Citrus brights for summer

Hello, and thanks for dropping by! How's your week going? Are you blessed with good weather, wherever you are? Here in the UK it's a mixed bag again this week, making the daily outfit challenge an interesting one. Not only has it been dull and wet here on the Isles of Scilly, but there's been a cold North wind blowing which resulted in me wearing my long sleeved thermals (in June!) as a base layer to keep the chills out.

We had a last minute burst of sunshine at the end of trading today, so I nipped home and changed into this summery ensemble and Polly kindly did the honours. It was great to have a quick session in front of the camera with her. 

I'm very lucky that Polly and I have a great relationship which extends beyond the workplace. It's lovely to have the chemistry that we do, especially when it comes to our photo shoots. She has a good eye and an inquisitive mind when using the camera plus she likes to throw the odd insult in to get a funny response from me. 

Never one to take myself seriously, I do like the excuse of hamming it up in front of the camera. Acting my age isn't something that worries me too much as you can tell. 

Anyway, enough of that. What about these citrus brights - do you like them? Both trousers and jacket are from the high street, Primark in fact, purchased earlier on in the spring. The jacket is fake suede, a very good imitation to be fair as it's a decent weight with a nice nap to it. Under the jacket I've got a lime floral net tee shirt with an orange vest top underneath, tying the two tone look together nicely. Both of these tops are charity shop finds. 

The lime satin sandals were from TK Maxx last summer and the brand is Steve Madden.

The orange ring is pre-loved, the lime one was from an airport concession, the perspex necklace is very old, as is the orange bangle. My sunglasses are by Quay Australia.

It's only about three weeks now until we start our summer exhibition period with one show opening every 10 days. Where has the time gone? All my good intentions for having caught up with all of the outstanding chores seem to have whizzed past me once again. I can see that July and August will be the same flurry of work, blogging, swimming and boat trips to the uninhabited islands while the housework and gardening seems to be left for another time (goodness knows when!) but I'm all for seizing the day, as they say. Promises I have made to myself to dejunk the loft, read a book a week, and start to use my gym membership - they all appear to be fading into the background as I juggle my life/work/play balance once again. Please do tell me that I'm not the only one ... Leave me a comment if you too struggle with the superwoman image.

Until next time, have a super week!

Anna x



  1. 1. I love the colours in this outfit - they make me happy! Hurray for citrus!
    2. Welcome back, Polly! I keep myself at arm's length with most of my 230+ coworkers - not a lot of personal life crossover.
    3. Yes, I struggle with the superwoman thing, but I've been working on separating how I feel I "should" be with who I AM, which is a person who needs down-time, alone time, quiet time.

    Have a wonderful week, Anna!

    1. 1 Thank you! 2 With only one member of staff it's inevitable that we'll have a close relationship. 230+ co-workers sounds alarming by my standards! 3 I try so hard to not do "shoulds" in my life too.
      Have a great week to sweetie x

  2. Keeping several plates spinning can be quite a struggle. So, hurray for citrus brights and wearing things that makes you feel great. It does help! You're looking gorgeous in this outfit. Could hardly believe it when I read the trousers are Primark! And snap, I've got the same orange ring! xxx

    1. I think we women spin plates terribly well if the truth be known! So pleased that you like the outfit Ann, it's a cheery ensemble indeed. And where did you get your ring?

  3. This outfit is a citrus, day brightener! It's very beautifully and impeccably styled Anna. Gosh! The jacket has that fun biker chick edge, the sweet, sheer, floral top is super feminine and the jewelry is sort of modern cubist (?) I especially like the touch of the red/orange camisole/vest beneath the sheer floral top. Love this look Anna!
    I'll bet a cold north wind makes your morning ocean swim a bit chilling!!!

  4. I wore this outfit to a party last month and got lots of compliments too, hence my wanting to showcase it again. I love these two colours together as their zestiness seems to rub off on me!
    Am about to feature my sea swimming in my next post x

  5. Love your colourful outfits. This one is terrific. Amazing trousers. I live in Edinburgh where the locals are inclined to dress in muted colours. But I have noticed that those of us who are retired are starting to dress less conservatively. I have always been drawn to bright colours and find I get compliments when wearing them but never when wearing black, grey etc. I have lived in the South of England and also abroad and know that the weather plays a big part in how we dress.
    I have a list longer than my arm of jobs needing done at home. But meeting friends, seeing family etc is so much more enjoyable....maybe next week I'll tick some off that list.

    1. Hello and thanks for leaving a comment. I seem to get the same response when I wear bright colours too, whereas the black and grey ones go unremarked - a lesson there eh? Good weather always seems to inspire a good outfit, but I'm fighting against that trend as and when I can.
      Good luck with your chores!

  6. Lovely colours Anna you look so good in this. x Jacqui Mummabstylish


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