patch of England.
      Glad you approve of the ensemble - lots of colours to celebrate the start of summer x


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