Style or mish-mash?

Welcome to my midweek mash-up!

We none of us live in a bubble and sometimes I'm very happy to dip into the latest magazine to see what's trending or what those in the fashion know are predicting. Other times, like today, I have no fashion compass, no style road I'm trying to follow or icon I'm trying to emulate. Today is all about colour and very much harps back to my fashion motto of "Let's bin the beige and have fun with colour".  

The fun comes by way of the vibrant mixture of checks, leopard print and another pair of vintage boots - not so very different from what I wore in my last feature actually!  I didn't plan this or even notice the connection until I started putting this post together and noticed the similarities.

The season of winter coats is well upon us now; this beauty of mine is a vintage piece from Sicily. You'll have seen it over the past couple of winters no doubt, but not paired with these stretch trousers (Zara). You know how I love a bit of pattern play!

The leather cowboy boots are vintage too, bought from a charity shop in Penzance last year.

The fluffy jumper is a bit old, so much so, that I've forgotten where I purchased it. No matter, the power of the fluff is all that counts. I've layered a thin thermal top (M&S) underneath which truly signals that we're in winter now. 

Today's necklace and rings are pre-loved and my sunglasses are by Zara.

With only 20 days to go until Christmas I'm starting to look out my Christmas jumpers along with all of the sequins and sparkles I've got stashed away ready for the festive season. My recent shopping expedition to London has supplemented the cache which is very exciting. Is it too soon to be adding a glitter cardi to the outfit of the day I wonder? I'm off to check out some of my favourite bloggers to see if they've succumbed to the lure of the glitter yet ...

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  1. The glitter is coming! I'll start pulling out all the stops starting next week.

    Anna, I LOVE these trousers and that coat (drooling over that coat, please ship it to me ASAP, please and thank you)! What a riot of colour!

    I take my fashion cues from what I see other bloggers wearing, what I see in the second-hand shops, and what I absorb online (I don't read fashion mags anymore, nor do I visit much in the way of fashion sites), so like you, I'm just wearing what strikes my fancy and to hell with what's in or out.

    Have a wonderful week, my dear!

    1. Hahahah, when I wrote that glitter comment I did have you in mind my dear! I think I'll be playing around with the sparkly stuff this weekend to see what I can come up with ...

      Like you I love to see what fellow bloggers are showcasing and see them as more real compared to magazine features. I'm still a fan of the odd mag though - they have so many ideas when I feel I'm running dry myself.

      Wishing you a great week too xxx

  2. I'm thinking about wearing my glitter jumpsuit, and I'm not even a glitter girl, not at all. But hey, it's fun isn't it!

    1. Oh my goodness, Id better hop across and see if you've got that jumpsuit on! It sounds fabulous Nancy x

  3. I will call this a 'stylish mish-mash'. :) I love every single piece and all together look fabulous. Lise

    1. Thanks Lise. Sometimes putting lots of favourite pieces together doesn't work, but this time I think I pulled it off x

  4. I'm loving the mix of reds with the bright pink. Hmm, I don't think I have a thing that glitters!

    1. Wait a minute... Did you say you don't have anything that glitters? Then I can't urge you enough to get to the shops and put that right sweetie x


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