Very Ralph

Hello my lovely readers. What a treat it was to watch the documentary Very Ralph that aired on Sky Atlantic on the 15th of November. If you didn't see it then I urge you to find it on catch up TV. I was totally enthralled for the duration and duly inspired. It was like a running buffet of every delicious food you could possibly imagine, only it was clothes not food. And not just clothes, of course, as Ralph Lauren encompasses an entire lifestyle brand - his vision is breath-taking. In the words of Vogue 

'Very Ralph' Is A Future Classic – And The Most Stylish Documentary Of The Year

Today's outfit is my attempt to recreate a look I had a fleeting glimpse of amidst the technicolour fashion fest. Ralph is all about elegance, understatement and flair. Here's my rustic translation of his style. That little mocking voice in my head was all set to tell me that I'm not 6 foot tall, nor a willowy young beauty with legs like bean poles and for me not to make a blooming fool of myself with my copycat efforts, when I just said "so what?" and got on with it anyway. That's the whole point of fashion isn't it? To inspire us to copy.

Designer fashion this isn't, but the magic of Very Ralph caught my imagination, firing me up to find an outfit that echoes his ethos. Ralph's main influences were the film stars he saw in the movies as a young man. 

I've shopped my closet for this outfit, but more than that, the clothes are all second hand. The beautiful woollen Oxford Bags are by Escada but I have to admit that the luxury brand makes my eyes water at the their prices. The rust frilled blouse (no label) adds a feminine touch to the otherwise masculine look. I bought the burnished leather bomber jacket (House of Leather) a couple of years ago and seemed to pick myself a bargain at only £20. The nude leather belt (another second hand purchase at £5) is as good as new, by Country Casuals.

I bought these high heeled brogues in Portugal about five years ago and especially love the ribbons. I can't read the brand name now as it's too smudged. They're wearing well.

All my jewellery is pre-loved too. I'm doing well with my luxury-for-less look today!

My friend Jilly and her dog Boo photo-bombed us, in the nicest way possible of course.

And she returned the favour by capturing Steve and I together which doesn't happen often enough. Please let me know what you think of the documentary. I loved it, but want to hear your opinion too.

Thanks for dropping by. See you next time!

Anna x



  1. Lovely outfit! That red blouse with the ruffles is just gorgeous!

  2. I don't know about that documentary. We don't have that channel over here. But the style is preppy, and I like that a lot!

  3. Aw, nice to see our photographer there too!

    I have recorded "Very Ralph" off HBO and am looking forward to watching it soon! Your outfit is...very Ralph!

    Stay snug in the rainy season, my dear!

    1. What a treat you have in store with the documentary. I've kept it on record too so that I can watch it again. Apart from the clothes, the other feel-good factor is the enduring love story :)
      Have a great week too my dear friend x

  4. Lovely to see your photographer and the photobombing of your friend and her cute dog!. Really fab pics!
    And I take notes on this documentary and I'll try to watch it, as it looks pretty appealing!. I love that you got inspired by Ralph's style and elegance to create something so fabulous, and you did it by picking pieces from your own wardrobe!, brilliant!. These trousers and shoes are so stunning!

  5. Thanks Monica. I was so glad to be able to work this look from my wardrobe. And yes, it's always good to give the photographer his moment of fame xx

  6. I just works so well together. Glad you got the inspiration. x Jacqui

  7. I've not seen it but you look amazing (and you MUST go and check out my outfit for TARDIS Tuesday when it is published on Tuesday as clearly we are on the same page with some of our choices especially given the maker of my boots!). Such a gorgeous outfit! I ADORE those trousers!!!


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