Note to self...

Dear Anna, 
Sometimes you forget how to keep yourself happy, how to keep yourself well. This is a little memo for you to refer to when you're feeling cranky, low, or generally out of sorts.

  • Clean shiny hair will set you up for the day. I know it's a faff to wash your hair every day, but honestly it does make all the difference. Bouncy clean hair makes you feel bouncy too!
  • That daily sea swim is a lifesaver, mood-wise. However, if you're unwell or still carrying that lingering cough - (yes I know it's been over two weeks now), then even a walk every day helps lift your mood. 
  • On the same note, try to incorporate some downtime that invests in yourself. Find time to read a book/magazine/be outside to enjoy the view. By doing this you're putting some good habits in place to future proof yourself against the S.A.D. that plagues you every winter.
  • Have an early night. The lethargy of staying up late, zoning out in front of the TV really won't improve your lot.
  • Try to catch up on one outstanding chore every day, even if it's only a little one like running the hoover round or moving the laundry from A to B.
  • Paint your nails. It's so lovely to see unchipped nail polish and doesn't take long to do.
  • Make some time at the weekend to organise your wardrobe and try on some clothes. There's nothing nicer than knowing an outfit will look good because you've tested it out already.
  • Plan a holiday. We all deserve a break!

As you can gather, I'm finding things a bit tricky at the moment. I'm missing the lift that my daily swims inject into my routine and finding it difficult to motivate myself to do anything apart from lay about after a day at work. I can't seem to shake this cough, despite eating well and taking lots of vitamins. My immune system is clearly depressed, making my mood the same. I hate to play the "poor old me" card, but honestly - Poor Old Me!

Today's OOTT is indeed one that I planned in advance as a result of my new ankle boots. These are still in the Office sale see here. The only problem I'm having with these fabulous Chelsea boots is that I want to use them as the starting point for most of my outfits currently! They look great with skinny jeans, super with blue tights and my floral tent dress and groovy with black leather jeans. But I shall hold off from the siege of the snakeskin boots and just trickle a post in from time to time over the next few months.

I've had this Pea coat since last year when I bought it in a charity shop in Truro for £10. The condition was like new and the brand is Kew159 which apparently went out of business in 2012. The 3/4 length sleeves and slim fit are both very figure flattering. The geometric pattern looks very contemporary and I do love the colourway of blue, zesty green and soft lilac. The long ditsy print dress was a bargain in the H&M sale when I was in Manchester one time last year. 

My rings are both pre-loved and the lovely embroidered Fat Face leather belt is too. My white and black sunglasses are from Quay Australia. I've enjoyed putting this collection of patterns and colours together today. For some, a patterned dress might call for a plain coat with accessories, but this mish-mash is such fun in my eyes.

Thanks so much for dropping by today. Hopefully by this time next week, I'll have shaken off the last of this blooming virus. In the grand scheme of things I know this is nothing and have pangs of guilt when I think of others battling much more serious health problems without a word of complaint. 

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Until next time, take care!

Anna x



  1. Get well soon - It's not like you to be down. I think you are a genius when it comes to the bargains you find in the charity shops. Well done.
    Regards - Jill stylishatsixty

    1. First and foremost my blog is about being me, honestly. Much as I like to think I can inspire my readers, I have to be true to myself and currently this is where I am. I do find the winter months bleak, but on the whole I cope and dressing up is one way that helps to lift my mood. Reading your comments does help too! Thank you x

  2. I can imagine that after a busy beautiful summer on your gorgeous island, you feel a bit, let's say blue, in autumn. I hope you feel much sunnier real soon!

    1. Thanks Nancy for understanding. I know you have your own health challenges too and so admire your upbeat take on life x

  3. Hope you manage to get over your cold/cough soon. Perhaps your round the island swim took more out of you than you realised, so take good care of yourself. Love the blue outfit, wish I could find nice things in my local charity shops. At least today we have had a day of autumn sunshine.

    1. I do wonder if I used up all of my health reserves for the swim... Too bad. I'll get over this cough and feel better soon, I'm sure. In the meantime, thanks for dropping by and leaving your comments x

  4. Dear Anna,
    I hope your SAD will go away with the November wind. Here in Cologne we have a very good recipe against the blues: carneval! Yesterday we celebrate the 11.11.2019/11:11h and thousends of mascerade people were out at the big places and in the old town.
    But: I love the Pictures from your Island and I envy you for your close to nature and originally surrounding. Anna, head high, you are a very inspiring woman.
    Best regards from the Rhein river to the cold sea!

    1. Susa, so very kind of you to visit and leave your thoughts. I have friends who go to the Karnival and love the fun of it all. Thanks for you good wishes and I hope you'll come back again x

  5. Anna, those boots are to die for! I love the colourway on them, and your fun mixed-pattern styling of them.

    I hear ya, this is a tough time for some of us. Maybe a little bit of Seasonal Affective Disorder, or just a bit sad. Take care of yourself, my dear, and yes, that definitely means self-care has to be stepped up.

    1. Years ago I watched a TV programme called the Fabulous Fashionistas. One of the ladies said that if she loved an item she would wear it for days on end while the passion was there, regardless of what anyone might think. I admire that strength. These boots make me feel like that but society stops me. Funny eh? Another symptom of the S.A.D.? Probably not, just my nature, I suppose.

  6. Hope you're feeling better soon Anna, I've featured you on the blog today - maybe that will cheer you up a little. x Thanks for sharing your points Hun. x Jacqui

    1. How lovely of you to add me to your feature Jacqui, thanks! Sharing somehow helps but the feedback is such a boost too x

  7. I know exactly how you feel Anna as I struggle with the lack of daylight and generally crap weather at this time of year. I was in a proper slump after getting back from Madeira - it's times like that that I could sell up and move abroad if it wasn't for family commitments. Wearing colour definitely helps though, as does exercise. I haven't done much running lately due a groin strain and the dreaded bunions aching, but hopefully I'll be able to ease myself back into it soon. I absolutely love your outfit - those boots are real showstoppers! Hope you feel better soon.

    Emma xxx

  8. dear lady, hope you're dealing with the symptoms of that awful SAD, I really appreciate your effort on taking care of yourself and I'm glad that you're sharing your tips (so useful and lovely!)
    And I love your outfit, the colors and the gorgeous mixed prints totally rock!. Brilliant ensemble and I love these fabulous boots!


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